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½ October 16, 2011
Big fun B-movie as underground monsters terrorize a small desert town. Thick with good ole boy charm and whimsy its simply just plain great for families as survival is something that only happens with everyone's help. Michael Gross and Reba McIntire are standouts as Tea Partiers gone wild.
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July 21, 2014
I like science fiction, but this movie is just too simplistic for me.
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½ June 13, 2006
This B-movie about underground killer worms takes the children's play time idea of "don't touch the ground" and simply has fun with it. What if every tremor you create could attract something that might kill you? How would you move and where? The film makes the most of this premise without ever taking itself too seriously. That is as charming as it is entertaining. It's also refreshing to see a film that shows some respect for the minor characters and doesn't kill off anyone who isn't a main character at every opportunity. When it comes to monster films this is still high up there.
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July 29, 2010
Strangely entertaining for its content and cast of characters, "Tremors" is beyond definition for a number of reasons. Trying to shoehorn this film into a genre is quite difficult because it touches on themes that are developed in science fiction, horror, thriller, and comedy. Every bit of this film is beyond comparison, goes a different route than what you except, has interesting plot and characters, and actually horrifies the viewer at various points. Monster movie best describes this film as it centers around the evolutionary phenomenon of giant sand worms, ("Dune" anyone?) trying to kill a group of people. The setting is a very small (14 people) village in the middle of the Nevada desert, trapped thanks to a landslide at their only road out of town. Under the ground there roams three worms out to get them, which is a number figured out by seismology grad student Rhonda. Also in the mix are two gun nuts, a couple of day laborers, several families, and a shop owner. They outwit the worms with different ploys but the worms find ways around them, oftentimes resorting to destroying everything in their path just to suck them down into the sandy abyss. There is a certain amount of cheesiness and cloddish humor to this film, but it always works. There is never a moment when something is so oafish or juvenile that it doesn't let you laugh or find this film entertaining. A lot of what makes this film enjoyable is the diverse ranks of the cast, ranging from Reba McEntire as an obsessed, gun toting rebel to a teenage boy poking fun at the situation to everyone's chagrin and irritation. Also, though there isn't any CGI or stop motion animation to this early nineties' film, its' effects are amazing and really scare. You're most afraid when you can't even see the worms, reminiscent of "Jaws," which is probably the best comparison to this entertaining film.
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October 1, 2010
Unlike most great B-movies, "Tremors" knows how to mix great fun with touching and relatable moments. The characters are very sarcastic when they talk to each other, which is very well-done by the writer if I do say so myself, and the casting choices are perfect. As two men go around the desert towns, lending a hand wherever possible in order to learn a living, there is something terrifying lurking under ground. It can't see you but it can hear you, and that is when the chaos ensues. During my viewing of this film, I felt myself smiling during most of it, because the director just really knows how to make an audience entertained. This is an awesome film!
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½ July 15, 2007
Movie about monsters under the ground. Very low budget - terrible effects!
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December 23, 2012
"Tremors" is a pretty savvy and surprising film. You wouldn't know it from looking at it at face value. You might expect a creepy-crawly creature feature with jolts and occasional laughs. But "Tremors" delivers beyond that. It's a smartly realized, inventive film that effectively crosses genres and defies conventions.

Seemingly inspired by old 50s cheesy sci-fi horror films with outrageous creatures like giant ants or mysterious aliens, 'Tremors" uses that foundation and injects fun into the proceedings. A hardscrabble community at a small desert community gets attacked by gigantic worms that travel under ground. But these creatures aren't just dumb monsters, they are also highly intelligent and are guided by the group's movements - making them a formidable foe for the town residents.

The film becomes a puzzle as the group attempts to figure out how to defeat these creatures. Director Ron Underwood moves "Tremors" at a quick pace allowing for the film's excitement level to barely decrease. In between action sequences, the film is still an enjoyable ride as the repartee is amusing and smart

Good credit belongs to the cast who keep the performances light and fun. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are loose, Reba McEntire and Michael Gross are wired.

"Tremors" is incredibly cheesy but wears its B-movie status on its sleeve. And for that "Tremors" deserves A-list credit.
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January 13, 2012
The perfect blend of horror and comedy. Tremors tells the story of a small desert town being invaded by prehistoric creaturs that travel underground. Sounds like a 50's B-movie right? Good because that's what it's suppose to do. It pays homage to the classic 50's horror movie we all love. Quite frankly, Tremors does it really well. The film doesn't go overboard with the laughs and it is quite horrifying at some parts. The characters are all great too. My favorite is Burt Gummer, the paranoid, gun-loving, survivalist. This is one of those movies that doesn't get enough praise as it should. The cast, characters, humor, action and story are all great.
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½ November 4, 2006
A backwater town is stalked by giant underground creatures intent on gobbling up its inhabitants. Ron Underwood's affectionate homage to and parody of the Hollywood creature feature was a big enough hit to warrant a trio of straight to DVD sequels, mainly because of it's light-hearted approach and cast of hugely likeable characters. There's a lot of comedy in this feast of human flesh, particularly in the bickering of the two red neck heroes Val and Earl played with real chemistry by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward and the survivalist couple who provide the absurdly over the top firepower they need ("What kind of fuse is that?" "Cannon fuse" "What the hell do you use that for??" "My cannon.") It wastes no time making excuses for the monsters' existence or soapy characterisation, instead concentrating on light hearted thrills and spills and it's paced perfectly using some animatronic effects that have stood the test of time pretty well. Hardly weighty, intellectually stimulating stuff, but it's a lot of fun and lot better than the higher profile but wholly inferior Arachnophobia.
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½ April 10, 2007
My opinion still stands: this is one the greatest monster movies Hollywood has ever come up with. A wonderfully entertaining blend of humor, action and otherwordly horror. It also works as the perfect argument for why you don't need a bunch of CGI-effects to make a good monster flick. All you need is a tight script, a likeable cast and some talented animatronics artists/creature designers. Just take it for what it is and you're guaranteed to have a good time.
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May 15, 2011
Tremors is a funny and increasingly entertaining movie. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are perfectly cast as friends Val and Earl. Has to be one of the better creature features out there. The only knock on it is that Reba McEntire has a role.
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September 6, 2010
I don't remember why exactly, but when I saw this as a kid, I thought it was stupid. I may give it another try, though, since I don't really remember it.
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January 12, 2007
more silly than scary, this film borders on comedic horror. a classic.
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½ April 15, 2007
The finest creature feature of the last couple of decades.
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January 13, 2008
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June 9, 2006
This is a relatively standard B-Movie creature feature, but the effects are cool, and the performances are fairly decent. This is tons of fun, and very entertaining. It defeinitely merits a few watches.
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June 9, 2010
Tremors is an awesome Horror comedy. The film pays homage to the monster films that were so popular in the 50's. Tremors offers good dose comedy mixed with horror and action. The film is one of the few films that blends comedy and horror effectively well. The cast is phenomenal and enjoyable. Michael Gross gives a great performance as Burt Gumner and Fred Willard and Kevin Bacon deliver as well. But really the best role belongs to Michael gross and Reba Mcintire They make the film what it is. Tremors will definitely appeal to fans of Godzilla and other classic monster Flicks. This is a must see film that is sure to satisfy any fan of a good Horror comedy.
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½ August 15, 2009
"Tremors" is a cool movie. But it's not your typical horror flick, it's more like a comedy/horror. Some snakelike creatures that can burrow underground, terrorize some people in the desert.
"Tremors" is a fun adventure for anybody who likes horror movies. It has cool special effects, a decent plot, and some good acting. Kevin Bacon does a great job like usual, and so does everybody else, even country singer Reba McEntire. Some parts of the movie are funny, and others have good suspense while they try to defend themselves from these giant subterranian monsters. I recommend "Tremors" to anybody who likes horror movies with a hint of adventure and comedy in them. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000.
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May 30, 2006
Valentine McKee: That's how they git you. They're under the god damned ground!

I'm not sure how this gained such a cult following, but its a lot of stupid horror fun that features Kevin Bacon, which isn't a bad thing...unless your watching Footloose.

[Monster slams into a concrete retaining wall]
Earl Bassett: Stupid son-of-a-bitch, knocked itself cold!
Valentine McKee: Cold, my ass, he's dead! We killed it. We killed it! *Fuck you!*
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