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October 3, 2010
Meh, not really my kind of anime. It was hard for me to keep interest in this story of a baby found by three homeless people during the Christmas holidays in Tokyo, and their search to find her mother. The characters didn't appeal to me, their pasts and how they became homeless didn't endear them to me, and the art style and animation did nothing for me. I guess I just prefer fantasy or sci-fi flavored animation more.

To be honest, I probably wouldn't have bothered to finish this if I hadn't told the person who recommended it to me that I'd watch it. Perhaps others will enjoy this more than I did. Tokyo Godfathers makes a genuine effort to tell a heartfelt and touching story, it just wasn't a story that I could bring myself to care about.
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½ December 29, 2009
A "delightful" little Christams story.
Beats the hell out of that horrible "It's A Wonderful Life".
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½ March 20, 2007
Tokyo Godfathers is a good movie, but it's probably the weakest of Satoshi Kon's films. I don't know if I've outgrown anime, because Paprika elicited a similar underwhelmed reaction, or if I just managed to watch all his best work before the bookend stuff. This for sure has its moments, like the stunning climax (which gets immediately undercut by the lame ending), and Kon has put together a lovable ensemble of characters. But it's a huge tonal mismatch, for one. A Christmas comedy about three vagrants and a dumpster baby...followed by an insane woman trying to kill herself and said baby after kidnapping it from the hospital? Uh, I could imagine this causing some discomfort if you showed it at your next holiday party.

This just doesn't hit like the rest of Kon's work does. Anime is a medium that can parlay a lack of focus into tonal strength since it's so visual/multisensory. The more you're getting the better, pretty much. Tokyo Godfathers, unlike Kon's other films, does not have the narrative required to take advantage of this. Simply put: it's done a disservice by being an anime.

Worth watching, but if you've already seen Millennium Actress or Perfect Blue, you've gotten the best of Kon.
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October 20, 2007
Feel-good story that manages to be fun and interesting to watch. Not the best from Kon, but still worth a check.
August Seria
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½ April 25, 2011
Heartwarming and fun.
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½ March 27, 2010
Unusual Christmas animation, unless your idea of convention is three squabling homeless people (a mouthy young girl, a transvestite and an alcoholic cyclist) finding a baby in the rubbish and trying to make it or find it a family. Sentimental but not in a cloying way, and full of inplausible coindidences but not in an irritating way, and refreshing too, compared to most Xmassy films. You could watch it as a double bill with BAD SANTA when you need an antidote to dewy-eyed kids lisping "I believe in Father Christmas".
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April 6, 2014
Constantly surprising.
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½ October 15, 2012
It's a cute, and surprisingly good Japanese animated film about 3 hobos came across a baby and had to take care of it by themselves. All three of the hobos had different personalities and background which makes taking care of the baby challenging, but it's a film about friendship, miracles and ultimately Christmas. Definitely worth watching.
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½ January 11, 2009
It was okay. The film had a couple of cute, funny moments. The animation itself was pretty interesting and the movements of the characters were almost theatrical at times.
September 24, 2014
perfect blue is my favorite anime film, and i enjoyed paprika, so i figured id check out another of Kon's films, like perfect blue, it's a story that could have easily been done live action, but he still employs some nice uses of animation to warrant making it an anime, on the surface it's a traditional comedy drama, but it ends up going to some more dramatic places than I initially thought, i liked the main 3 characters and enjoyed their interactions, fans of anime will enjoy it
½ September 17, 2010
Intense and amazing, Tokyo Godfathers is a heart-warming and thought-provoking film. And damn, Kiyoko is a miracle baby!
April 1, 2012
A meticulously crafted anime that looks almost like the real world. The director's attention to the detail is stunning. There were a few hilarious moments, but unfortunately, overall the story is too melodramatic for my taste.
½ April 10, 2011
really enjoyable film from Satoshi Kon. delightful comedy, poignant drama, and, I believe, one of the more deserving contemporary films to enter into the "Christmas canon." great characters and beautiful animation. a great blend of light and heavy for overall solid entertainment.
December 9, 2006
"One of the most moving, enjoyable and wholly unconventional Christmas stories to come along in a long time." - Gary Dowell (Dallas Morning News)

I've noticed that I tend to rate most of Satoshi Kon's films at about 3 stars; and that is only because most of his film's are driven by the experience and not the story or characters. I really enjoy Kon's style of story-telling, but his film's are like magic tricks; seeing them repeatedly would wear out the entertainment value. I was very apprehensive about this movie, since I didn't really care for the plot description; but the orchestration of this animation's narration remains on par with all of Satoshi Kon's other films (he has yet to disappoint me).

"It doesn't make sense to praise an anime movie's acting, does it? Yet you can't help but marvel at the expressive pen-and-ink performers." - Colin Covert (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

"Being able to speak freely... is the Lifeblood of Love."
January 17, 2010
Big-hearted anime of three homeless people who find an abandoned baby girl on Christmas Eve and decided to return her to her family.
August 14, 2009
This film has a variety of emotions, but has a great amount of humour in it. I always laugh out loud with this film! An instant favorite.
May 16, 2009
funny and heartouching and the animation is great looking, look at the fake mothers expression in the end its so strong!!
its also a satoshi kon film....
July 26, 2006
Tokyo Godfathers is a sweet little movie about three homeless folks who happen upon a baby in a Tokyo trash dumpster, its mainly about families -- lost, found, and invented. It's not your normal subject for Japanese Animation, which sets it apart right away. Director Satoshi Kon proves that a cartoon can truly have as much -- perhaps even more -- depth and soul as any live-action film. It's a modern-day fable with a big heart, reminding us that every human can have value, even if you don't have an address.
October 6, 2008
This is the perfect anime film. Really when it all comes down to it, in America it would have no bussiness being animated at all.
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