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½ June 29, 2010
Even better than the first film, this sequel benefits from the fact that we already know and care about the characters, which is used in favor of a story that is much richer and more profound than the previous one, becoming just as well another instant classic.
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½ June 13, 2006
The sequel to the big computer animated landmark success does everything right. It keeps the characters that made the original a hit and gives them depth, new adversaries, friends and dilemmas. That's as heart-warming as hilariously funny, with even more great jokes, movie references and racy action sequences than the first film. The writing is perfect, always pushing the right buttons at the right time, switching from emotional to funny scenes without effort. Just try to keep your eyes dry during Jessie's song. It's also amazing what technical progress this film brings to the table, especially compared to its predecessor. As a rare example of a sequel that easily surpasses its original in every aspect, it is still a beauty to watch 13 years later, makes you laugh, cry and stand in awe of the perfection delivered here. Probably the best animated film ever made.
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July 27, 2012
The sequel provides more laughter and satisfaction with the introduction to new characters and new story. Toy Story 2, although may not be topple it's original, still provides for a fantastic flick for the entire family to enjoy. 5/5
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June 13, 2011
Pixar first foray into sequel territory yields great results. Manages to be just as much of a classic as the first, which is not an easy feat for a sequel.
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July 13, 2007
Sequel to Toy Story. Andy goes to summer camp leaving the toys behind. Woody finds a cowgirl friend Jessie. My fave scene is where the toys have to cross the road under the cones.
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½ April 5, 2011
Far better than Toy Story 1 & 3, this movie seems to do everything right.
Directors Cat
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August 15, 2011
Better than the first one which is almost equally amazing. Pixar was always going to make a sequel that would turn out bad. Thank God it wasn't this.
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January 13, 2010
The gang is back and better than ever! Woody has been stolen by a toy collector who wants to get rich by selling the cowboy doll. As the rest of the clan decide to go on an adventure to save him, the movie takes a few twists and turns and throws in some winks at the audience when it references classic hollywood films, such as "star wars." The voice acting is brilliant once again, and Pixar does not fail to amaze me. "Toy Story 2" lives up to it's predecessor in ever way!
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October 28, 2011
It's an official winner from pixar, it's the most successful in my opinion, not a single negative review from the critic's which just goes to show there is absolutely nothing wrong with this film, and I'm glad I can say it's my favorite animation, of all time.
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July 31, 2009
Toy Story was a revelation. Despite being the first fully computer animated feature film, the movie refused to get bogged down in the technical innovations, preferring instead to create an amazing world with a fantastic story, memorable characters and challenging themes, especially for a children's film. So it's pretty easy to say that Toy Story 2 had quite something to live up to.

Due to a mix-up/abduction at a yard sale, Woody is on his way to being sold to a museum in Japan with the rest of the Woody's Roundup gang. Buzz and the toys decide to get Woody back to Andy's room where he belongs but it's not going to be that easy.

It takes all of a few seconds to realise that the idea of this sequel flailing in its predecessor's shadow is patently ridiculous. The first scene alone has dozens of geeky in-joke references ranging from Star Wars to 2001 A Space Odyssey, brilliant animation and action sequences which rival anything that the first film had to offer. However, it was never a competition between the two, as they both work together perfectly, the second being a natural progression of the first as the toys come to terms with the fact that they are transitory; that one day, they will break. This grim reality doesn't so much dampen the mood of the film as much as it informs the atmosphere to a large extent and because of this undeniably darker focus, the film is able to connect emotionally even more than the first was able to do in some cases.

Don't think that this tone robs the film of its joy, however. In fact, Toy Story 2 has all the self-referential, geeky asides that the first had and then some. Evil Emperor Zurg telling Buzz that he is his father? Check. Woody interpreting a ridiculously long and complicated message from the few squeaks of a woodland animal? Check and check. In fact, the jokes come thicker and faster than ever before, a lot of them whizzing by without pomp or circumstance, only really registering on the second or third viewing. Jokes like this are normally reserved for adult comedy movies, and even then they aren't usually as fast and furious as they are here, more proof that anyone saying that animation is for kids is a fool.

The character development on display here is simply fantastic. Where the first dealt with Woody's inability to be anything less than the most popular toy in the room, this film deals with his realisation of his own mortality; not dying specifically, more being used up or forgotten by his owner once Andy outgrows his sheriff. To showcase this point, Jessie the yodelling cowgirl is introduced as one of the members of the Roundup Gang. There is an inherit risk in introducing new characters who aren't villains, the problem being that they may not be as endearing as the creators hope they are or connect with the audience in a real way. Jessie begins as the tough-as-any-guy, outspoken one and at first there's the real risk that she won't progress any further than that. But there's a moment in the film which has a real case for being the most emotional of the entire series, the third instalment included, where Jessie tells Woody her life story. Cue the sprinklers. It's touching, tragic, but most upsetting of all, recognisable. The connection here isn't just Jessie's abandonment but the feeling that you may have been responsible for this as a kid. It's a heartrending moment and establishes Jessie's place in the audience's hearts forever. This boldness exhibited by the writers who clearly believe that children can handle the tough stuff is a belief which has become something of a trademark for the Pixar brand, tackling complex issues, themes and relationships in all of their movies with the simplicity and sincerity which is exemplified here.

It's this ability to both connect and communicate which sets the Toy Story series apart in the animation world. As well as having the claim of being the first CG animation ever, the Toy Story series has managed to consecutively outdistance its competitors with heart and emotion combined with a rapier wit. This is, of course, disregarding the astounding innovations in the technical side of the film which, despite being potentially mindblowing, are merely a medium for the story. What could have been an excuse to indulge a novelty has become an integral part of countless childhoods and a landmark in animation.

Defining Scene:
It has to be Jessie's lament. Instructed by our brilliant narrator Randy Newman with the dulcet tones of Sarah McLachlan, the piece is as bold and earnest as any live-action movie has a right to be.

I say we stack ourselves up, push the intercom and pretend we're delivering a pizza.
How about a ham sandwich? With fries and a hotdog?
What about me?
Ah, you can be the toy that comes with the meal.

Uh, ma - ma'am? I, uh, um, well, I just wanted to say you're a bright young woman with a beautiful yarn full of hair. A hair full of yarn. It's ah... um... I must go.

Has your mind been melted? You could have killed me, Space Ranger. Or should I say "traitor."
I don't have time for this.

How do you spell FBI?

To Al's Toy Barn... and beyond.

All right, nobody look till I get my cork back in.

Turn into the spin, Barbie!

I did it! I finally defeated Zurg!

It's all right, Space Ranger. It's a code 546.
You mean it's a...?
And he's a...?
Oh yeah.
Your majesty!

Guys, we can't park here. It's a white zone.

Here's your list of things to do while I'm gone: batteries need to be changed. Toys at the bottom of the chest need to be rotated. Oh, and make sure everyone attends Mr. Spell's seminar on what to do if you or part of you is swallowed.

Your'e right, Prospector. I can't stop Andy from growing up... but I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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½ March 16, 2011
Not as good as first or third but still amazing. After breaking his toy Woody, Andy leaves for camp without him. Woody feeling forgotten just hides on the shelf from his friends. When Andys mom throws a yard ssle, Woodys friend Weezy is taken and Woody rescues him. But in the process a greedy man steals Woody, and Woodys best friend Buzz and his other friends plan a rescue mission. At the mans apartment Woody meets fun loving and head strong Jessie the cowgirl doll, and the sweet horse toy Bullseye, and a Prospector toy still in his box, and they reveal to Woody the man plans to sell them all to a museum in Japan, and Woody must escape before that happens. The plot was fun and well made, but if you ask me I wish Buzz had gone with Woody somehow, there partners and they the perfect team A genius work of art and a childhood fav of mine.
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½ July 31, 2011
Toy Story 2 = CLASSIC 2
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January 31, 2008
Really no need to disagree that this is an amazing film and that all of the toy story movies are amazing :)
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July 9, 2011
Toy Story 2 is yet another terrific film that follows Andy's Toys. After many years of passing up on this film, I finally saw it and was impressed with the film. I thought that the was wonderful, funny, sad, entertaining. This film built on the humour explored in the first film, and amped it up a bit. The films plot was much bigger than the first film. But thats not saying that this second entry is better, cause I consider the first to be a classic. But as far as sequels are concerned, Toy Story 2 is a sequel that delivers, and it does something that sequels tend to fail, being as good or better than the first. Toy Story 2 is as good as the first. I thought that Pixar built upon the succeesses of the first (no easy task) and created a totally new adventure with a lot more laughs. Pixar definitely knows how to create something exciting, and they yet have to do something bad. I believe that this is the case with the Toy Story films. Everyone of them are good, solid entertainment in their own right. If you' enjoyed the first Toy Story, then you'll love this second entry. A wonderful comedy that the entire family will enjoy. Funny, sad and definitely entertaining, Toy Story 2 is one of the best sequels that I've seen because usually sequels fail to capture the essence of the original film. But Toy Story 2 manages to build on that, and give the audience something more in the process. Toy Story 2 is a wonderful film that the entire family will enjoy.
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June 24, 2011
A childhood favourite and a classic!
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½ May 20, 2011
More emotional depth than the first without sacrificing the humor and charm. It's almost like they grabbed the first movie, took everything from it and did a hell of a lot of refinement.
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November 19, 2009
Toy Story 2 is undoubtedly one of the greatest animated sequels, if not the best. Not only does it match the quality of the original, I feel that at sometimes it works even better. The world they set up in the original is expanded and we get to see not only Zurg, but the soulless Al of Al's Toy Barn. What I like about this is that it isn't just the same movie over again. Toy Story 2 has a completely different concept and explores a different side to these characters. I liked seeing the vintage memorabilia of Woody's Round-Up and Jessie and Bullseye, not to mention the absolutely genius of Kelsey Grammer's Prospector. He will always be known as the most vengeful toy of the series. However, what makes Toy Story 2 really hit home is the beautiful finale and message it has. It didn't have to do it with tears, but did it with a completely positive and upbeat attitude. It's almost the exact opposite message from Toy Story 3. As it stands for me, the real ending of this series is with part 2; it's the finest conclusion possible for these characters.
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½ March 23, 2011
It takes three directors to put together this sequel, but it works because Toy Story 2 is a success.Aside from the character carry over and some references to the story from the original Toy Story, this picture is easily watchable on its own. The story has a strong positive vibe behind it, and even though it never reaches 90 minutes, it doesn't matter. The time is managed wisely without trying to do too much or too little.One of the film's many satisfying pieces is the comedy, as it is both frequent enough and effective. The street crossing scene is worthy of note. "Why did the toys cross the road?"The voice acting impresses. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen continue to bring the Woody and Buzz Lightyear characters to life, while Joan Cusack is a great addition to the already enjoyable supporting cast of voice-work and characters.Toy Story 2 is one film that appeals to a large age range and that makes it highly recommendable. Don't forget to stick around for the outtakes during the end credits.
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August 3, 2010
Not as good as the first. Toy Story was a huge success so Toy Story 2 had to bigger, better, and completely new. Pixar delivered. With an all new story, new characters, new locations, this sequel really adds to the trilogy. Joan Cusack as the voice of Jesse is very nice. She's so great!
michael e.
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November 23, 2010
Definitely one of Pixars best movies its not the absolute best but it still is great
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