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Woody, Buzz and playmates make a thoroughly engaging, emotionally satisfying return.

June 8, 2010 | Comments (18)
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that guy

huh wtf


Jun 9 - 06:49 AM


Wig gins

I hope this kicks Dreamworks' great-yet-overrated How to Train Your Dragon in the plumbs!

The first two Toy Storys are amongst my all-time favorites, and given Pixar's track record, I'm sure this won't disappoint.

Jun 9 - 01:34 PM

Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

Wow, you must have read my mind! =)

Jun 9 - 05:07 PM


ELIOLI Ceballos

You know I a very looking forward to Toy Story 3, but I can't help to sense you want other animation studios and their movies to do not as good as Pixar. I know you may be a VERY VERY big fan of Pixar in general, but wanting another animated movie to not do as good like, HTTYD (which I thought was an incredibly well written movie and the animation was fantastic), I believed it deserved 98% or more. I know you can have your own opinion, and I am not critising it, but you seem to be in this state of mind that nothing can ever be as good as Pixar. Well, just to kindly let you know that I believe HTTYD will be just as good as Toy Story. Will HTTYD do better critically and money wise? I don't know, but I believe that 98 percent was very well desereved. Your attitude torwards HTTYD is very unprofessinal like for anyone who seems to present themselves a lover of animation, which that should mean in general, not just for one comapny and movie. Well, my news is that HTTYD was on Pixar level like most of the people have said. I didn't like the attitude of some of your posts, hoping it will "crash in burn" in a sense. Be a little more open minded? :) I hope to see all movies be successful pertaing to any animation studio and it's works of art. I just am very displeased of seeing someone who just basically bashes a movie for the sake of being a non-Pixar company. I am not some HTTYD fanboy or nothing, and I hope both movies do very well in the long run, but the way you start wishing a film for it's downfall is pretty sad.It isn't right and healthy. I am very excited for this film and I am sure it will be great! And I am sure it will get what it deserves critically and it's gross amount! It's just a pitiful thing to see movies these days getting alot of hate. And I am 100 percent sure you wouldn't like it either wehn people hope your favorite movie you havn't even seen yt will do bad or not as good wouldn't you?Be more open to your choice of movies in genereal of what to hate and bash. Not saying you were, but as a general. This is to you and Mr. Dufresne.

And pretty good review Michael!

Jun 10 - 01:59 PM


Wig gins

While I understand what you're saying, I will point out that I LOVED How to Train Your Dragon. I thought it was a very well put together piece of work. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 9 (in a .5 scale a 9.0), so suffice to say I loved the film, it is my favorite movie of the year so far.

But with that said, I have seen plenty of superior animated films. And I am not referring solely to Pixar, but there are plenty of foreign animated films (namely, the works of Studio Ghibli, which trumps any and all other studios if you ask me) that I feel are on a level all their own.

AS well I should add that, despite my immense love for Pixar's Wall-E, whenever I see people call it "the best animated movie ever" and such I can't help but feel that it is a little overrated. How do you like them apples?

So it's not that I have a blinding Pixar bias (I'm not the Academy Awards), so much as it is I have seen so many animated films (even from a young age I watched foreign animated movies that would be obscure to most American audiences) that, despite its great achievements, I just don't see Dragons as one of the best ever.

And as for Pixar, well, as previously stated, Toy Storys 1 and 2 are amongst my favorite films, as are Up, Ratatouille and The Incredibles (and even Wall-E, despite my complex and contradictory appreciation for it). So suffice to say I have a lot of faith in their abilities.

And between you and me, as much as I adored Up (again, one of my favorites), I don't think it should have won Best Animated Feature (against its competition yes, but the movie I think should have won wasn't even nominated).

I love How to Train Your Dragon, but if I love Toy Story 3 half as much as I love 1 and 2, then it's bound for glory.

Jun 10 - 02:21 PM


ELIOLI Ceballos

I see what you mean, but i guess you kinda sounded..a little harsh I guess. Well, All I can say is, i hope hope for whatever Toy Stroy 3 does, it will be great! And I absolutley agree! There were some snubbed choices for the Academy Award. Honostly, I thought Coraline could have taken the cake, but it also depends on the persons choice in movie taste. I guess the way you sounded in the post, was to me kind of sarcastic. But you never really know what persons intentions are over the web! haha! no hard feelings man. But you know who I am reffering to when it comes to sides? And Studio Ghibli does put out somegreat movies!

Jun 10 - 02:37 PM


Wig gins

No I apologize, I can sound a bit harsh, but I guess that's just who I am. But agreed, you can never tell someone's intentions on the internet.

And yeah, the Academy Awards always seem to either not give a lot of animated films a chance or just snub them entirely. As stated, my favorite from last year didn't even get a mention... Nor was Millennium Actress nominated back for its year of release.
And yet Shark Tale, possibly Dreamworks' worst animated feature, DID get a nomination???
And again, while I love Pixar, I feel the Academy has too much of a favoritism towards them to the point that I almost feel non-Pixar movies aren't ever considered a possibility to win, but they're just nominated to fill up the spaces.

Jun 11 - 12:40 PM

Adrian S.

Adrian Smith

you both are right, but what I think now is that, because of HTTYD success in critics and boxoffice a lot of people are putting it in the glory, it somehow deserves, but that movie is based on a BOOK, As far as I know most Pixar films have been original stories, some of them have taken some characters inspirations, nobody can´t hide it, but they are original stories, which we have never heard, I am not saying in anyway this is bad, but at least it gives more credit to pixar, nobody can predict the future ,but who can assure me that pixar will start basing its movies on books......

I put all this like an example because I´ve heard a lot of Cars 2 and Monsters Inc 2 detractors, saying that a sequel is unnesesary, but most of people clap about HTTYD 2,,,I am not sure but I remember that dragons franquise has more than 6 BOOKS,and besides this Jeffrey Katzenberg confirmed that dreamworks will do mor than 5 sequels to this franquise

On the other hand I just really hope Toy Story 3 does excellent, what I´ve heard of it looks preety good, this is definately our childhood memories

Jun 11 - 08:01 PM

Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

ELIOLI C., what I mean is that I hope this gets just as good of a rating (if not better) than HTTYD. I have nothing against that movie (I really enjoyed it, and would probably enjoy it better a second time). It's just that my love for Toy Story is so great that I want it to be even more praised (if it deserves it). But I have no problem with another good animated film (from another studio) being popular and praised as well; it does make things more interesting.

My feelings about HTTYD are my honest, unbiased feelings. I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it like I love the Toy Stories, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and last year's UP, to name a few. It's not at all because it's a Dreamworks film.

Jun 10 - 09:19 PM

Big Freeze

Frank Fischer

The link to the full review isn't working. Whatever. Toy Story 3 will be great because Pixar always puts out greatness.

That being said, it looks like I am the only one who found The Incredibles to be one of the more forgettable Pixar productions.

I mean, it was a good movie, but I would never classify it as "great" in the same vein as the Toy Stories, Up, Wall-E, and Finding Nemo.

My Pixar Ranking (not that anyone cares):
1. Toy Story
2. Finding Nemo
3. Wall-E
4. Up
5. Toy Story 2
6. Cars
7. A Bug's Life
8. Monsters Inc.
9. The Incredibles
10. A Bug's Life

Out of genuine curiosity, why do most people consider The Incredibles such a great movie? I found it to be less imaginative and ground breaking than movies like Wall-E and Toy Story.

Jun 10 - 10:24 PM


james cameron

Cars should of been at the bottom because that's the worst pixar film.

Jun 11 - 02:36 AM

Adrian S.

Adrian Smith

As I wrote in other posts, I will explain my humble opinion:
I really enjoyed Cars, after watching it several times it turned into my favorites
...this film has the strange magic that make one love it just when you watch it after 3 times, you start to realize that is a completaly classic

With Cars 2 they will show all the DETRACTORS from the original first movie, that this franquise has a lot to give,,they will surprise us, I sign you

GREAT EARLY REVIEWS for TOY STORY 3, I hope they keep like this one

Jun 11 - 08:10 PM

Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

I used to wonder the same thing, because when I first saw it about 5 years ago, I didn't care for it much at all. Now, I absolutely LOVE it. I love how it features a central character wjho has truly adult concerns (missing the old days, crummy job, overweight). I love the chemistry between all the characters, I love how Mrs. Incredibles worries that her husband may be cheating (not the type of stuff you see often in an animated film). I also love how Syndrome makes Mr. Incredible listen as he sends missiles after his wife and kids, and how Mr. Incredible reacts after he thinks they're dead. There are plenty of things I love about this movie, but it all boils down to the fact that it just feels like a real superhero movie.

Jun 11 - 05:30 AM


Wig gins

I think the reason people love The Incredibles so much (myself included) is how it flawlessly incorporates the family dynamic with the world of superheroes. No, it isn't one of Pixar's most imaginative films per se, but it is one of their most well constructed. It has one of the best family chemistries I've seen in a movie, and how it all meshes with only the most simple of superhero themes (for example, all of the powers seen in the movie are very basic, nothing overtly ridiculous like the garbage Marvel and DC feed us these days). I think that's why The Incredibles is so beloved.

Though with that said, I prefer Brad Bird's Ratatouille, which is Pixar's most unpredictable and surprising film to date (though still not quite my favorite).

Speaking of Which, Ratatouille is absent from your list, I'm guessing it should be in one of the two spots A Bug's Life occupies?

Jun 11 - 12:33 PM

Logan L.

Logan Locke

Even if the film doesn't quite match the reception of the first two films, Toy Story 3 may still end up being one of the best films of the year. Pixar has yet to have had a bad film. Cars, their weakest outing, is still better than all but the best of Dreamworks films.

Jun 11 - 06:17 AM

Gabriel C.

Gabriel Conley

Lol I wonder whose gonna have the nuts to give the film a rotten review. .

Jun 13 - 01:48 PM

 S Man

shawn mcmillion

I grew up with the first and second movies and they're both my favorite movies of all time as much as I wish for this to be a 100%. I know the chances for this are very slim. Some critics out there for sure will give it a rotten rating. For example Armond White. It says he agrees 52% of the time with the tomatometer. That's not a good percent so even if out 150 critics at least 10 will probally give this a rotten rating

Jun 14 - 02:32 PM

Marissa Evans

Marissa Smith

The thing is that they can't just give it a rotten simply for the heck of it. (Unless they're complete douchebags.) Judging by these reviews and what we already know about the movie, it seems like a great film with a strong story and a perfect balance of comedy, drama, suspense, etcetera.

But I suppose you're likely right. Unfortunately there are incredible critics out there who like the attention drawn from negative reviews. Here's hoping they'll grow the heart to shed a tear or two during the last twenty to thirty minutes of this film.

Jun 14 - 04:57 PM

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