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Not everyone is bound to give this week's DVD release of the vampire romance Twilight a second thought. But if you, like us, tore through Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels (that would be Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and the unfinished Midnight Sun) within the span of a few days, barely stopping to eat, breathe, or sleep, inexplicably unable to pay attention at work or school thanks to an endless swarm of thoughts of Bella Swan and her vampire beloved --- dare we say his name? --- Edward Cullen...well, then you're going to need a little help deciding which of the various upcoming Twilight DVD and Blu-ray options you should pick up this Saturday (3/21). And did we mention the enormously enticing box sets that Summit has created for your viewing pleasure?? Twilight --it's like our own personal brand of heroin, only much, much more addictive. Back to Article


Kate G.

Kate Giancola-Enders

Ok, did I want the movie to be more like the book? Of course! But I liked it for what it was, just as all die hard twilight fans did. I wish there was more Cullen family character development, the friendship with Alice is completely absent of details....but all in all enjoyable.

Mar 21 - 07:44 PM

Ruby W.

Ruby Whittle


Die-Hard Twilighter here.
And I would have been right there with you laughing.
Or have an evil eye, not towards you, but to Hardwike and whoever else cast Twilight. Stupid people. Ugh.

Mar 21 - 09:52 PM


GiO Herrera

The best buy, and i got it last night is the Target edition of Twilight. However now that i know that there is a Special Box Edition... I will be buy it @ COSCO.COM for my sister's Birthday Gift in April.... and one to add to my collectibles. What? I'm a COLLECTOR and we all KNOW thats its gonna be worth sum major dollars ............................sum day =)

Mar 22 - 01:45 AM


GiO Herrera

P.S. be sure to read my TWILIGHT and many other movie reviews right here at ROTTONtOMATOES.com under SiRdarkHorse.... NEW Reviews are NOW! with SUPERsPOILER!!! =)

Mar 22 - 01:48 AM


chris armit

I bought this movie on Blu-Ray so my girlfriend could watch it in all its glory.
My god what a piece of trash.
Acting. Directing.
I have watched some bad movies( I own "Way of the Vampire").
But my god, what the hell is this tripe?
I only watched the ending and the extras.
I think I am going to be sick.
Twilight fans.
YOu are delusional.
Even the book was simplistic.
Read a real book.
There are many.
Heres a few suggestions.
The Divine Comedy.
The Iliad.
The Oddesey( why can't I spell that?)
NOT the bible.

There are so many more good books to read.
Don't take the easy way out.

Mar 22 - 04:08 AM


James Lowell

I, as well as 300-400 other people, went to my local Border's midnight DVD release party and bought the exclusive 2-disc edition. It's great. I was not aware of Targets edition. I'll go pick that up this afternoon. While the movie was extremely flawed, I'm a huge Twilight fan, so purchasing the movie was a no-brainer. I'm glad Catherine Hardwicke won't be back for New Moon. She completely dedicrated everything Twilight was supposed to embody. It's an epic love story and Hardwicke left out or didn't live up to the expectation for every scene that was supposed to show Bella and Edward falling in love. Yet she found time to add in pointless scenes of Bella and her father eating in some diner, completely omitting the huge dynamic of their relationship. Bella cooks dinner every night. Every night. She feels like she has to take care of her father. And then there's the scenes of the nomad vampires hunting that never happened in the book. You're not even aware they exist until the baseball scene. All this time was wasted when it should have been spent properly evolving Bella and Edwards relationship. To sum up: Catherine Hardwicke made a bad, no, a horrible translation from book to screen.

Mar 22 - 02:18 PM

benjamin c.

benjamin cochran

Retarded. The graphics looked something similar to watching a bad episode of Charmed. Liked bella. That was about it.

Mar 23 - 10:23 AM

Billy H.

Billy Herrera

This movie made every Lifetime movie look Oscar worthy! I am a fan of the books and was so very disappointed in this film but even more disappointed in the fans for not being outraged and demanding better.

Mar 23 - 07:47 PM

Jenna L.

Jenna Langford

The movie was decent for what it was. But i was strongly disappointed in the lack of judgement the director and the script writer had. After reading the amazing book, i was so excited to see the movie and was highly disappointed. It wasnt like the book at all, and it should have been. Edward didnt have his charm like in the book, bella didnt really have her whitty clumsiness and bravery, They both did a great acting job but i wish they would have followed the book alot more. I just hope if they make a movie on "new moon" a different director takes the job. maybe i should have watched the movie before i read the book, too critical?

Mar 24 - 01:12 PM

sheila w.

sheila wesson

i didn't go see the movie when it came out in theaters. so i rented the movie to see what all the hype was about. i absolutely fall in love with the movie. it might not have been alot of peoples' cup of tea but i still thought that is was okay.

Mar 26 - 11:03 AM


Casey Shaffer

At least the Twilight movie was better than Eragon. That made me want to chew my arm off. I didn't think the acting was that bad, just not what you're used to in a Hollywood movie. I thought the acting was truer to how we say things in real life at points, and that's what made it feel awkward. That, and the really long pauses in which nothing happens. That said, I've had a crush on Robert Pattinson (or should I say Spunk Ransom?) since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (an equally horrible film, in my opinion). He's the reason I read Twilight in the first place. Though, really, I'm a diehard Team Jacob. Except for the movie.

Sorry for ranting.

Apr 17 - 09:47 PM

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