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It has an amazing kind of emotional integrity and intensity.

November 23, 2009 Full Review Source: At the Movies | Comments (36)
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Mr. Positive

. .

You really thought Twilight had an amazing aspect to it!? Really!? That should be an automatic critic revoking license and a life sentenced to Kindergarten care.

Nov 23 - 04:41 PM


Grayson Chaney

Hey now, just like when you guys get mad at people getting all upset over critics giving rotten reviews, don't flame those that give it fresh reviews. Hypocrites.

Nov 23 - 08:12 PM

The Karate Kritic part5

adam etchegoyen

Hypocrites?Its the same thing just the other way around.Can you really say this movie is amazing... really. I know if your creepy fan person or teen, but a real movie critic. It just seems like there is ulterior motive to his review. not to mention the bashing of Pirate Radio. Change that damn close up picture too. They never smile in New Moon, you should look serious and duechy.

Nov 23 - 09:21 PM

Cassidy M.

Cassidy Mason

you have serious issues if you think saying "creepy fan people or teens" isn't hypocritical. get a grip dude, honestly. anybody here has probably had a fad over some franchise sometime in their lives, if it's Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, etc. don't try to rain on someone's parade just because they have just one more thing to love and you one more thing to complain about.

Jul 1 - 11:42 PM

Robert B.

Robert Barrows

@Grayson, this movie sucks. The books suck. They present a horrible relationship to young, teenage girls and label it as ideal. They present Vampires In Name Only, Werewolves In Name Only, and are ruining horror movie monsters.

Nov 23 - 10:32 PM


Jay Saenz

Robert, i couldn't agree more with you. I read the first book, it was funny, being nice to all the fans, but just funny... its not a good book. And after you finish this book, its like when you eat a lot of junk food, it taste good at the beginning and then your stomach begins to hurt.

After a couple of days i realized how bad the writing really is and how dangerous the ideas this woman is sticking into the teenage girls really are.

She is telling them that their goal is life is hook up with a perfect man and all your problems will be solved. There are no perfect men and women should focus on becoming something more than pretty but annoying creatures demanding good looks and money.

Nuff said!!!

Nov 24 - 10:30 AM


Renee Knowles

Jaycr, couldn't agree with you more. I actually got through the first 3 books before I realized what you did. I just found them to be unintellectual, turn-your-brain-off beach reads. Until I got to book four. Praise whatever god you may or may not believe in that you didn't read that POS. But I digress...
Throughout all of the books, Bella can't even walk down a sidewalk without Edward being there to rescue her from tripping over her own two clumsy feet. The message? Find a man before you get out of high school because you'll need someone to take care of you and guard you from this scary, scary world. That's a great message for the preteens and teens of this world, right?

Nov 25 - 09:31 AM

Amanda R.

Amanda RK

This is a fantasy book not a step by step guide on dating. Come on people relax!

Nov 27 - 11:41 AM

Indrek T.

Indrek Toome

I agree. The books and the movies of Twilight saga are taking everything that made vampires who they were and then threw it all out of the window. After taking it and glittering it up with all the things all of those tween girls like.
If anyone has any actual idea what a good story or well thought characters are, they would not say that this movie is good, and would not associate the word amazing with anything else then bad, when it comes to this movie.

Dec 1 - 08:53 PM

Ben S.

Ben Scherling

I honestly feel a class action lawsuit should be taken for the defamation of mythical creatures.

Dec 19 - 05:55 PM

Tony 18

Michael Lis-Sette

We have just as much of a right to flame Scott as he does to publish his review.

Nov 24 - 03:54 PM

Rodney S.

Rodney Sibert

Somebody needs to look up the definition of amazing and not use such a powerful word with such little care and thought.

Nov 24 - 12:29 PM


Tosapol Pibulsonggram

Here's the definition of Amazing dumbass....Amazing: astonishing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing

Nov 24 - 07:29 PM


Glenn Forsyth

New Moon tops off one of the worst years in Hollywood history, it's amazing alright, amazingly bad! like so many films i have seen this year. It appears Hollywood has ceased to care at all, let alone give the audience any respect or entertainment value what so ever. I suppose they think when you have gazillions of young, hot nubile females gushing over Robert Pattison's forehead (what is it with that guy's head by the way?)then who cares about the script, storyline.. anything at all really? New Moon is junk food for Gen Y nubiles!

Nov 24 - 02:47 PM

Robert B.

Robert Barrows

@Shintaro, this year of movies has actually been pretty good: Star Trek XI, Coraline, Up, etc. were some of the best of the year.

Its true that New Moon is a low point...I really hate how Hollywood Sellouts are trying to pander to the dumbest demographic.

Nov 24 - 04:04 PM


Tosapol Pibulsonggram

To all newmoon haters, jealousy is the destruction of mankind. We should support the success of others. For Stephanie Meyer to come so far, become so successful in her books and movies, we should be appreciative of the Twilight world she has brought to us. The books and movies gave such an enjoyable experience and happiness to millions of fans.

And to Robert, Jaycr, Shintaro, and others...

Meyer didn't write a story to preach teenagers how they should live. It's a story, how things would happen if a human fell in love with a put things in perspective, Meyer is not a priestess....MORONS.

Nov 24 - 07:20 PM

Andrew R.

Andrew Rack

I'm glad to see that some critics aren't afraid to like something like New Moon, which for my money was a very entertaining, with some genuine laughs and believable performances. The film is much more polished and flows better than the first Twilight film. I might just have to see this again.

Nov 24 - 09:33 PM


Winston Smith

Doncha hate the way you can scroll down the list of reviewers and pick out the ones that were wined and dined by producers with one eye closed.

Nov 25 - 07:51 AM

Denver Cin

Cindy Christen

VoshNarenek says he can scroll down the list of reviewers and spot the ones who were wined and dined by producers. I can scroll down the list of comments on this review and spot the ones left by guys. They're the ones staying home Friday night, watching Transformers on DVD, and wondering why they can't get dates.

Nov 26 - 09:34 AM

Terry K.

Terry Kang

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I've seen both New Moon and Harry Potter this year and I have to say New Moon was MUCH better. RT gave Harry Potter a much higher rating and that movie infuriated me. 2.5 hours of NOTHING happening with a climactic scene that said, "Hey! We found NOTHING!" At least "New Moon" had some progression.

Seriously guys, if you hate "New Moon" that much I suggest you give some tangible points on what makes it so bad. Don't hate on a movie and a reviewer who likes a movie just b/c his/her opinion doesn't agree with yours.

Nov 25 - 08:25 AM


c j

Exactly. Upon reading reviews here, it seems like they're saying "Everyone is entitled to MY opinion." Such arrogance. If I hated a movie, I would at least try to be objective about it and mature enough to admit things like "Oh it bugged me because the girls squealed every time Jacob took off his shirt."

I think it's weird how people will plug in other aspects of the saga that had nothing to do with this movie in particular. I suspect most of the negative reviews stemmed from an ongoing dislike since the first book came out. I think people have become too critical. A movie should ENTERTAIN. Not shove political bs down our throats, or try to be artsy-fartsy for an Oscar nom. I guess that's entertainment for a lot of you. If a movie isn't entertaining to you, that's totally fine! Try to move on. Maybe one will come along that is just right for you =)

Nov 26 - 09:04 PM


Andrew Dale

"I do not the that word (amazing) means what you think it means."

A physically painful test of endurance sitting through this pure unadulterated trash on screen. Worse than trash actually because it's disguised as art. We should use this on Taliban captured to get them to talk. We would have world peace nearly instantaneously.

Nov 25 - 10:59 AM


Blake Jennings

Congratulations your credibility just died.

Nov 25 - 02:01 PM


Jay Saenz

I hate Transformers as well, but I watched the Good the Bad and the Ugly last friday night, it was awesome!!!! I love this movie.

Nov 26 - 10:30 AM


Clay Garland

Integrity and this movie should never share the same sentence. This movie was made for one thing, and one thing only. $

Nov 26 - 12:35 PM

John D.

John Daugherty

Excuse me? You people think you have the right to react negatively about a review just because it's not how you see it?
What is the point of reading reviews if your only going to consider the ones you agree with at first glance?

Nov 26 - 04:42 PM

Carlos L.

Carlos Lizama

This sorry review can be proven wrong Mr. Scott.

Nov 26 - 06:40 PM

Voice of Frustration

Bob Bob

At least this wasn't published in the NY Times.

Nov 27 - 02:32 PM

Cami K.

Cami K

This review made me laugh because I am not impressed with the movie at all but the argument posted that Bella is so helpless and has to be saved by big strong men is ridiculous. She is human. She can't compete with supernatural creatures. If you had read through the 4th book you would see that when Bella becomes a vampire herself she is the one that saves everyone else. Bella is a much better role model than most of the teen girls portrayed in film. She is intelligent, does not like to receive handouts or gifts and is nothing like the vapid shallow girls that I see walking through any High School in america that are worried about their hair and makeup. She is a character that is obsessively in love which she openly admits. Nobody is evaluating Sookie Stackhouse who does the exact same thing and falls in love in the first episode of True Blood, which I am a fan of as well. Or for that matter any damn romantic comedy that comes out. Movie love is not and never has been realistic. Stephenie Meyer has never claimed that Twilight is realistic or a handbook for life. That is why it is FICTION. But back to the movie, I hope they do eclipse better. The makeup in New Moon was so distracting I couldn't think of anything else.

Nov 30 - 04:50 PM

T H.


Thanks a lot, Cami K., for divulging the events of the later story and crushing the magic of my experience. Please, before you go and ruin someone else's life, put a spoiler alert on your posts. Cami K...what a marshmallow.

Dec 7 - 09:12 AM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

Actually, Meyer has said that she bases her vampires on actual science. Funny, 'cause the science in the books shows amateur-ish the author is. New Moon reads like an indulgent piece of fan-fiction, full of purple prose and one-dimensional characterizations.

Apr 4 - 08:46 AM

Jade Konechy

Jade Konechy

I love you Matthew, I know this is a bit late, but I'm just now watching the Twilight series. =3 Yours and many other comments made me happy after watching this dribble.

Nov 2 - 02:39 AM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

Anyone who thinks the New Moon movie is better than Half-Blood Prince is delusive. New Moon's dialogue is laughably bad ("'Cause vampires are"), Robert Pattinson mumbles his way off-screen, and Kristen Stewart continues to show her inability to act by moving her mouth in awkward directions.

Plus, the werewolves look cartoony. No offense. At least they don't look like the made-for-television special effects in Twilight, but I suppose no convincing special effect could make the concept of sparkling faerie vampires believable.

Apr 4 - 08:44 AM

Angel Middleton

Angel Middleton


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