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Much of the movie is computer-generated hash, weightless even with nonstop BOOMS and METAL GROANS and THUDS.

July 6, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Magazine/Vulture | Comments (18)
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jake m.

jake med

well then why would you even care about the movie anyways and even bother saying this...

Jul 7 - 04:46 AM

polish sausage

Zach Palaszewski

it is his job dumbass

Jul 20 - 04:30 PM

Valley B.

Valley Boy

I would watch the name calling, you don't want nobody kicking yo front door in fool go kill yo self

Nov 9 - 09:39 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

Fuck you cum guzzling dickfag

Aug 20 - 09:04 PM


Kenneth W.

Because he's a critic? And critics...criticize?

Dec 8 - 01:54 PM

wazir m.

wazir muhammad

are you serious?

Jul 2 - 11:23 AM

Golf B.

Scott Epp

"Why can%u2019t these transformers transform so that we marvel at their metamorphoses?"

Did you watch the movie? This was done with Ironhide in the opening battle scene, as well with Optimus when he met with the military big-wigs. If this was done every time a transformer transformed, the movie would have been 4.5 hours long!

I can respect the fact that you didn't like the movie, but when you try to back your opinion up with inaccurate observations, it just makes you sound like you're jumping on the "Transformers Sucks!!" bandwagon.

Jul 7 - 09:25 AM


Moishe McTavish

If this movie was so good,then you wouldn't have to try so hard to defend it.

Jul 7 - 03:04 PM

Pearl Harbor sucks.....

Chris B.

There is no possible way to defend a Michael Bay movie without sounding like a complete idiot. I wish these Bay fans will just admit that these movies are terrible. They may like the films, but Bay movies are terrible in every conceivable way.

Jul 9 - 04:39 AM


Srijit Ghosh

Honestly speaking, this movie wasn't that bad either. Sure, the plot was a bit dumb(and holed), Megan Fox got a bit irritating(too much botox) and the script sounded as if it had been penned down by a 13 yo. But still, the movie was big on action sequences and CGI. And thats what Bay prolly wanted to deliver - some awesome robot madness. It was certainly a thrill ride and it was definitely worth watching. Ignore the dialogue & lovey-dovey **** b/w MF & belouf, and its actually pretty good.

Jul 14 - 11:25 AM

cherry s.

cherry sias

Hmmmmmmm, let's see. Robots made of metal making robot sounds. Wow, what an astute observation David. Was Hannah Montana about a white girl who's sings?

Jul 16 - 09:49 AM

Nick D.

Nick Dye

What the **** did you want from this movie? Did you want Optimus Prime to wear a skirt and dance all over the screen? I don't get what kind of movie you thought this was going to be?

Jul 17 - 07:56 PM


Kenneth W.

"What the **** did you want from this movie? Did you want Optimus Prime to wear a skirt and dance all over the screen? I don't get what kind of movie you thought this was going to be?"


Oct 6 - 08:52 PM


neal bainz

but people enjoy action packed movies!!!!!

Jul 21 - 07:01 AM

Cameron M.

Cameron Miller

the computer-generated make it look more real you and There is no problem with the booms they blend in pretty well. to me you woundnt know a good movie like that even if it hit you face.

Aug 18 - 06:09 AM


Raul M

The first one was fun and even magical at times -- Revenge of the Fallen is complete metallic garbage.

Dec 20 - 08:07 PM

Cheyne Legris

Cheyne Legris

although the special effects are more detailed than the first, every other element of this film is weak .. Bay has ramped up the violence, noise, sexism, racism, pretty much everything but believable characterization and intelligence in the script .. the plot points are obviously dreamed up on a whim, such techno-fantasy speak about things like, my favorite, the inexplainable 'matrix of leadership' .. Bay has really taken to his child inside, and it's not always an enjoyable sight .. two 'ethnically politically incorrect' robots ruin any scene they disgrace with their presence, and college coeds are always facing the camera t-and-a first .. 'revenge of the fallen' just doesn't take itself seriously, and neither could i, but once that happened, i did start to have a fun time just enjoying the trademark complexity of the transformers series in special effects and sound design .. so if you can shut your brain off and suspend your sense of ethics for two .. and .. a .. half .. hours, than my hats off to you, and this will be your cup of tea indeed ..

Mar 7 - 01:02 PM

Manish Nair

Manish Nair

This movie is shit.Bay, u should stop making movies and return to the hellhole were u came from.

Apr 18 - 04:41 AM

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