The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Start Obsessing Now!

Get primed for the upcoming Twilight sequel, due in theaters next fall.

Alright, fellow Twilighters! You've read all the books; you've watched the movie. By now, you should own your own copy of the DVD, a drawer full of "I Heart Edward/Jacob" t-shirts (one for every day of the week, naturally), the chart-topping soundtrack, and - the piece de resistance for any Twilight die-hard -- your very own Edward Cullen action figure, to play with as you please in the comfort of your own home. So what's a Twilighter to do until the first sequel, New Moon, hits theaters later this year? Gear up for the next installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga with our primer on the next chapter in Bella and Edward's romance, currently in production.


The huge success of Twilight can be attributed to a few elements: first, good casting. Second, faithfulness to its source material, as written by first-time novelist Stephenie Meyer. While screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (Step Up) deviated at times from Meyer's story, in which teenage introvert Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) fell for the 107-year-old vampire, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), Rosenberg stayed true to the essence of Meyer's novel...will she do so again in New Moon?

In New Moon, we catch up with Bella and Edward a few months after the proceedings of Twilight, in which they met, fell desperately in love, kissed exactly twice, and defeated the blood-thirsty vampire, James. (Hurrah!) But the lovebirds' burgeoning relationship is not without its flaws; she's still a fragile human, and he -- and, more importantly, those around him -- is still a super-strong, undead hottie, whose razor-sharp teeth prevent them from French kissing and whose animalistic thirst for blood keeps Bella under threat of perpetual danger. When an event makes Edward realize the danger his very presence puts Bella in, he pulls an "it's not you, it's me -- oh yeah, and the fact that I'm a vampire" and breaks off their relationship.

Thus begins New Moon, which suffers the unfortunate reputation of being the mopiest book in the series but opens new (and romantic) possibilities for Bella, who's already been through a lot for a girl who's still got her senior year of high school to contend with. As Edward breaks things off with Bella, she falls into a deep depression...but begins to snap out of it thanks to her increasingly close friendship with local Quileute Indian Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), whose own supernatural secret - he's the latest in a line of werewolves, who just happen to be the mortal enemies of vampires - draws Bella into yet another superhuman world.

Meanwhile, Bella's got an old enemy to contend with, as the bad girl vampire Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) makes it known that she's out for Bella's life -- vengeance for the death of her own lover, James (Cam Gigandet) in the first film. That end scene in Twilight as the credits begin to roll? That's Victoria, already sniffing around Forks for the best opportunity to exact her revenge.

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