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To The Wonder Reviews

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September 17, 2014
It seems as if Malick is trying to repeat "The Tree of Life" with "To the Wonder", but while it did work in the case of "The Tree of Life", it doesn't do too much here.
September 7, 2014
3 stars for gorgeous cinematography. No stars for anything else, which is very fair, since nothing else happens.
September 6, 2014
A sad misfire from Malick. Using many of the same tolls in previous films, this fails to connect and feels labored. Obviously every shot is immaculate and some arresting moments. Kind of enjoyed the way Affleck was shot. It worked with his character. Felt like the film was about to make some kind of strong comment on how men often are so hot and cold and confused and detached with their feelings, but it never happened. It's not for every film to answer questions, but sadly this film did not pose any, when there was ample opportunity to.
July 30, 2014
a melhor coisa desse filme quando ele acaba
Patrick V.
July 16, 2014
Man this film was an underwhelmer, and it wasn't even Ben Affleck was bad this time (actually he was pretty modest this time around), but the story was told so jumbly that it ultimately ruined the film for me.
K. Davis
September 10, 2012
". . . and emotionally unsatisfying" - come on, this movie is near torture to sit through due to just what is apparently not satisfying enough, go figure. Review later
Angelo Dean
July 10, 2014
A boring movie, does not satisfy me at all but the scenery is great. Just didn't quite get me to stay interested.

2.5 Stars
April 3, 2013
[Interested: cannot find.]
Tommy Wiseau
June 20, 2014
I really can't understand all the dislike that has been dished towards this film. To the Wonder isn't as good as The Tree of Life, but it's still is a fantastic film.

I found this film to be a work of beauty that I was totally engulfed in. This is one of those films that's an experience while you watch it. The performances were nothing short of outstanding. This is perhaps my favorite performance from Ben Affleck, I am truly impressed. Overall I think To the Wonder is a very interesting portrayal of love through Mr. Malick's eyes.
June 8, 2014
Terence Malick, even when falling short, is still better to watch and mull over than most of his contemporaries.
June 4, 2014
While it plays more like a Terrence Mallick 'cover' film than anything else, 'To the Wonder' is still visually rich, thanks to DoP Emmanuel Lubezki & watchable, thanks to the evocative Olga Kurylenko. There isn't much story in the film and it shows that without a set narrative, no matter how sparse it is, there is too much visual indulgence & too much walking around and looking pensively in the distance. All in all, not much of an impression, so it can be avoided or substituted for better Malick films.
Kate O.
June 1, 2014
Oh, my. Terrence Malick has a gift more than any other film maker to create a visually stunning film. I love Days of Heaven. To the Wonder did not disappoint me in its cinematography. It was beautiful.
April 10, 2013
To The Wonder is a beautiful looking film, with great cinematography and a very talented cast. Yet, that cast is completely wasted on a script that is shallow and vapid, which spends way too much time focusing on Olga Kurylenko running around on in either fields or grocery stores and not enough time on actual character development and story. Terrence Malick can definitely make a nice looking film, but a film is more then just nice visuals and he seems so bent on stoking his own cinematic ego that he fails to care about any thing else then pleasing himself.
May 7, 2014
A very emotional, but slow film. You will enjoy it if you can make it through the plodding middle script. Great performances by Kurylenko, Affleck and McAdams.
May 6, 2014
Sometimes even the best stumble or perhaps I was not in the mood. It is like visual poetry examining the spaces of nothing between the moments we remember so sharply. Not for any but the most ardent Malick fan
January 20, 2013
A typical Terrence Malick film, except lacking the power and emotion you feel like you should be having. In place of that is a long, boring, uninteresting, emotionally distant, and poorly edited picture with wasted actors, storylines that feel incomplete, storylines that feel like they should be there at all, and just an overall mess of a story. Sure the cinematography is great, but that's where Malick's strength has always been and that doesn't make a movie good.
April 21, 2014
Even more impressionistic and wandering than Malick's usual work, but the vibrant exploration of ancient, modern, Catholic, Protestant, and even post-modern spirituality is like a breath of fresh air at times. This is not a film, it's theopoetics.
January 8, 2014
A little confuse and weird film by Terrence Malick
April 15, 2014
If I wanted to watch some lame ass slow yet mostly meaningless movie that I don't even understand sometimes, I would totally go for an European art movie, not some Hollywood made Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams starring deceitful romance. It totally gives you the wrong idea.
April 2, 2014
Wonderful cinematography and images to the wonder of nature, God, relationships. Yet it is also a moving story showing how we can be removed and isolated from each other and the world. In the end I don't think it fully satisfies as much as I wanted it to.
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