Total Recall: Sexy Vampires

In honor of Twilight, we pay tribute to some of cinema's hottest bloodsuckers.

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This week, the hotly-anticipated Twilight hits theaters. The film, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the tale of young vampires in love, got us thinking: blood suckers are sexy. Thus, we thought we'd present a compendium of some of the hottest vampires in big-screen history!

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Appears in: Queen of the Damned (2002)
Tomatometer: 14%

Six years after Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt surprised Anne Rice fans with a commercially-successful adaptation of the author's novel Interview with the Vampire, Warner Bros. rushed into production on a follow-up, skipping Interview's direct sequel The Vampire Lestat in favor of shooting a revamped version of Rice's sexier third book; the result was 2002's Queen of the Damned, a critical and commercial failure that drew comparisons to the Goth-pop music videos streamed on MTV. Despite all this, Queen of the Damned featured a central performance by the late R&B star Aaliyah (the victim of a tragic airplane crash six months before the film's release) that remains one of the sexiest, if utterly camp-tastic, vampire portrayals put to celluloid. Scantily clad and golden-eyed as the Egyptian vampire queen Akasha -- the oldest and most powerful of all vampires on earth -- Aaliyah slithered her way through Queen with the lithe poise of a dancer, and memorably joined Stuart Townsend's Lestat in a rose petal-strewn bath that still has us steamed. Damned to the ranks of rotten on the Tomatometer? Yes. Queen of the sexiest vampire movies in history? Undoubtedly.

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Kate Beckinsale
Appears in: Underworld (2003), Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Tomatometer: 27%, 14%

As if Kate Beckinsale needed to do anything more than slink into a black leather bodysuit, her Selene in 2003's Underworld possesses superhuman strength, packs major firepower, and has a taste for blood -- the ultimate lethal, sexy succubus. The only thing that could make this vampire sexier? Her steamy forbidden romance with one Michael Corvinus (Scott Speedman), the human-turned-werewolf who happens to be the newfound enemy of her people. That the camera in both Underworld and its 2006 sequel, Underworld: Evolution, near-fetishizes Selene's every move doesn't hurt (director Len Wiseman begun dating his star halfway through filming on Underworld and married her in 2004). While the next Underworld installment, Rise of the Lycans, will go Beckinsale-less -- it's a prequel story starring Rhona Mitra and Michael Sheen, Beckinsale's real-life ex -- look for her hugely anticipated return to the vampire lady assassin role in a rumored fourth Underworld film.