• R, 1 hr. 47 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Ben Stiller
    In Theaters:
    Aug 13, 2008 Wide
    On DVD:
    Nov 18, 2008
  • DreamWorks/Paramount Studios

Critic Review - Screen International

Produces some real laughs but was probably more fun to make than it ultimately is to watch.

July 30, 2008 Full Review Source: Screen International | Comments (8)
Screen International



one only


--- Shot in California. WTF!! Gotham is NY....end of story.

--- Joker was a JOKE. Not scary at all...just silly. Calls himself an agent of chaos with no plans....what Bull...one of the most premeditated schemining micromanaging bastards of all time. Give me a break.

--- Christian Bale. Now accused of alledgedly beating up his mom and sis!!!

--- Gary Oldman...what is fucckk's up with that moustache!!!

--- Two Face...another coin flipping joke. Dude, you flip once...you flip twice in a movie...not a fuccking 7 to 8 times....it gets OLD!!!

--- Boat scene... what a buncha crock...who the hell tacked this silly scene on to the movie. ZERO suspense.


--- Maggie Glyenhall...NOW HOW CAN ANYONE (MUCH LESS BATMAN) FALL IN LOVE WITH SUCH A PLAIN LOOKING WOMAN...and is Bruce Wayne MAD....he has super models waiting to shag him...why go with Maggie

--- Michael Caine....if you are wise why the fucck are you still an butler??? And do really have to spell every damn thing out....you know....we movie watching folks do have a brain!!!

--- Morgan Freeman --- what are you...some sort of old farty secretary...give me a break...you dont have a problem making scary weapons for Batman that can maim or kill...but develop a conscience with a bit of sonar.

You get the picture....don't you? This movie is the biggest CON of all time.

Aug 1 - 12:47 PM


Chad Lindstrom

Yep. As soon as you said shot in California, you lost all cred. Gotham is Chicago F'n douche!

Aug 2 - 11:23 PM


Javan Ryder

Well, some of the people watching the movie might have a brain, but you? I have my doubts.

Aug 3 - 02:39 PM


Eric Dodge

That was far and away one of the most entertaining things I have ever read. If that was meant as a joke, you're a comedic genius. If it was meant literally, you are, indeed, a douche.

Aug 5 - 11:05 AM


Kalif Vaughn

Wrong movie. Dumb troll.

Aug 5 - 01:18 PM


brendan smith

Gotham is Chicago.


Aug 1 - 09:18 PM


Christopher Smith

Well... let's just hope they had an incredible amount of fun making it... Look, if it produces some real laughs, it's already better than 95% of the comedies out there. So let's not poo-poo it.

And yes, One-&-Only. Gotham was Chicago. And you're a douche. End of story.

Aug 3 - 01:49 AM

IamTomato(& so can U)

Rob Kryle

He knows it's the wrong movie.

Check out a couple of the posts for 'Dark Knight'; he's posted this same crap there in several posts. The best approach is probably to ignore him. He's not much different from the spammers--only he's spamming for attention (he's admitted as much in a couple of the posts I browsed).

The only thing sadder than his desperate cry for attention is his astounding lack of creativity. In the least, one would think that he could change the wording a bit to make his dribble relevant to the movie posted to. But alas, perhaps a template is too much to ask of such a clever poster.

Aug 14 - 04:00 PM

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