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Mark A
Super Reviewer
January 24, 2011
A young girl, deeply indoctrinated in her family's iconoclastic religious sect, must choose between her religion and her heart in this Danish film. This viewer found the story, based on actual events, to be sad and illuminating as it presented the dilemma faced by 17 year-old Sara (Rosalinde Mynster). The church she is a part of uses the fear of being ostracized and intimidation of the gentlest sort to keep its members in line. When Sara dares to defy the conventions of her church, she has to draw on her courage to break away and live her life by her precepts, not theirs, a difficult choice that the film makes abundantly clear. The acting is quite good by all, and the story was emotionally draining. The dynamics in play that ultimately drove Sara away were presented honestly and without sugar-coating. This is educational as it entertains. One feels strongly the pull of the different forces at work and can find encouragement from the way the subject is presented.
LiaLiaLia LiaLiaLia June 20, 2011
Worlds apart is a beautiful, conflicted portrait of a girl who must choose between being a Jehovah's Witness and love. Not only must she make this decision, but she must also decide between family and isolation. This is a well-done film about a very real cult and its practices and home life.
Wayne R ½ July 30, 2013
Excellent drama based on a true story of a Jehovah's Witness girl in Denmark, forced to choose between love and her family, by an authoritarian religious sect.

Although there are some dissimilarities from my experience as a JW (such as the Congregation Overseer elder having a beard), I am sure that is mostly due to cultural differences and translation. On the whole, I feel this movie fairly accurately portrayed the JW lifestyle, and what can happen when the rules are broken.
Faroeislander Faroeislander September 3, 2010
Some of you may know Niels Arden Oplev for directing the Swedish movie The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. His previous film, the Danish To Verdener (aka Worlds Apart) is another fantastic film of his.

It's about a young girl, Sara, who's a member of Jehovah's Vitneses. One day she falls in love with a boy (Teis) who isn't a Jehovah's Vitness and that leaves her with a tough decition: Either she stops seing Teis or her family and Church turns their back on her.

If you haven't seen this one, check it out. It's a true story about faith, love and hurt.
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