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Come to think of it, I was pretty stupid when I was six years old. So is this film.

July 31, 2008 Full Review Source: Paste Magazine | Comments (18)
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Matty Pos

You and all the other horrible critics on this site is the reason this site is nicknamed ROTTENCRITICS.COM....I have never met anyone besides on this site that downplays such a good sad...

Aug 6 - 11:09 AM

Tommy H.

Tommy Hatcher

Hey Matty, I think this movie sucked monkey balls. Nice to meet you man...

Sep 9 - 08:48 AM

Big Boss

Sean Rivera

You know, theres sumtin really clever to be said about this......

Aug 16 - 08:00 PM


Bok Choy

MattyFresh, you've got to be kidding me. "Such a good movie"? As a film, this movie IS stupid. The plot is among the worst I've ever seen. As an exhibition of special effects, the visuals are magnificent and the audio is breathtaking, but nearly ruined by the garbage cinematography. Sean's review was right on the money. I love Transformers but I can't see how anyone other than six-year olds and meatheads can appreciate this movie.

Aug 18 - 09:25 PM

Damian Batista

Damian Batista

yo man you should have put that in Twilight not Transformers ok because Transformers is best film of all time.

Mar 20 - 06:18 PM


Brock Allen

This is not a clever statement. You should not be considered a critic. While the movie did have a primitive plot, the special effects were on par. The acting was accurate as can be with "robots". It was entertaining and a fun movie to watch.

Sep 16 - 11:46 PM

- Z Bunny -.

- Z Bunny -

I'm watching this movie right now and it just doesn't flow or seem to make much sense. I WANT to like it and I feel like I could if my IQ was somewhere near a pre-teens but since its not I'm feeling disappointed. How do you mess up something like the Transformers concept? This could have been and SHOULD have been a fantastically engaging film that doesn't just rely on special effects and ridiculous humor to keep your attention. This movie is more of a schizophrenic mess then anything else.

Dec 31 - 09:38 PM

Christos B.

Christos Berberidis

So you're saying that a pre-teen has a higher I.Q than you? Nevertheless the story isn't complicated nor is it that bad. But whatever floats your boat.

May 18 - 07:02 AM

Brian M.

Brian Miller

Let's ignore this critic for a bit since he's not six years old anymore and, surprisingly, still an idiot.

It's Michael Bay, of course the plot is going to be full of holes, but that's not why we go to see movies like this. I believe that Bay makes movies for the SOLE purpose of them just being FUN. Look at Armageddon...Independence Day...and now Transformers. I watched this show when I was younger and I didn't give a rats *** about the plot or the characters. I just wanted to see military vehicles and cars transform and blow sh*t up. Now, you're probably thinking (even just a little bit) that I was some shallow, stupid kid back then, but all I really wanted to do was have FUN watching something like this. That's what Bay tried to accomplish and, for the most part, did quite well. I was entertained and just wanted to watch those action scenes again and again until my eyes oozed adrenaline.

So, if you say that this movie sucks because it has a campy, crappy plot then you obviously don't get it, because that was NEVER and still isn't Transformers area of expertise.

Feb 14 - 10:21 PM

Tommy S.

Tommy Shay

Brian M. gave the only good response to this critic's review. The rest of you seem either like mindless chuckleheads, or psuedo intellectual missed-the-points. Nobody ever made the claim that this movie was gonna be ranked in the top 100 american films of all time, nobody said it was gonna be intelligent. It's a stupid explosion movie with good special effects and a really hot chick. If you were expecting anything else, you should not have been allowed in the theater. On the flip side, the movie IS stupid, and the dialogue IS ridiculousy, and the story IS underdeveloped. But who gives a's a summer movie you put on in the background while you're pre-gaming with homies and hotties. Good enough for me. This reviewer, although I kinda agree with his general message, is a total douche. Take your smug, condescending, "intelligent" opinions, and give them to the people who actually care what people like you think....oh wait, there are none.

Aug 30 - 09:59 AM

Damian Batista

Damian Batista

You sir are a good critic this is like the best review of all Transformers movies.

Mar 20 - 06:32 PM

greg w.

greg wilson

lol way to try to find something bad about a good movie.

May 9 - 10:28 AM

Patrick S.

Patrick Spiker

this movie was excellent and I don't know about you but i was a fairly intelligent six year old. Appreciate it for what it was, a fun throwback to your childhood. Not some master film.

May 10 - 10:43 PM


Alex Anderson

Who the hell CARES that this comes up a little shy on the plot. The whole purpose of this film, along with michael bay films in general, is strictly to be a badass action film! Its like giving a romantic comedy a terrible rating for not having any crazy explosions. You should be fired, as you are a terrible critic.

Jun 24 - 03:14 AM

Kira H.

Kira Hockey

Screw you.
This film was awesome.
I bet you're inlove with that piece of crap movie Twilight.

Jun 24 - 08:01 AM

Megat -.

Megat -

I admit, i was a transformers junky too when i was six years old, but i know a good movie when i see one, this is not it lol. No way this is a good movie, awesome special fx tho, an okay performance from the actors, but NO WAY its a good movie. could have been written better, i mean really, its really a simple good vs evil story, how the hell did the writers screw this up? well i know why, cause its meant to be a fun movie and it makes a lot of money. and theres Megan Fox. Lets face it, Transformers is just a facade, who gives a damn about big giant robots??? I bet you people will be ****ting on this movie when Robotech comes out, i said it here first! :)

Jul 15 - 01:43 PM


Dudley Heffington

@mattyfresh21: no offense buddy, but dissing a critic for criticizing what is in fact a completely terrible movie is a pretty ignorant thing to do...after all you gave Quarantine an 80%, that says a lot

Sep 22 - 08:03 PM

Maria B.

Maria Bello

Matty Fresh needs to be dismembered and decapitated. It's easily amused and entertained cretins like you who go watch movies for excessive action,needless dialogue and fart jokes. What happened to real movie fans?
It's Michael bay for ****ing sakes.

Nov 5 - 09:54 PM

Landon M.

Landon Mane

I think the six years old you was a lot smarter than you now. The 'six years old you' criticize Transformers by what it was in its time. And how you are criticizing this movie based on its history, is just stupid and wrong. Criticize the movie, NOT its history.

Mar 30 - 01:04 AM

John Gordy

John Gordy

Another dumbass critic from Paste magazine

Aug 20 - 02:15 AM

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