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January 28, 2014
perfectly made film and superb actors and actresses. it has the makings of a golden movie and will be remembered and loved well into the future. family safe. i loved it when i first saw and and still do. another brilliant bond film. Pierce Brosnan really out does himself.this is yet another fantastic bond movie with all of the thrills and action of the rest. pierce Bronson is drawing up to being as good as Sean Connery and roger Moore. i am however disappointed he didn't continue doing the bond movies. his witty lines and stupid actions make a great comedy/action film packed with everything.its guarantied to get you hooked onto the other movies. it is bonds 2nd best film next to die another day with Hallie berry. (its a must see to.) 5 Stars 1-27-14
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December 15, 2007
Tomorrow Never Dies is a step down from Goldeneye and feels like a return to the Roger Moore era of the franchise. It lacks personality and brings back the cheesy one-liners that plagued the series during that time while simultaneously feeling more like a generic action flick than a Bond film. It's technically well made, like Bond always is, but doesn't entertain for its whole running length, despite being the first Bond film in forever to clock in at less than two hours. I didn't like Brosnan as much here as I did in Goldeneye, while Johnathon Price's Carver is about as generic of a Bond villain as you can get. The plot just fails to muster any excitement. Michelle Yeoh made her Hollywood debut and does a solid job as a sort-of buddy agent who helps Bond. Teri Hatcher looks nice, but is unmemorable and only in the film for a short time. Even Q is only in the film for like a minute. There are some solid action sequences in this film that keep it from being bottom of the barrel in the series history and it might entertain you for a while, but it's not in any way memorable. Thankfully The World is Not Enough would kick some energy back into the franchise next.
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January 18, 2013
I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as Bond, so his Bond will always be one I look back on fondly. Is he my favorite? No, but rewatching this, I think he is right in the middle of the pack. This is a very standard Bond movie. Exotic locales, beautiful women, and he must thwart an evil man's plan of global domination. The movie is very 90's, much like the other Bond movies are easily dated. Jonathan Pryce does an ok job as the villain, but nothing really makes him stand out and stay memorable as other villains. Even mediocre Bond movies are better than most action movies.
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November 29, 2006
Decent, but not great Bond film.

In all honesty, i don't much remember the high tech inspired plot, or its specifics, but I do recall it seemed somewhat timely in terms of using the media in a goal for *sigh* WWIII and global domination.

There's some of the typical over the top stuff like the stealth battle boat, and that's okay, but for me the film really shines with the great action sequences, stunts, and the awesome opening titles set to Sheryl Crow's solid theme song. Brosnan and Dench are once again good, Desmond Llewelyn likewise shines in his long running term as Q, and Michelle Yeoh makes for a great Bond Girl, especially since she can actually hold her own, and isn't just a sex object.

One of the better entries from the Brosnan era, and a worthwhile film overall.
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October 29, 2012
A spectacular and pulse-pounding action-packed thrill-machine. A wild, thrilling, very character involving and tremendously entertaining movie. A fun and explosive adventure that you just cant get enough of. Pierce Brosnan is terrifically cool and confident as Bond, showing once again he has the charm and wit to make him the hero we all know and love.
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April 12, 2011
10/10/2012 (DVD)
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½ July 22, 2007
Male fantasy #1 continues it's grip on the West as Brosnan smoothly does all that Bond is supposed to do: steal bad guy's woman, ruin bad guy's plan for world domination, get the next cutie lined up (she always looks great in a bikini!), avenge the death of the bad guy's woman, play with unbelievably sophisticated technology, go skiing, go scuba diving, go parachuting, sleep with enemy spy, and finally look as good shirtless as in a tux. And what did you do today? I love Michelle Yeoh!
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½ March 1, 2008
Nothing going for this movie, Bond in China doesn't work.

Update: My least favorite Bond by far.
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August 4, 2007
Excellent Bond movie with 007 on a mission to stop war between England and China. My fave scene is the freefall off the skyscraper. Pierce is hot.
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June 29, 2010
After the solid Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies is a slight step down. The idea for this film was good, but it doesn't quite feel like a Bond film. Tomorrow Never Dies is a hit and miss film with many good moments, but with quite a few ones at that. Just when Goldeneye injected new blood into a tired out franchise, did the film makers decide to slow down a notch, and if you have that with this one, an action film that doesn't really deliver on awesome action like Goldeneye did. Here the action is a little light and it seems that James Bond has outwitted the villains far too easily in this one.
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June 15, 2009
Roger Spottiswoode gets the chance to direct Pierce Brosnan's sophomore James Bond film.The plot is fitting for a James Bond flick, but it tends to be a bit flat at times. After the typical opening action sequence and credits, the film spends quite a bit of time building up the story and the villains. It is successful at setting up the former, but the latter on the other hand, isn't so great, which in turn creates more of a lackluster villain. His intentions are cruel, however it is difficult to find him truly threatening.The action isn't superb, however it is entertaining. Bond driving a BMW with a cellphone and the motorcycle chase are sequences to note. There is a lot of action at the ending as well, which isn't surprising. Michelle Yeoh also gets the chance to take out some thugs with her martial arts skills. Thank you.Pierce Brosnan successfully portrays Bond yet again and Jonathan Pryce shows up as the villain. Michelle Yeoh and Teri Hatcher are the bond girls. Michelle Yeoh kicks some butt, while Teri Hatcher's character is nearly meaningless.Tomorrow Never Dies lacks the memorable characters and a really interesting story, but it is still a good movie nonetheless.
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June 9, 2009
and neither will this tiresome franchise...
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½ September 4, 2007
again i love the bond movies and brosnan is proving that hes a pretty good bond movie so really worth a watch
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March 4, 2008
Pierce Brosnan's sophomore outing as James Bond finds 007 up against a megalomaniac media owner (Jonathan Pryce) who wants to bring the world to the brink of World War III for ratings.

Brosnan continues his dominance in the James Bond role and Michelle Yeoh plays one of those Bond girls that's different from other Bond girls that we've been hearing about for thirty years. Terri Hatcher's role as the media mogul's wife is practically a cameo- she makes no difference to the film other than to give Bond as little sentimental time. Jonathan Pryce gives a good portrayal of the villain Elliot Carver at the beginning, but turns into a lampoon of himself by the end of the film.

Tomorrow Never Dies is an average action film which makes it a below average Bond movie. It just sort of presents its self and says "Here I am". The action sequences are OK, but beyond that it gets a little dicey character wise. A lackluster Bond film.
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November 25, 2008
"The Man. The Number. The License...are all back."

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) learns billionaire media mogul Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) is manipulating world events via an exclusive flow of information through his satellite system reaching all corners of the planet. With a stealth battleship sinking a British naval vessel, Carver sees that the Chinese are blamed. Crashing Carver's party in Hamburg, Bond meets "journalist" Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh), later revealed as a Chinese agent. In a brief tryst, Bond renews his past relationship with Carver's wife Paris (Teri Hatcher). Carver dispatches Stamper (Gotz Otto) and other goons to cancel Bond, who eludes attackers with some of his new gadgets. In Southeast Asia, after Bond and Wai Lin scuba dive into the sunken British ship, they are captured by Stamper, handcuffed, and taken to Saigon where they make a motorcycle escape. To thwart Carver's plans for WWIII, the two agents head for Carver's stealth ship where a cruise missile is aimed at Beijing.

Not bad for a Bond, though I thought that Brosnan did a better job in GoldenEye. Problem with this film is that there's no time for any groundwork. Once you are in the rollercoaster, there's no exploring or talking, you just sit back 'till the ride is over. The writers touch upon the fact that being a secret agent is a lonely job, but they've could have give it more thought and work it out a bit more. But nonetheless, not bad.
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½ February 10, 2008
Boring as hell bond film. Such a waste of Michelle Yeoh.
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September 28, 2008
This is a good movie and all but this isn't a James Bond like movie. You take a war plot....... with an Sylvester Stallone gun fights and you just add bond into it. Brosnan does a good job here.......... you cant notice his age and he doesn't shove the one liners down our throats like Moore. I think the bad parts of this movie were the useless henchman who gets little buildup and doesn't do anything but stand around and look tough. I hated this air thin plot because the main villain completely destroys it. The villain should do something evil or have a nice background and buildup but this villain is just irritating and boring. Michelle Yeoh is OK here but you can tell that she doesn't have any chemistry with Brosnan and you barely know what shes doing. I enjoyed the remote control car sequences (including the hilarious part with Q). The best part was the the car chase with Bond using the remote control to drive. I was a little surprised at how they changed Bond to using machine guns and killing people without a heart or hesitation. The theme song was good as were some of the action scenes, It just doesn't feel like a Bond film.
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September 24, 2007
So bad I don't remember a single thing about it.
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June 19, 2007
Exciting and never boring Bond adventure. awesome pre title sequence and also a great and charming actor playing the ultimate spy.
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July 1, 2007
A somewhat enjoyable 007 film, with him going up against a media mogul, Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce). James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) interacts with Carver's wife Paris (played by Teri Hatcher) and teams up with super spy Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) for some great action scenes.

There's a good handcuffed motorcycle chase and a remote-controlled car escape in a parkade. The rest, I don't remember much about; it's a somewhat forgettable Bond adventure.

Also forgettable is the title song by Sheryl Crow, which reminds me much of the Garbage song in the following film "The World is Not Enough". When are they going to get the Pet Shop Boys to do a Bond song?
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