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The movie rages on for a hundred and fifty minutes and then just stops, pausing for the next sequel.

June 29, 2009 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (46)
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Clayton S.

Clayton Stevenson

I don't care what you or any other critic says the people says that this movie is AMAZING

Jun 29 - 03:40 PM

Herb T.

Herb Turbo

For those of you complaining about David Denby's review: try and understand that he's writing for an audience that reads The New Yorker. Some people have higher standards for film than low grade directors like Michael Bay are capable of delivering.

Jun 30 - 11:29 AM

colin F.

colin Foster

these critics no nothing about good movies. They rate movies bad just because they see others rating it bad, they dont go by there own opinion. Great movie, once again box office hit!

Jun 29 - 04:15 PM

Wil H.

Wil Huff

Yes, these critics sure do "no" nothing. They really need to get off "there" soapboxes, don't they?

Jun 30 - 04:16 PM


paul morris

Box office hit means almost nothing, some pretty terrible movies have been box office hits, this is an example of one of them.

Jun 29 - 04:37 PM

Jose V.

Jose Viladiu

So... moving the masses is a good signal, eh?
Christ! I knew Hitler couldn't be that bad!

Oct 22 - 10:34 AM

martha m.

martha mejia


Jun 29 - 06:16 PM

Lee Augustus

Lee Augustus


Oct 29 - 12:20 PM

Mike B.

Mike B

I love how you have a top critic next to your name. I saw this movie today and it was pretty much a fun movie that had good action. Honestly, I think critics always expect movies to be films rather than just something fun. Stop looking into movies as having to be the next best Dark Knight or GodFather. Watch a movie just to enjoy. Don't say bay is talentless, because apparently people don't think he is. It takes skill to blow up so many things, in so many ways. Give Bay credit, he's made this movie good and fun to watch. So frankly, give up your job and learn to enjoy a movie simply to enjoy.

Jun 29 - 07:08 PM

isaac u.

isaac ulibarri

great movie i dont think critics know what a good movie is anymore they are so biased one cool critic says it sucked and they all go leaping off the cliff with them. grow a mind of youre own and stop blaming people for youre bad ataste in movies the movie was astounding and a really good movie i gave it 5/5 and clearly everyone else shows that in the replys too you worthless hog.

Jun 29 - 07:47 PM


Val Barto

I cant believe the people that commented on this review.

First of all, the movie SUCKS. It was such a dissapointment. Great special effects do NOT make a good movie people, sheesh!

Second of all, for you 'quit your day job' people, grow the hell up please. The reviewer got it right. Im sick of you 'fans' not being able to distinguish between a good movie, and a movie with *some* cool parts (which DONT compliment the rest of the movie). If these reveiwers didnt have this job, what would you guys be doing?

For the person that rated this movie '5/5', tell me, what criteria is that based on? You do NOT have to be a fan to know that.

1. The movie lacked a storyline
2. The acting was ATROCIOUS
3. There were SO many plot holes
4. They had no boundaries of what everyone could do and couldn't.

Thats already a perfect enough reason to give it a maximum of "1/5".

And dont get me started on the characters, "jokes" and these so-called action scenes. Does anyone even KNOW who died? I mean, at all?

Jun 29 - 08:39 PM

James Marlow

James Marlow

I have to disagree. The special effects were disgraceful.

Feb 5 - 09:39 AM


shane roberts

Valdo, you are a voice of sanity in a sea of crazy people.

I thought YouTube comments were bad, but sweet jesus these people get so defensive when they think a movie was good and find out that it is actually terrible.

Jun 29 - 10:01 PM


Sadot Martinez

"Pausing for the next sequel?"

Last I checked, so did Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and others alike--but you don't see me or hear me whining about it. In fact, I look forward to the next Transformers movie optimistically. I read other reviews, and the ridiculous bashing of this movie is just laughable!! No story? Kids don't care about a story--they just want to see big alien robots pound each other...and adults enjoyed it as well. Bad humor? I laughed myself silly at times. No fun?! Are you kidding me?! The movie delivered action from beginning to end! I had fun regardless of plot holes, and anybody expecting more drama in a Science Fiction movie might as well be ready for a disappointment; you might as well expect M&M's in a salad. However, for a fun-filled action-packed Sci-fi flick, this one delivered in spades, and the box-office results speak for themselves.

Bottom line, HAVE FUN!!

Jun 29 - 10:50 PM

Stephen P.

Stephen Pontius

Mr. Denby, if you ever read this I want you to know how sorry I am that you have read the responses from people who liked Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and claim that you don't "no" what you're talking about. I just want to assure you that the sane people are with you sir.

Jun 29 - 11:36 PM

Michael Scott

Michael Openheimer

Wow. If you liked transformers 2 you don't even deserve to be alive. For real, this movie sucked, it was terrible. Michael Bay has to be and is the worst director of all of cinema history. His jokes are lame, his camera angles are amateurish, his jokes lame, his american patriotism off the walls, his racism off the walls, his jokes lame, his action direction sloppy and boring... BLAAAAAH!!!! How can someone be so stupid and think this movie is anywhere near as good.

I do not hate the Transformers, I am a big fan, but what Michael Bay has done is an atrocity. All his work has sucked except the first Bad Boys, and that wasn't anything special either. Seriously if MIchael Bay would have directed The Dark Knight, with the exact same script and actors, it would have been worse than Batman and Robin.

Good review David Denby. Don't bother with dumb people.

Jun 30 - 11:52 AM

Adam G.

Adam Granoff

is that a fact?

Jun 30 - 06:34 PM


kevin miller

martha m.,"

they really need to quote this **** on the commercials. in my opinion, i'd say this is the comment that most reflects the sentiments and intellectual capacities of the average filmgoer who enjoyed transformers 2.
spot on.

Jun 30 - 08:11 PM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

I agree. I honestly did not enjoy this film, and the Bay defenders rushing in here are pathetic. This reviewer is "following the crowd"? How about I say that when the tables are turned on you? I thought that this movie was completely pedestrian, with a CGI-injected world, one-dimensional characters, pathetic robots calling each other "pussies", etc.

Jul 1 - 10:57 AM


Taylor Drake

Only to the people who called the people that liked the movie 'stupid.'

If you hate the movie, fine with me. I have no right to say that someone is wrong or stupid for disliking the movie, nor do you have any right to call someone wrong or stupid for liking the movie.

You don't know those people that like the movie, you are just making assumptions, judging a book by it's cover, they like the movie, therefore they are stupid. The world does not revolve around, your opinion is not the only one that matters, your opinion is not the only right one. There is not one movie where everyone liked it and not one movie where everyone disliked it. It's all about opinion and taste.

My number one reason for liking a movie is enjoyment and fun. I enjoyed this movie and had fun. NO ONE has the right to call me wrong.

You say it is an unintelligent movie, and that's fine. You say the people who like it are unintelligent, and that's not fine.

Jul 1 - 06:40 PM

Adam G.

Adam Granoff

i'm pissed.

i want.. or maybe now wanted to see transformers..

i had figured i'd snooze though some more of the same big shiny toys and seriously lucky actors..(or maybe not so lucky).. and i'd be done with the series with few scars..

but no michael bay, the buck stops here. you can't have 5 more hours of my life and another $20 for more of this malaise!


Jul 1 - 06:46 PM


Cyrus Duff

Ok, to the person who said that critics expect movies to be fils and not just something fun, your wrong. Critics will review moveies as though they are films because the elements of a "good movie" are what the critic is supposed to review. If you think this movie is fun, then all well and good, but that doesnt make it a good movie with good direction, plot, and writing.

Jul 1 - 07:34 PM


george glass

I'm a fan of mindless fun but I will admit that the film is terrible far as story telling is concerned. I love special FX and seamless CGI but these things are ENHANCED by a good plot and story. And Transformers 2 is so full of spectacle that the a SIMPLE and easy to follow story line would have made the film better. A borrowed cliche story line. I'm in awe at the visuals and have no clue as to what the characters are trying to accomplish. One minute its a piece of the allspark, then energon, then the matrix of leadership, then the sun death ray machine. When the dramatic scenes come (which Bay is great at) they have no weight because youd have to know what the struggle is to feel for the characters. It just comes off as parody.

Jul 2 - 03:49 AM


Brian Meadows

If youre above 13 years old and NOT a virgin, then you wont like this movie. All these whiny bltches on here complaining about the reviewers not getting it, all i have to say is, "boo hoo, awww poor baby, sucks knowing in the back of your mind that your movie SUCKS, huh? hahaha"

seriously, stop trying to defend this gay piece of shlt for a movie and go out and try to lose that probably wont happen, because youre too busy crying on the internet and you probably have a broken off dlck in your a$$ already, but hey, its worth a try....

Jul 2 - 06:35 AM


james kelly

What does being a virgin have to do with anything?


Jul 2 - 07:31 AM

Lee Augustus

Lee Augustus

go suck a dick

Oct 29 - 12:22 PM



Gay doesn't have anything to do with this movie, thank you. Leave us LGBTs out of it.

Jul 5 - 11:20 PM


Taylor Drake

All your posts are so annoying. Stop saying disgusting things that have no point in your argument. You completely destroy the maturity the most of the of the people bashing the movie claim they have, they have at least shown maturity in their arguments.

Why can't you just accept that other people like something you don't. Instead of giving reasons as to how the movie sucked you resort to bashing the people who just say they liked the movie. Not everyone has to have your opinion. Yours is not the only opinion that matters. The world does not revolve around you.

If you respond to this, actually respond is a respectable way. Not resort to calling me immature things. The language does not bother me, you do though as well as the way you used it.

It is just a movie. So grow up, grow a pair, and gain some maturity.

Jul 2 - 01:02 PM


Ryan R

then just stops?? what do you want..a romantic kiss?? its not freaking TITANIC! its an action packed movie and not a romantic-comedy...get some friends because youre losing touch with reality. oh oh and get a real job.

Jul 2 - 02:42 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

Blow me

Apr 27 - 06:51 PM

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