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Transformers is so hot and bothered over its reassembling robots that it can barely muster the energy to develop even an up-front text that makes sense.

July 1, 2007 Full Review Source: Slant Magazine | Comments (15)
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Charles Stepczyk

Jul 1 - 09:04 PM


Justin Woo

I'm hot and bothered for you. Just kidding. I liked the attempt at melodrama, though.

Jul 1 - 09:05 PM


Kay Theery

Another lame critic...

Jul 2 - 02:19 AM


Pete Arnold

Wow, he opens his review with his dislike for the military. I already think he is a douche.

Jul 2 - 07:03 AM

Mr. White

Chris White

Jul 2 - 12:07 PM


Happy Unicorns

Jul 2 - 12:50 PM

slick nik

Nikolajs Strads

Jul 2 - 06:21 PM


Kristian Torpstrom

sorry - but you suck......

Jul 2 - 06:43 PM


Al Prezio

seems you were to hot and bothered in your review to make sense, good job :D

Jul 2 - 09:10 PM


charles waldie

what do you expect from new yorkers all crany idividuals

Jul 3 - 06:17 AM


Tony A

Probably still does

Jul 3 - 07:11 AM


XEXX pandemic

This guy can't even quote the characters properly. It's not "Everyone's a soldier now!". The Capt. said "You're a soldier.".

Jul 3 - 11:54 AM


Dave Cook

All you fans are pathetic because you'll like this movie regardless of how crappy it was, then shout at those who didn't like it, pathetic

Jul 4 - 06:36 PM


Aaron Allison

Bane82 is pathetic for blindly being an anti-fan. He's obviously gay for Bay but miffed that he'll enver get any.

Jul 4 - 07:59 PM


william bence

Jul 8 - 08:47 AM

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