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If it sounds as though the script (credited to Ehren Kruger, Robert Orci, and Alex Kurtzman) was written in serial-novel form during an all-night mescaline bender, well, I have no evidence that it was not.

June 26, 2009 Full Review Source: The New Republic | Comments (10)
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scott j.

scott james

Well that explains everything! And these guys are considering writing Transformers 3 as well? Bay can stay, but these guys have got to go. What a disappointment...

Jun 26 - 09:53 AM

Tim L.

Tim Lewis

These are the same guys who did the script for this years Star Trek the only decent action film so far this summer.

So trying to lay the blame on them doesn't make any sense.

They wrote the script, Bay decided what to cut, what to keep, what to add, and how to present it.

He made the final battle drag on for so long, that it became boring, the final battle became boring. They killed Optimus Prime, and yet there was no real emotional impact. And Sam goes to transformer heaven WTF was that. There was no emotion you never felt like the good guys were ever in real danger, and you most likely didn't care.

Jun 27 - 08:39 AM


Taylor Drake

Well you may have had no emotional connection with the character. I beg to differ. The characters were weak but I found them no where near horrible same with the plot. I was connected when Optimus died. All the spoilers on the internet told me he would die. So I knew he would die before I saw the movie, yet I was still connected and teared up, and I liked Shia's character so I teared up for that too. You are right about the lack of any danger, but most movies similar to this seem to always keep the main character alive. It is just a trend that movies are taking on, they are predictable in that way. I had no problem with it though.

Thank you for mentioning that Star Trek had the same writer. People keep going on about how that is that best movie of the year, but then saying how this one had a crap story which mad it bad. It annoyed me. I did love Star Trek. I like Transformers 2 more. You may not like this movie and that is your opinion. I will not bash you on that.

Jun 27 - 05:40 PM

albert o.

albert o

Were you expecting Citizen Kane, from the universe of toy robots?

Jun 26 - 03:23 PM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

No, but I was expecting a coherent story with less plot holes, and that's not what I got with Transformers 2. You Bay fanboys have some of the worst comebacks ever. We don't want Citizen Kane, but we do want a passable film that doesn't justify its mediocrities by stating, "We're just a summer movie! Leave us alone!"

This is modern cinema at its worst.

Jun 27 - 04:07 AM

Mark S.

Mark Smith

What the hell has made you so Jaded? You think Bay gives a **** about what you think? He's pulling in millions of dollars Entertaining people, giving people what they want. A Distraction from all the economic bull****.

The Movie is funny and makes light of itself. Why do you take this movie so seriously? Can't you see the movie for what it is? A fun, goofy and Entertaining movie

Jun 27 - 09:03 PM


Kenneth W.

Yes. 'Entertaining'. If it were entertaining, that'd be great.

The only defense anybody ever puts forward of this is strawmanning by asserting that its detractors were expecting high cinema.

The reality, however, is that people were expecting a decent action film and it didn't rise to that. If the critics are really too snobbish and elitist to appreciate a wacky action film, why do they praise "Cloverfield", "Die Hard", "Lord of the Rings", "The Dark Knight", "Inception" and to a lesser extent "300"?

With the hundreds of millions of dollars it took to make this, why is it "elitist" to want something of quality for one's 8-12 dollars?

Dec 8 - 02:18 PM


Hugh Jazz

"This is modern cinema at its worst."

Sooooo true..

Jun 27 - 07:19 AM

Joe B.

Joe Banana

oh I dont have a real job so I will diss on movies. shut up.

Jun 27 - 05:46 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber


Apr 12 - 02:29 PM

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