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July 1, 2010
A true masterpiece that exceeds the level of quality of the previous films and reflects Pixar's own growth in storytelling, being not just an amazing entertainment as the other two but above all a mature and emotionally devastating work that moved me to tears with its unforgettable final act.
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July 8, 2007
And so Pixar just goes and does it again, as if it's the easiest thing to do: They're taking characters that haven't been used in 10 years and throw them into this new adventure as if no time passed. The film blends perfectly into its two predecessors. Of course, the animation has taken huge steps in the meantime and is absolutely flawless and stunningly beautiful. Starting with a bang of a beautifully shot action sequence the film reminds reminds us of all the different characters from the gang of toys.
And that's what they are, characters. Although there are too many of them to give them all a lot of screen time it just takes seconds for us to feel for them. When Woody and his friends hold each other's hands later while facing their possible demise, we forget that we're looking at animated toys, we worry about them as if they were real. That's certainly the biggest asset of the film, taking its characters seriously while having fun with them. The story is a tad more serious than before, delivering one of the greatest prison breaks of recent movie history, there's great voice acting and the story develops quite a lot of speed in the last third with more spectacular and colorful sceneries than the two first films. Just try not to be deeply touched by the last couple of minutes. The result is en par with its fantastic predecessors: funny, sweet, touching, deeply entertaining. Another triumph for Pixar.
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January 2, 2011
It follows a very familiar Pixar formula, but the studio's heart and soul is poured into every moment of this beautiful and hilarious movie, and the ending accomplishes incredible emotional feats.
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½ June 18, 2010
I rarely like sequel movies but this is the best!
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½ April 21, 2012
A fully-qualified sequel with as much enjoyment for first time viewers as nostalgic fans.
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July 27, 2012
A warm heartfelt film that puts the franchise to a respective rest. The film's improved CGI and brilliant story leaves a satisfying stamp to those who followed the film since its inception in 1994. 5/5
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January 15, 2008
A perfect ending to a great children's film.
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June 13, 2011
If anybody says they didn't at least get teary eyed at the end, they are lying! Filled with deep emotional depth, whimsical dialogue, great comedy, and well-conceived action. A great final entry in the Toy Story trilogy (at least, I hope this is the last one).
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May 9, 2011
What kind of miserable human would dislike a Toy Story movie? It's genius to me that these movies can transcend age and be enjoyable to everyone watching. It's excellent animation, great storytelling, and characters that you can relate to. What's even more fun about this chapter, is that it's essentially a jailbreak movie. Nice. If you think you're too cool for Toy Story, I'm here to remind you that you're not. Watch this.
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May 28, 2012
This is an amazing film. It achieves everything that a live action film should. Its plot, characters, and action are flawless. Directors of other films should take notes. This is how you entertain audiences with a heartfelt work of art.
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April 10, 2012
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March 24, 2012
A heart-warming and funny installment to the Toy Story saga, it's suitable for both the adults and children and, quite frankly, it's amazing.
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December 2, 2007
OMG the best movie ive seen this year!
i think animated movies like this is wasted on little kids as they seriously wont find it as funny as adults but still a reallly good childrens movie!
they do seeem to be making animations more sad nowadays i blubbered my eyes at the end of this movie and their were two other parts that i nearly burst out in tears as well!
Its a seriously funny movie as well especially potato head, this is really a movie to be seen be everyone its brilliant!
this movie is an end of an era and we've had to wait 10yrs for it,and it certainly doesnt disappoint,its a truimph!!
Mst be seeen!!
You see it more and more nowadays of sequels being made for example Shrek 3 and Ice Age 3 that really shouldnt have been made so im glad that this is still a huge success!! Fantastic!!
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April 5, 2011
A great entry to the Toy Story franchise
Directors Cat
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August 15, 2011
Emotional, Colourful and Touching. The best of a series that will be remembered by audiences for years and years to come.
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January 14, 2010
From the magic that filled our hearts the first time around, and dazzled us with epic proportions of emotion in the second, comes this undeniably heart felt tale of a boy who is all grow up and off to college. He can't decide what he wants to do with all his toys and he chooses Woody (his first toy) to stay with him. But, it's not that simple, things just get much more complicated from there. From being ripped and torn, to licked and chewed, to escaping from evil toys, Woody and the gang go through rough times. Andy departs for college and something unexpected happens that ends this beautiful trilogy off in the best way possible. Nothing less than the first and no more than what the second had in store. All three masterpieces lie in the same boat, when I say: "These movies should be shelved in everyones home as a collectors item in mint form and cherished forever. Pixar never seizes to amaze me, but the gags, emotions, and stories that the toys brought to the audience all over the planet will never be touched for as long as I see a movie in my life. This series began with a dream, and ended in reality. Yes, it is sad to see the series end, but knowing that it ended so well and being able to watch them over and over and over again seems like enough to me. I could talk about this film for days and never run out of way to compliment this franchise, but in one word that will take anyones breath away to describe this movie in the least amount of sympathy possible, is: dumbfoundingly, electrifyingly, flabbergastedly, impressively, movingly, Astonishing. A work of art that will never be touched.

Final Comments: It is worth crying over, to see how amazing a child' s life is when he loves something so much and has to give it up. Definitely an affectionate movie at heart, and will move families of all ages for generations, and generations to come. Let's celebrate this milestone as a work of art in cinematic history. Thank You Pixar, for brining a story worth telling, to an end, with style. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!! :)
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½ January 18, 2011
Buzz Lightyear: We're going in the attic now, folks. Keep your accessories with you at all times. Spare parts, batteries, anything you need for an orderly transition. 

"No toy gets left behind."

Toy Story 3 is the perfect ending to the most beloved animated franchise ever, that everyone was hoping for. The movie is a lot of things. It is entertaining, funny, insightful, touching and sad. It is also the only animated prison drama I have ever seen. 

All the characters are back from the first two, with some exceptions. Some were lost along the years like Bopeep and Etch-o-Sketch, but the core group is still together in 17 year old Andy's toy chest. I don't know what 17 year old kid keeps his childhood toys in his room, but that is a discussion for another time. Andy is going off to college and decides to put all the toys in the attic with one exception; he will be taking Woody to college with him. When a mistake is made and all the toys are thrown out, they decide to go to a daycare that is ran by a huge Teddy bear named Lotso. He is the dictating warden and isn't as nice as he looks. From there it is an escape movie, with a lot of humorous and touching plot developments along the way.

The film is all about growing up, moving on and leaving things behind. Andy has grown up with these toys and the toys have been with him for years also. It is hard for both to move on and start their new lives. Andy's struggles with moving on with his toys is pretty insightful as to the experience of leaving for college. Although with real people the issue of what is being left behind is normally not toys. 

I don't if I like this one more than the first, but I know I like it more than the second. I would have to go re-watch the first, since I haven't seen it in years; to make that decision. I can say that I couldn't see an ending to animated franchise being any better than this. Pretty much perfect in every way.

Woody: So long... partner. 
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May 16, 2011
The only Toy Story I have seen at an age that I really know what is going on, and I am glad I did. A great blend of comedy, action and emotion makes this one of the best Pixar films ever, and that is saying a lot.
michael e.
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December 28, 2010
Pixar can really end a franchise with a bang and they truly delivered with this concluding classic to the Toy story series. All the core actors are back to reprise their roles (Except Jim Varney as Slinky R.I.P.) and they all do just as good as they did in the first and second film. The animation is improved over the second film, and it looks spectacular, and this film was well worth being nominated for best picture last year for the academy awards. The music is fantastic, now I think Randy Newman is an okay song recorder, and whenever you put him in front of a Piano he will create gold. The new inclusions of characters were great, and all the new actors such as Michael Keaton (Batman, BeetleJuice,) Ned Beatty (Rango, Superman II,) and Jodi Benson (Little Mermaid) who all do fantastic jobs as these characters and are fun and energetic actors to watch in other films. Overall the film has fantastic animation, great characters, and great music. Now If only the company can get there crap back together after Cars 2.
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February 20, 2008
The best Toy Story that will move you to the point where you're practically tearing up :) Love it! (:
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