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A darn good hunk of pop moviemaking.

November 24, 2008 Full Review Source: Boston Globe | Comments (13)
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Virginia D.

Virginia DeLong

THe movie is better than a book is a book - are you serious - the books were awesome and this movie was awful!

Nov 24 - 01:51 PM


Frisby 2007

The books were terrible. This movie improved on everything & did a far better job.

Oct 1 - 12:50 PM

Anne Marie C.

Anne Marie Chu Fong

"darn good hunk of pop moviemaking"

homo say what?

well i bet someone was sleeping during this movie or is completely incoherent... all the time...

i've read the books and was subjected to this torturous movie and well how can anyone can say this was a good movie when even the oggling scenes were terrible?

i hope you were paid a ****load to give that good a review.

Nov 24 - 09:06 PM

Vincent C.

Vincent Constantine

Your missing an O in the word pop

Nov 25 - 11:50 AM

Taylor Faucett

Taylor Faucett

I think you mean "you're missing an O in the word poop" since an O missing from the word pop would just be "pp". Also, note the proper contraction of you+are=you're.

Apr 9 - 08:04 PM


Donna Connors

i loved the line about "rebel without a pulse".
I saw the movie twice.
I just reread the first book.

I loved the movie...but after rereading the book i realized how different the movie is to the book.

There are so many things the director should have done but didn't do. and no reason why she strayed from the core material.

But if they get a better director for the next moon should be even better so long as they keep to the book and the triangle of bella, jacob, and edward.

Nov 25 - 03:35 PM

Michelle M.

Mauv .

The book was horrid. The movie was horrid.

Stephenie Meyer is horrid.


Nov 28 - 10:15 AM

Joshua S.

Joshua See

"Darn good hunk of crap movie making." Lets discuss the horrible acting or maybe the bad makeup on edward and carlisle. They looked more like clowns then vampires. I love the books but i hate this movie, its just out to make money. The edward crest is so dumb. Its never in the book at all. Hes not from europe so cut the crest crap out. Hot Topic is just trying to make so much money and ruining a good book. Movie fails so much. I would rather go rent something instead of paying to go see this.

Nov 29 - 01:50 AM

meanne s.

meanne sanchez

the movie was awful
did you actually watched the movie or were you sleeping when the film was rolling?

Dec 2 - 10:32 PM

Christy A.

Christy Alexander

thats a joke right?? the book is a lot more better than the movie. It missed so many important parts. I'm sorry but the acting was not great, especially from Kristian Stewart.

Dec 4 - 06:51 AM

Winnie L.

Winnie Lin

Guys, everyone has a different view on things, so don't talk as if you were God and everyone else whose thoughts differ from yours are retarded. You know what? I'm a junior high student who lives in Taiwan and we have to read a stupid English reading comprehension textbook everyday. In one part it says"In America, looking down at people who are different from you is considered rude and old-fashioned." Looking at this page, I seriously doubt that.
I mean, you can criticize, but at least with something that's productive, not flaming with negative stuff thats wholly consisting of emotional outbursts. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think it's seriously wrong and twisted to laugh or question someone's sanity just because his or her opinions aren't a perfect replica of yours.
"In America, looking down at people who are different from you is considered rude and old-fashioned." I wonder who wrote that.

Dec 6 - 01:53 AM

The Deadlys

Dan and Carrie Ann Deadly

I'm not sure we saw the same movie.

May 26 - 08:34 PM

A Wise M.

A Wise Man


Jun 24 - 03:12 PM

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