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Kristina Borjesson's documentary TWA Flight 800 details how a scientist spent years studying the infamous plane crash, and how that person brought together others in order to uncover the truth behind the suspicious aviation disaster that led to an expensive and years-long investigation.more
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Documentary, Special Interest
Directed By:
Written By: Kristina Borjesson
On DVD: May 20, 2014
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Kristina Borjesson's documentary is a resoundingly compelling indictment of the government's official findings for TWA 800, conclusively showing that an internal explosion occurring in the center fuselage was not and could not have been the cause of the crash. Instead, through painstaking research and witness testimony, we see that it was, in fact, three external objects that hit the plane.

What makes this documentary so powerful is the sheer number of witnesses, family members, and even lead investigators during the four-year long inquiry that are interviewed, each exposing the fraud, incompetence, and willing disregard for proper protocol during the investigation. Spearheaded by Tom Stalcup, a scientist who spent years studying the crash, the documentary shows numerous experts that recount evidence being altered, erroneous animations shown to the public, and what they really saw. Witnesses relate how their testimony was alerted, and even the blatant intimidation they received. All of this is weaved together in a cohesive manner, with a strong emotional undercurrent. In the end, it's a film that avoids speculation, sticks to the facts, and argues its case so well, there can hardly be any doubt.

A must see.

4.5/5 Stars

Jeffrey Meyers
Jeffrey Meyers

Super Reviewer

I am really not a fan of conspiracy theories and I generally try to avoid documentaries like this one, but The flight 800 crash did happen within a half hour of my home. For six months after the crash the local media was filled with arguments and doubt over what happened. Now, 17 years removed, I decided to watch this film, with the hope of finally learning the truth and I think I did. When a handful of people see something, it's easy to pass them over as a bunch of nuts, but what happens when 1000 people see something? The First Amendment gives people the right to say anything, but when you're going against the U.S. Government, you'd better have the evidence to back it up, the producers of this film have that and then some. In this film, the lead NTSB investigator, on the job for more the 40 years said that the FBI was on the scene in minutes, that they wouldn't let anyone in, and once he was finally allowed to do his job, evidence was removed and he was not allowed to submit his report. Medical examiners, on the job for half a century explained that their investigation was hindered as well, and that the injuries didn't fit the story. The film makers not only had this outrageous testimony, but they had experts who said the Government story was impossible. They prove this with formerly classified documents, radar evidence, and witness testimony. There is no doubt that this plane was brought down by missiles, so why did the Government cover it up? If it was an act of terrorism, there would be no reason to cover it up. Not to mention, if it was an act of terrorism, how did they get three missles and two boats, without anyone noticing? Finally, most compelling of all, when a terrorist group does something, they want everyone to know about it, but no one ever took responsibility for doing this, which leads me to believe it was our own Government. There is a naval base in that area, who would have had the capabilities of doing this, the only question is, did the U.S. Government sacrifice 149 people to kill one person who they didn't want leaving the country? I don't know and neither does anyone else, but the truth is that the families of the victims deserve to know how and why their loved ones were killed. How can anyone expect to have closure when their is such an obviously lie being thrown at them? It really is a shameful display of Government abuse and all I can say is that I hope the real story does come out one day.

Todd Smith

Super Reviewer


Thought provoking?yes...Earth shaking?no.As a documentary it's cheesy and self for a possible government cover up,I say no sh## and mores the pity.

bill s.
bill secor

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