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½ August 3, 2014
I enjoyed this one it's not as good story wise as the original but it has some really cool visuals and action scenes.
½ July 10, 2015
Slickly-made yet uninventive sci-fi thriller makes up for cliched plot with expertly-choreographed and riveting action sequences.
½ March 1, 2014
better then the original
April 2, 2012
Arnold Schwarzenegger approves this message.
½ June 23, 2015
ok but noware as good as the original 1990 film, i liked that they did some things different and the nods to the original

*two weeks* ;-) and the three breasted prostiutute
August 3, 2012
I Don't Want To See This.
½ June 3, 2015
It's a reboot from that 90's film starring Schwarzenegger as Dennis Quaid and now Colin Farrell. Ok first of all if your a fan of the original, this will definitely disappoints you. If you didn't even watch 90's version, i think you will totally enjoy its presentation with cool visuals. Speaking of visuals, it is pretty impressive. From the looks of it as well as the setting. The futuristic atmosphere reminds me of a well made "CGI'ed" version of Bladerunner. Casts are not bad at all. You have Bryan Cranston as a villain with a small part of Ethan Hawke, and a good performance by Farrell as Quaid. Story wise its maybe a failure thus the execution is not bad at all I mean it is expected to be a popcorn flick and over the top action to be precised. And you know by it's director who directs the Underworld films and Live Free and Die Hard (Len Wiseman). Is really doing an impressive job making guilty pleasure flicks. And I should say he is better than Michael Bay, his execution of making a story line into a bombardment of action madness is much better. Nonetheless it is a well made CGI extravaganza with a sci-fi element is pretty enjoyable. 3.5 stars out of 5.
½ May 27, 2015
You know, it was actually entertaining for the first hour or so. Cool sci-fi concepts, with high adrenaline. But the ending sorta didn't cleanly finish an otherwise fun flick.
May 17, 2015
It looks like a computer game, reminded me of the "Batman" series games, with nothing new, just another movie with the "Blade Runner" subtext.
½ May 8, 2015
Apparently somebody in Hollywood thought it was a good idea to do a remake of Total Recall. Almost immediately, two questions spring to mind. First of all, why did they do it? Paul Verhoeven's gloriously over-the-top action extravaganza with Arnold Schwarzenegger was already one hell of a film. There was no literally need to improve on it whatsoever. Secondly, how could they do it so horribly? Like pretty much all remakes of classic films, this film fails to capture what we liked so much about the original film, but this particular film fails so hard that it wallows in the centre of the earth. The story made absolutely no sense, and I get that this is a very cerebral concept, but this film delivers it very poorly, so much so that it almost relies on repeating lines from the original film. It would probably be much better if they didn't even call it Total Recall, so why did this film need to exist? The characters aren't even that good, with some incredibly poor performances from everyone, including the main character, who just comes across as another lame protagonist with no character development and thin personality. I'll admit that the visuals and special effects are done to a very professional standard, but they look and feel incredibly sterile, as do the action scenes. This, combined with the terrible writing, acting and marketing, ruined what could otherwise have been a fairly decent sci-fi action film. However, what really kills this film is its lack of ambition. It leans too much on the original Total Recall film, and yet it strays incredibly far from what it was, and what we get is a dull, directionless, uninspired and unambitious sci-fi flick that fails in nearly every possible way.
May 5, 2015
Not bad. I have not seen the original film so I cannot compare it to that, which I think might give be a better view on this one.
The action sequences are done well, most of the CGI was good, good group of actors. Overall a decent action flick, not perfect but pretty average. Somewhat of a combination of Dredd (2012) and Minority Report (both stories written by same author).

I do have a few issues with 'the Fall'.
The physics of it doesn't make sense to me. Near the end, during the drop to the centre characters are walking around with no issues. Wouldn't this be the part where weightlessness occurs, as they should be in free fall? If you've ever experienced that feeling when an elevator first begins to go down, wouldn't that be the same for this, just on a much larger scale?
Second, as they passed the core in the film, when the gravity switches, they become weightless. Wouldn't this be the part where the gravity would be the strongest? Also as the Fall does not pass directly through the core (as shown on one of the screens in the film) but does curve around it, there wouldn't be a short change in the direction of gravitational pull but a gradual one.
April 12, 2015
Total Recall, 2012's most frustrating movie, gets so much right but doesn't ever fully come together under its own power. It's a film in the midst of a terrible identity crisis, a remake largely in name only that tries to be so different from its predecessor but at the same time take advantage of every opportunity to remind viewers of the other, superior production. This Total Recall would work wonders were it slightly reworked to exist in the same universe as its predecessor rather than try to fit in that film's own pair of shoes which prove too big to fill. This 2012 film is exciting and breathtakingly put together, a real stunner of an Action movie, but there's just not a good balance between "new" and "old" and there are too many poor choices in what basic ideas and themes to carry over and what to leave behind, what specific scenes and elements to recreate and which to abandon altogether. The entire film's problems are embodied in that three-breasted woman: the movie, like her, is a beautiful curiosity that just doesn't always fit amidst its surroundings. Replace her with "story," "emotion," "thoughtfulness," or "characters" and see this Total Recall as a good-looking but rather empty take on a superior product. Still, it's well worth watching -- and enjoying -- if viewers can separate the two films and soak this one up on its own merits, which is admittedly very hard to do, at times.
½ October 2, 2012
A badass action pack movie ! But that's it...
April 9, 2015
The classical souless, heartless hollywood remake with no respect for the original
April 8, 2015
A totally pointless, tedious remake.
April 6, 2015
I don't know why this show got terrible ratings from critics and the general public, I found it pretty entertaining. I liked it better than the original.
½ April 3, 2015
A largely strait-forward remake of a sci-fi 80's classic that swaps the hard-edged dark comicbook sense of humour and violence for action, action, and more action. This really isn't a bad film, and despise featuring a tunnel that goes all the way through the planet, it's just so very ordinary and forgettable. Colin Farrell is better than most could have been, but unlike his stuntman he's given very little to work with here. His support is fine even if they're given even less to do than even Mr Farrell. As a remake this fails to better the Arnie hit, but as a decent little time-passer that for the most part will mildly entertain throughout, and for that reason alone this gets a half decent recommendation from me.
½ April 2, 2015
Despite all of the action sequences, Total Recall is pretty bland. They've removed all of the fun, all of the camp and all of the Mars out of this remake and what is left isn't as interesting. The futuristic technology is interesting and Kate Beckinsale actually makes a good villain, but this movie just goes to show that better visual effects don't make a better film.
½ June 5, 2012
A remake of Total Recall isn't necessary for what was already a solid 90's film. Although, if I can have the memory of a film that has well-shot action scenes and stunning visuals, it would be this version.
½ March 12, 2015
Grade: Strong 5/10

Total Recall is a movie remake that although does boast good action and OK performances, it never manages to break free from the usual thing we see in Sci-Fi movies and action and ends up average. Not the best but not the worst remake ever seen this should please some people but I strongly feel those who have seen and like the original will be sorely disappointed in this one and who has replaced Arnie.

Now the cast including Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Bryan Cranston sounds like an OK movie and one that should pass by relatively untouched, but with this it's a remake of a movie seen as a cult classic so you know you have to be top notch to please die hard fans. They don't put on a bad show and it is far from bad acting, in fact it's pretty much not the actors faults I found this one a so so affair but it's the writing.

Now the writing as I say is the main catalyst not only for generic fights and Sci-fi ideas but also for the weak dialogue and almost at times it seems it makes actors seem worse. The script really Is the sucker punch right in the heart of this movie and with a better writer or just a better bit of script from the numerous writers involved on this, it could have been so much more fun. The director Len Wiseman isn't so bad and he manages a steady ship at his helm, The action we see in movies he has done like Die Hard is plain to see and involved in this is a hell of a lot of roof top chases and smashing through things, good old action fun.

I wasn't too sure what to make of the effects used here and although this is what I think is the top brand CGI these days, it still feels overused and the landscape un lovingly crafted. All and all even the sets seem too much like a stolen piece of Blade Runner and the only set that really interested me is one that gets destroyed within minutes, great stuff. I felt the lack of humour is one thing again that takes the lovingly crafted part out as it seems stale and never ever not even once tries to joke around or crack a joke, poor writing again.

Is Farrell better that Schwarzenegger?, well no, now don't get me wrong again, Colin is probably better that Arnie but in the original so much strangeness and life came from that movie, with this feeble remake only stalling any character development within the first 10 minutes. Is it an interesting movie, well yes it is and I imagine if you say let 100 people watch this, 50 would enjoy and 50 would not that is just what this movie is like, mixed reactions and bordering on boring.

I think it is worth a watch though, my review so far may seem bitterly negative but I assure you it is far from awful, it manages at least to bring good action scenes, albeit similar to movies seen before but still exciting and pulsating. I would recommend this to anyone who basically like, and here is that word again, Sci-fi, this is an interesting plot and I tell you that if no one has seen or knows what the originals about, then they may enjoy this much much more. Now one question if you wanting to watch this may be "does it have links to the original?" and well although that is a perfectly reasonable question, in the eyes of the director it is not. The film only offers fleeting glimpses of it's older twin and in the end feels disconnected and lost. So overall a pretty average affair although a strong go at it.
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