Total Recall: Sexy Vampires

In honor of Twilight, we pay tribute to some of cinema's hottest bloodsuckers.

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Anne Parillaud
Appears in: Innocent Blood (1992)
Tomatometer: 42%

This gangster/vampire hybrid from John Landis failed to excite the critics, who found it to be an uneasy marriage between supernatural and crime drama tropes, with an excess of gore. However, there's a good reason to see it: Anne Parillaud, who plays a Pittsburgh blood-sucker that gets in over her head when she fails in the contract killing of a crime boss, who becomes one of the undead himself. Parillaud, hot off a supporting role in La Femme Nikita, didn't quite crack the American market with Innocent Blood, but her performance as a sex-and-blood crazed vampire turned some genre fans' heads.

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Catherine Deneuve
Appears in: The Hunger (1983)
Tomatometer: 44%

Long on atmosphere but short on plot, Tony Scott's debut, The Hunger, is still remembered for Catherine Deneuve's performance as of the sexiest vampires in movie history. Deneuve stars as Miriam Blaylock, who looks terrific given the fact that she's been feasting on human blood since the days of King Tut. John (David Bowie), her longtime companion, is on death's door, aging decades in hours. He turns to an attractive young doctor named Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon) who is baffled by his condition; when she turns up at John's house, Miriam is waiting, and decides Sarah might make a suitable replacement. Critics felt that the love scene between Deneuve and Sarandon was one of the few reasons to see The Hunger, but for many, that's reason enough. Plus, The Hunger provided young Goths with one of their most treasured love songs -- "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus.