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Though he has a way with CGI toys and action set pieces, director Bay does not have a noticeable gift for making human beings come to life. Transformers' multiple earthling story lines are tedious and oddly lifeless.

July 2, 2007 Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times | Comments (55)
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Henry Bernritter

I think Shia and Duhamel did an excellent job and Bay didn't need to bring out anything in them.

Jul 5 - 05:34 AM


Ed Green

I love how so many of you critics talk like you're such expert directors yourselves! Earthling storylines "lifeless"? What movie were YOU watching??

Jul 5 - 07:18 AM


John Chai

This article is right on. I felt that the robots although inaccurate, were cool. However, the human actors, esp Megan Fox were not really helpful.

Jul 5 - 08:27 AM


mc sw


Jul 5 - 10:23 AM


Jonathan Hamby

Dead on review. Bernie Mac was the only one that delivered a half way intersesting dialog the whole movie. Transformers 2 needs NO actors plz.

Jul 5 - 12:50 PM


Jonny Petersson

Jul 5 - 01:30 PM


Kamran Zahid

It's the movie, not the cartoons. Bay had to cater to all audiences. Bringing robots to Earth/humans was important for movie-goers to relate to them.

Jul 5 - 03:55 PM


Eric Rodewald

Anybody who refers to the graphics as "Computer Generated Interface toys" doesn't possess the right to have an opinion of any worth.

Jul 5 - 05:03 PM


Christopher N

Wildheat, the review states that the human scenes suck, not that humans aren't needed.

Jul 6 - 11:47 AM

Star Trekker

David Ellis

Do you even know what Transformers is about? ofcourse the robots are going to shadow the humans. Its a movie abotu ROBOTS fighting other ROBOTS!!! ugh

Jul 7 - 04:13 AM


Nate 2709

The dialogue in Michael Bay movies is so terrible, you feel like sending him some good movies to watch and hope they rub off.

Jul 7 - 04:49 PM


Mark Jacobson

Jul 8 - 01:51 PM


Daniel Blair


Jul 9 - 03:29 PM


Alec Day

I would agree the acting wasn't very good and brought the film below "the best movie of the year" . However I enjoyed the film for the action alone.

Jul 9 - 10:39 PM


Matt Fairley

Agreed. The characters that didn't at some point become vehicles, sucked.

Jul 10 - 03:26 PM


Brian Yates

@jochai, although I mostly agree with the article, and even agree with you about Megan Fox... she was clearly just there for eye candy. Sweet candy

Jul 11 - 05:52 AM


Nathan Guest

This does a good job of summing up most of my problems with the film. Overall I didn't like it and gave it only one star. Spielbeg knows better.

Jul 11 - 06:04 AM


Paul Oliver

Jul 12 - 07:40 PM


seed henyo

Jul 15 - 10:46 AM


Jimmy Jams

For the Fanboys: yes the transforming was great, but WHAT IF they had made an actual great plot around it? Could have been amazing.

Jul 15 - 05:22 PM

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