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I challenge you to name another movie about an alien robot come to save the world while disguised as a yellow Camaro. Isn't it just an intergalactic Herbie the Love Bug?

July 31, 2007 Full Review Source: New York Post | Comments (21)
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Tod Salin

um.. dude. Herbie wasn't a yellow camaro from outer space. The New York Post needs to get someone who can write something intelligent.

Aug 7 - 07:19 AM


Charles Hinds

tsalin apparently takes things too literally, it was indeed similar. the internet really gives people balls.

Aug 8 - 07:54 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

Ha, I lol'd.

Jun 2 - 01:15 AM


Stuart Neill

Charlie never mind tsalins balls!!! That Yellow Camero is the first summer blockbuster actor with a genuine oscar hope!

Aug 9 - 04:33 PM

Todd S

Todd S

No wonder you work for the Post rather than a real paper. Love Bug annalogy to this film, wow, you are really stretching for materiel.

Sep 20 - 11:51 AM


Moshe Molina

intergalactic Herbie? are you running of words and just want to save your job by guessing phrases like these?? WE CHALLENGE you to do your job right.

Oct 3 - 11:52 AM


Jonathan McCartney

How is this a cream of the crop review?

Oct 9 - 08:05 AM


Jon Hansen

Dec 11 - 07:14 AM


Reigner Mitchel

Jan 10 - 02:19 AM


Rob Gilbert

its a movie about vehicles that turn into giant robots. What sort of film was you expecting?

Jun 16 - 11:11 AM


Daniel g

The fact that it Has not been done before makes it more original.

Jul 6 - 08:33 AM


Jake Sundstrom

I love that the majority of those commenting can not get out a grammatically correct sentence, yet challenge this man's writing.

Transformers was a mediocre film with a mediocre story line. Deal with it.

Dec 3 - 10:37 PM


Alex Anderson

Wow, you really are an idiot, aren't you?

Jun 26 - 03:45 PM

Zach Wisz

Zach Wisz

Don't you people have anything else to defend yourselves with besides "yer an idiot duhhh"?

Jun 13 - 02:34 PM


Rob Johnson

I don't ever recall Herbie transforming into a mouthy robot at 70mph to fight a giant robot tank... Transformers is a film that was never intended to enlighten or inspire social change. I think WAY too many critics are taking the film WAY too seriously. Review something for what it is, not what it isn't. You can't hold up an effects-heavy adaptation of a Saturday morning cartoon next to the works of Pekinpah, Truffaut, or even a mildly grounded drama and say, "You know, Transformers just doesn't have it." Get over yourselves. Quit being pretentious, let go and enjoy the ride. Transformers may be mediocre, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. "Deal with it."

Dec 8 - 11:52 AM


Brandon ***

I challenge you to write a review that doesn't make me vomit in my mouth a little from having to digest all the crap you just spouted onto the internet. It's a movie about robots that transform... and um... yeah. It's based off a comic book. What kind of Oscar worthy movie experience were you expecting? It's Transformers for god's sake. This reminds me of that incredibly retarded review of X-Men I read a while back that got a bad review because the reviewer simply thought, "Where's the science in it?" IT'S BASED ON A COMIC BOOK!!! I fear that the intelligence in this world amongst the human population is taking a very sharp decline.

Dec 13 - 03:27 PM

William W.

William Wade II

I have to agree with any post that states this is fiction not reality stop trying to combine the two.

Personally I think if you never read the comic, read the book, watched the original, saw the cartoon, or have any clue of the subject matter; you should not be allowed to review any movies.

Jul 11 - 10:58 AM

Nathan H.

Nathan H

First of all do not write a review if you don't know what your talking about " Mr New York Post". Transformers is not a in your words " An Intergalactic Herbie" it is a classic cartoon turned into a amazing action film. I challenge YOU to name me a better cartoon turned movie sir.

Feb 4 - 05:11 PM

Brian M.

Brian Miller

Make like a cow and tip yourself over...oh, and while you're at it, go back to school and get a respectable job you idiot!

Feb 14 - 10:29 PM

Carlos L.

Carlos Lee

I really love how critics nowadays bash movies for sake of being afraid of enjoying for what it really is, a science fiction fantasy movie. Just another guy hating on a movie because it isn't realistic

Jun 23 - 02:02 AM


Tommy Hatcher

It's not a car, but I'm pretty sure the magic school bus was an alien robot :D

Jul 11 - 03:21 PM

Diego Tutweiller

The Artist Formerly Known as Tutweiller

Just putting this out there--- Bumblebee, no, ALL Camaros are ten times as awesome as The Love Bug. Just sayin'.

Oh, and this movie was awesome. It deserved at least a 75%.

Sep 7 - 05:16 PM

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