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January 7, 2015
It's absolutely nothing more than a rehash of clips of more well-known movies from this franchise with a mediocre plot and unnecessary padding to boot. Nonetheless, Herbert Lom does breathe his role when he manages to score some laughs.
November 30, 2011
I own this on DVD in an eight movie pack along with:
* The Pink Panther (1963)
* A Shot In The dark (1964)
* The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)
* The Revenge Of The Pink Panther (1978)
* Curse Of The Pink Panther (1983)
* The Pink Panther (2006)
* The Pink Panther 2 (2009)
January 6, 2014
After the death of Peter Sellers, Edwards threw something together with leftovers of other movies to make another episode of the Pink Panther serial. The film is an unforgivable mess that has no reason to exist.
½ October 3, 2013
Here's the worst film I've ever seen, and the only one against which I carry strong loathing on a personal level. Peter Sellers is one of my all-time favorite actors, and he died before filming the planned sixth entry into the Pink Panther series. Director Blake Edwards dipped to a nadir light years deep to release this film. It's nothing more than cutting room floor material for older films in the series and one of the most boring sequences I've ever seen in film in which a reporter goes from character to character and asks them about their memories of the now-missing Inspector Clouseau, featuring "flashbacks" of old movies akin to the clip episode that re-occurred in nearly every long-running TV sitcom in the 80s and early 90s. Sellers is "featured" in the movie's first act, in deleted scenes that were never good enough to see the light of day. As a result, what I saw was defiling of a corpse. Edwards made this film under the guise of forming a "tribute," but there is no way this unfunny drivel was ever considered good movie material. He just wanted to pump as much cash as he could from the series post-Sellers and never thought to let the man rest in peace. This shameful bastardization of cinema goes beyond simply non-existent storytelling, bad acting, and no direction. It's wrong on a personal level. May all who involved themselves in this desecration die a torturous death and burn in hell for mocking the memory of Peter Sellers.
½ July 31, 2013
Even recycled pastiche is funny. Bringing so many actors together to remember Inspector JC makes for a fitting tribute to Sellers. Oh, and Denise Crosby does have a great ass.
July 12, 2013
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May 18, 2013
I don't even know if this one should have been made. But, there were 2 or 3 scenes that Sellars had filmed before he passed away, and they are included in here, so they were a delight to watch. But the story? what story? it was painful. esp the ending. eh. those scenes and a bunch of clips from all the movies and maybe some behind the scenes stuff would have made a better movie
December 21, 2011
How can one even call this a Pink Panther movie? It mostly has clips from the old movies, and adds a few very pointless scenes with them.
January 4, 2013
Film-hommage redondant.
½ June 5, 2010
Blake Edwards takes desperation in filmmaking to a whole new level with this train wreck. Perhaps giving us the idea, what pink panther movies could have been without Peter Sellers as a main interest.

Seller's death lead Edwards to take a page from Ed Wood's book of Shitty filmmaking. Just like in Plan 9 from Outer Space recycled outtakes from previous panther movies are glued together to create a storyline, which makes very little sense. Scenes featuring Sellers are mostly set in the office or in a car. The other characters just sit around explaining what's going on. When Edwards runs out of material, we are told Clouseau disappeared. The whole thing just blows my mind. How on earth do you make a movie using deleted scenes from previous movies. Those scenes did not make it to the final cuts because they did not move the story forward, so how do you use them to do the job in a whole new movie?

As soon as Clouseau is reported missing the movie suddenly into a documentary the audience is treated with clips from previous movies in 'flashback' style, making you wish you were watching a different 'panther' instead.

Verdict: Skip it
November 27, 2011
ok film but I thought it was crap without Peter Sellers, I didn't like it, thought it was crap, will not want it on DVD, it starred Peter Sellers, David Niven, Joanna Lumley and Burt Kwouk (Last of the Summer Wine)
½ September 28, 2012
One star more than it actually deserves
½ September 27, 2012
Unlike so many other critiques I've read on this film, I actually enjoyed this film. People call this a weak offering but the guy was DEAD and yet they still managed to give us an all new adventure with Inspector Clouseau. Some great scenes with Peter Sellers that had previously been lost on the editing room floor were saved and presented in this new adventure. Also, people fail to remember that this film was also a set up for the next film "Curse of the Pink Panther".

Blake Edwards defied GOD and death and gave us one more film. Not to many have been able to accomplish this.
½ September 6, 2012
After Peter Sellers died in 1980, it seemed the Pink Panther films were over, but while making Victor/Victoria (1982), Blake Edwards was asked to do more by MGM/UA. He was reluctant at first, but he soon found a way for Sellers to appear as Inspector Clouseau one last time, using deleted scenes from The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976), while the deleted footage is good, it soon becomes a clip show, which undermines it. When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen from the kingdom of Lugash yet again, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Sellers) is once again asked to go and find it, Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is being driven insane by Clouseau, and is pleased to have him out of the way. Clouseau is on his way to London as he believes Sir Charles Lytton (David Niven) has stolen it, while on his way to Lugash afterwards, his plane crashes en route, everyone is believed killed. French TV reporter Marie Jouvet (Joanna Lumley), begins interviewing people who knew him, including Lytton, Dreyfus, gangster Bruno Langlois (Robert Loggia) and Clouseau's father (Richard Mulligan), to find out what happened. After half an hour or so, they've run out of cut footage, so they resort to film clips from previous Pink Panther films to tell the rest of the story. It was intended to be a warm and heartfelt tribute to Sellers, but despite best intentions, you begin to wonder why did they bother, but there was more to come, as Edwards was making another one while doing this.
½ September 4, 2012
Construit comme un clip show d'une vulgaire sitcom mediocre avec des scenes coupees des precedents films, A LA RECHERCHE DE LA PANTHERE ROSE est un film realise sans genie par un BLAKE EDWARDS. L'histoire est vide, les acteurs brassent du vent et le film manque clairement de liant. Une bien mauvaise conclusion a la carriere de PETER SELLERS (mort 2 ans avant la sortie du film).
August 24, 2012
Despite having died a year and a half before shooting began, Peter Sellers appears in this film via outtakes and alternate takes from the previous films in the series.
Other characters appear in new footage (Visibly aged since the first film 17 years prior) to link the Sellers material together...was a mess.
August 24, 2011
Sure, it's a cash-in. It's also widely underrated. The film doesn't really know what to do with itself at many points, giving it an aimless quality, but it still manages to have several very funny moments. The outtakes with Sellers are pretty effective. Not a bad way to end the series, considering that at this point Sellers was dead. It offers up a little closure that would be quickly ended by two even more ridiculous sequels.
July 20, 2012
less of a movie, and more of a clip show.
April 19, 2012
I dont care to watch.
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