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Flat, loud, flashy spectacle that's been fine-tuned and sanded down to appeal to the widest global audience possible. All in all, pretty generic.

July 3, 2007 Full Review Source: Cinematical | Comments (24)



XEXX pandemic

Flat? Ok.... maybe I was knocked flat on my ***! This movie rocks!

Jul 3 - 11:43 AM


mathew palzewicz

One of the best movies i've seen. can't wait for the sequel!

Jul 3 - 06:41 PM


David Voss

Jul 3 - 08:32 PM


David Chang

I can't see how the movie was sanded down. It was loud and flashy, yes, but not generic. I had more fun than i've had in a long time.

Jul 4 - 01:32 PM


Beans Pod

Jul 5 - 04:30 AM


mc sw


Jul 5 - 10:23 AM


Matt Moses

I completely agree with Weinberg. This movie was an empty vessel.

Jul 5 - 09:46 PM


Nate 2709

Generic's a polite word for what this movie is.

Jul 7 - 06:01 PM


Melkias Jembere

No film so far that I have seen kept me as excted, interested, or captivated the way that this Transformers movie has. It is wonderfully structured.

Jul 7 - 11:07 PM


Rickey Pettingill

Generic??? What movie did you see??

Jul 8 - 10:20 AM


Mark Jacobson

I felt that it had an adequate story line, good humor, and a fun sense of adventure, well executed. Movie critic just has bad taste.

Jul 8 - 01:50 PM


Lance B

Wow, this guy loved Fantastic Four 2 for all the reasons he knocked this lol

Jul 8 - 11:33 PM


Andy Hsu

It's sad that this guy had to give himself 5 stars using fake usernames to make himself sound credible. Generic? Judge by content/legacy, not Bay!

Jul 10 - 10:07 AM


Shane Garis

Clearly this guys is generic. The movie was awesome DIE critics.

Jul 11 - 03:24 AM


siing lier

Leaves a bad aftertaste of nonsense and stupidity. I don't really like nonsense and stupidity, but it seems like most people do.

Jul 22 - 12:08 AM


ShannYn H

How can a movie that has never been created before be considered generic?? Please enlighten me with a movie that even comes close to this.

Jul 28 - 01:33 PM


jason walsh

Please explain how this simple and entertaining plot struck you as "boring". Do us a favor and shed your jackass "I'm a film maker" persona

Jul 28 - 10:52 PM


greg pearl

only teenagers who like radio bands like the posters plastered on that kid's walls would like this movie! no plot, sketchy camera work, ****ty movie

Jul 31 - 01:00 AM


Joe Smith

Aug 4 - 04:27 PM

Tod Salin

work in the film field, spend 16 hour days for 45 days straight on camera, tepish before you open your mouth.

Aug 7 - 07:51 AM

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