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It hits every button from laughter to tears and lifts you up on waves of visual dazzlement. And you don't need to take a kid along to appreciate it... Tag it as one of the year's best.

June 18, 2010 Full Review Source: Rolling Stone | Comments (22)
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Ted Laserdisc

Ted Chalfen

130/130. we're now 18 away from breaking the previous toy story's record for most reviews without a rotten one. ARMOND WHITE WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!

Jun 18 - 01:02 PM

Some guy you dont know

Bruce Campbell

Actually, we're at 132. Armond must have slept in.

Jun 18 - 01:06 PM

Ted Laserdisc

Ted Chalfen

my guess is he waits until 146 before stepping in and OHMYGODIGOTREPLIEDTOBYYOU

Jun 18 - 01:07 PM

Matt B.

Matt Boehm

I think if Armond gives this a negative review he might actually get shot this time lol

Jun 18 - 01:27 PM


Raul M

I never take kids with me to watch Pixar films.

Jun 18 - 01:31 PM

Spencer M.

Spencer Moleda

The sad thing is that he may actually enjoy the film but still give it a negative review simply because it's made by Pixar. The kind of bias that he possesses doesn't make for a quality critic.

Jun 18 - 01:31 PM

armando r.

armando rodriguez

if armond gives TS3 a negative review i am going to cut his d i c k slow and painfully

Jun 18 - 01:47 PM

adithya k.

adithya kantewada

rofl!! this is the funniest comment I'd read on rotten tomatoes.

May 3 - 08:05 AM


tyler peck

My guess is that he's sitting this one out. Here's hoping so.

Jun 18 - 02:06 PM

Ron P.

Ron Potty

Jun 18 - 02:07 PM


Chris Dietz

The thing about Armond White, in this situation. Is that IF he gives this movie a rotten review, he is not only tainting the perfection of Toy Story 3, but tainting the perfection of the entire trilogy. Yes I do believe Armond White is waiting for the opportune time to ruin a rarest of rare three 100%'s (a hat trick if you will).

Jun 18 - 02:18 PM


Mar Jeez

Guys, he gave it a Rotton. It'll show up on this site in a second. He gave it 2/5 stars. What a sad human being..

Jun 18 - 02:25 PM

Robert E.

Robert Erickson

And what's more sad is that we all saw White's pathetic review coming.

Jun 18 - 03:37 PM

Hector W.

Hector Wu

Haha, no, I'd say what's more sad is that you all just cannot stop talking about Armond White for one second, in any review thread. He's obviously made an impression on all of you.

Jun 18 - 04:22 PM


Edward Stymest

lol well this is a movie site, and when a critic has a reputation like this preceding him you know hes a crappy critic

Jun 18 - 06:22 PM


Mark K

Thank you Peter.

Jun 18 - 04:42 PM


sue anne chan

Indeed,TYS 3 is a wonderful movie for all ages :)

Jun 19 - 09:16 AM

Human R.

Human Rights

Thank you Peter. You, along with folks like Ebert (yes, I know he's also polarizing sometimes), Richard Corliss and those good folks over at the New York Times to name but a few can be counted on for some good honest reviews.

As for the folks looking for AW here, I have to say, do you really wonder why RT keeps him around when you're posting comments about him on someone else's review before he's even posted his own? Think about it...

Jun 21 - 06:50 AM

Marvin T.

Marvin Tran

Thank you. I'm sooo glad that the top critics are a bit smarter than the other 3 critics that are idiots who gave this movie a rotten rating. Top critics are usually more reliable. I mean people like Jeremy Heilman are just bad. I mean Mr.Heilman also gave Schindler's List a rotten rating YET he gave Gigli a positive rating he really pisses me off. He's officially the worst critic ever in my opinion. Oh and the other guy that I looked up Armond White gave Jonah Hex a positive rating instead of this what an idiot.

Jun 21 - 06:35 PM

Anomalous Material

Anomalous Material

Get a life people

Jul 4 - 11:34 AM


Jesse B

I don't quite understand all the praise this film is getting. the story was very not unlike the others. Why does every Toy Story have to include the Toys getting lost / abandoned ? Furthermore, it had some very dark and even violent scenes.

Nov 16 - 05:44 PM

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