Transformers: Beginnings Reviews

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September 17, 2009
with all the amazing things this cartoons brought all the memeories are great!!

Although now that I am grown up, I see all the mistakes I never paid attention before, like in many scenes where Bumblebee is supposed to be somewhere else in danger, and when the other autobots are in base line up to rescue him, he is in the line up as well, and this happens over and over, wow....can't believe I never gave thought to that!! My favorite how come megatron is bigger in robot than optimus but when he transforms he fits in the hands of starscream and soundwave, but this guys are smaller than optimus prime?

I can see how imagination runs and why I loved it sooo much!!!
March 13, 2012
Typical motion comic, narrated by Bumblebee which we hear very little from in the films. The voices, while not all were accurate to the films, do fit nicely with the characters and the slight animation was decent for a comic. Sets the story up fairly well for the first live action film.
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