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Hated the robots and their funny voices, hated the humans, and the cereal box story.

June 29, 2007 Full Review Source: Movie Reviews in Croatian | Comments (134)
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Jose Blancarte

Jun 30 - 11:19 PM


Silver The Evil Chao

Hey, Filmdick? Yeah, you, RT user. F*** you and the horse you rode in on, you sexist moron.

Jun 30 - 11:22 PM

Mr. White

Chris White

i gave you half a star bec you can formulate sentences with letters. Stop typing though seriously.

Jun 30 - 11:40 PM


Chris *******

Is this the same homophobic woman who couldn't give a real review of Spider-Man 3? Ugh!

Jun 30 - 11:50 PM


Toby M

Little jealous of Megan Fox are we?

Jul 1 - 12:09 AM


Chase Rocket

We have found a way to transform a car into a robot, but your article is far beyond salvageable.

Jul 1 - 01:45 AM


Chris Toby

Wow 4%? Someone wants attention! Her review sounds like a 3rd grade book report. It's practically point form. Write much?

Jul 1 - 06:01 AM


sharmaine sharmaine

Youre funny! You dislike hate mails because you are spreading hate yourself, a$$hole!

Jul 1 - 06:24 AM


Kristin Kurtz

Perhaps knowing the bg of a film might be of some assistance w/ a review.

Jul 1 - 08:10 AM


Ned Loughrey

I've read better movie reviews in sports forums.

Jul 1 - 08:32 AM


Jeff Augustyn

did you really just decide you disliked the movie because you could think of something that rhymed?

Jul 1 - 09:46 AM


Gray Thomas

Urge to kill... rising...

Jul 1 - 11:17 AM


David Voss

Your stubborn refusal to be driving me insane....

Jul 1 - 01:01 PM


First Last

Jealous that Megan Fox is prettier and sexier than you...poor thing.

Jul 1 - 01:36 PM


John vdB

A movie for hormone crazy, flesh indulging boys with no connection to reality.

Jul 1 - 02:13 PM


Al Maclean

If you hate it, I'll probably love it.

Jul 1 - 02:38 PM


Matt Gamble


Jul 1 - 02:43 PM

slick nik

Nikolajs Strads

Jul 1 - 02:51 PM


Justin Woo

Megan Fox will always be hotter than you, even when she turns 50.

Jul 1 - 03:05 PM


First Last

apparently this is not a movie for person with dynamic visual acuity of a snail.

Jul 1 - 06:12 PM

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