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Divorced from reality, even movie reality, Transformers becomes an action film in traction. Its relentless product placement makes it seem like a 2hr. 22min. General Motors commercial. And the film has just enough collisions to be a crashing bore.

July 6, 2007 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine | Comment (1)
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jd H.

jd Hudson

I hate to sound unnecessarily critical, but how exactly do you define movie reality when, the purpose of an alternate take on reality other than actual reality is well to be able to justify things that cannot be done in real life. Can you really put a definition or limitation on "movie reality" if its so we can make movies about things that we have dreamed of as kids or even as things our industries would love to create. Also, the movie IS an action film, in case you missed that.... As a response to the General Motors bit, whats wrong with the fact that General Motors provided their cars for the production of this movie? Were you unhappy when there were PowerAde commercials in the World Cup? What is wrong with them being oversized, you mentioned that often in your main article, but is that not the point, yet again? The movie is about giant mutating robots who try either to destroy our world or save it. Yeah the comedy was a little lame, but it"s excusable. And as to your critique that oddly enough few humans were harmed in the destruction of our streets by ten story robots, that may be because, as was stated by Optimus Prime, they were going to protect the humans. I don't know but that may have been something to pay attention to when watching the movie. "Hey why aren't the good team of big flashy computer generated General Motors robots just running over people, it'd sure make it easier to kill the bad looking ones not even remotely General Motors robots..." And as a few unrecognized pro's for the movie, it was one of terribly few movies now-a-days that had relatively little cursing, or at least they didn't drop f-bombs all over the place. What's wrong with creating good clean action that appeals to immature 12 year olds and those relatively awesome and thirty that can actually come to terms with their childhood dreams and hobbies, as well as other people who may just be looking for an awesome action movie filled with some pretty intense looking CGI and pretty alright plot? I agree, yeah, maybe it wasn't the most amazing movie of our time, and wasn't exactly thought provoking as far as emotionally compelling, but it was an action movie and a great watch. You'd have to be incredibly "mature" and a completely unexcited boring individual not to agree that it was kind of cool when legless Bumblebee and Meagan Fox whip out the old General Motors tow truck and whip up on some Decepticon butt. Again, not everything in the movie was general motors, just the Pontiac Solstice, and may I point out Jazz was completely ripped in half, and the Chevrolet Camaro. Thats a big two out of five my friend. And one more thing on the action, and I may be completely wrong about this, but i seriously doubt Bruce Willis was being filmed sitting there watching the car his stunt double just jumped into a helicopter. So, I hardly understand what about that was not simulated, giving that acting is simulated emotion in the first place, and what was wrong with that in Transformers. Also, the movie included a clip of a woman being jumped over as an Autobot evaded her while trying to protect both her and his own life from the blasts from the Decepticon's weaponry. Again, sorry to sound overly critical I was in a critical mood, and please don't misunderstand me, it's not exactly the best, but far beyond the worst, and a great sit and watch.

Jul 20 - 05:18 PM

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