Who's Up for Some More "TMNT"?

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It didn't do all that much box office business, but I know a lot of "Turtle" fans who really liked the new-fangled "TMNT" movie. So what's up with the sequel?

According to one source, a "TMNT" follow-up is looking more and more likely: "As of two weeks ago Imagi Entertainment (the TMNT movie animation studio) informed Mirage Studios that there was a 50-50 chance of a CGI film sequel. Last week they upped the odds to 70-30 in favor of a sequel, as talks between Imagi and their distribution partners Warner Brothers and the Weinstein Group seem to be heading in a positive direction...."

In North America "TMNT" did about $54 million (which is actually pretty solid for a movie like this, so forget what I said earlier) and another $38 million overseas -- with DVD sales sure to be pretty decent.

So what say the fans? You guys ready for another "TMNT"?

Source: The 5th Turtle