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Oh God...make it stop.

December 24, 2009 Full Review Source: Tucson Weekly | Comments (34)
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Zachary T.

Zachary Townsend


Jan 4 - 01:29 PM

Daniel K.

Daniel K

this is the line that best describes this movie! lol

Jan 4 - 04:14 PM

Taylor M.

T Murray

I bet your are a fat lazy creepy old man and the only reason you dont like it is cause there are no naked people!! people like you are gross

Jan 5 - 02:53 PM

Chad D.

Chad D

and people like you make me laugh, because you have nothing intelligent to say for against the review. The movie is **** and the sooner you accept it the better. The only reason this franchise is so popular is because of horny teenage girls who are blinded by their lust for werewolfs and vampires that they can't see the movie is poorly made, acted, and everything else. the fact that the first negative comment came from a girl proves my point.

Jan 5 - 05:44 PM

Natalie H.

Natalie Henrt

so true

Feb 17 - 05:01 PM

Camila M.

Camila Marquez

Yep, you can't say anything good about the movie, that's why you just came up with insults.

This is just what I expected from a Twilight fan.

Jan 10 - 02:19 PM

Natalie H.

Natalie Henrt

no darling your a horny teenager who only likes to see hot boys take their clothes off

Feb 17 - 05:02 PM

Bob S.

Bob Smith

I can tell that you're probably 12 or 14 because of the way you spell, and because you like the movie. It only targets young girls by luring them in with unnecessary shirtless scenes, which flood the whole movie. I couldn't bear watching it. I walked out of the theatre 20 minutes into the movie. Honestly, it was horrible, I couldn't stand it.

Aug 5 - 01:29 PM

Leslie L.

Leslie Landers

Jesus. You Twilight fans! It is so funny to me that the lot of you insult and crucify those of us that that see Twilight for what it really is: a boring mess of nonsense and god-awful writing. But yet, I have always noticed that those of us who are not Twilight fans always make intelligent, coherent, and mature observations that defend our opinions (or, the facts, rather). However, I have NEVER met a rational, intelligent, and mature Twilight fan. Perhaps if one actually wrote out an intelligent essay explaining why they like Twilight, and why it is respectable, I will take you more seriously, and maybe, just maybe (but I seriously doubt it), I might change my stance and view it as just shit, rather than shit's shit.

Jul 17 - 01:03 AM

Ozer D.

Ozer Direncay

You took the words right out of my mouth!

Jan 6 - 11:31 AM

keller orourke

lol haha

Jan 21 - 08:03 PM

Zach H.

Zach H

Yes I agree with you.

Feb 13 - 11:05 PM

joe m.

joe medow

i also agree horrific acting!! wow i was even embarrased to see it...and i didnt even see it in theaters.

Feb 20 - 10:33 PM


sarah williams

i kept expecting one of the wolf brothers to tell jacob to tone it down a little and be more like a sexy kitten.

Mar 13 - 02:38 PM

Devin P.

Devin Podgorski

HAHA thats priceless

Mar 24 - 08:56 PM

April C.

April Carr

whats wrong with yu? its the best series of books & movies ever. so stick that in yur juicebox and SUCK IT.

Mar 22 - 09:04 AM

Camila M.

Camila Marquez

Comparing to What? Norbit?
You don't read or watch many books/movies, do you?

Jun 20 - 07:15 PM

Mike Larson

Mike Larson

Best book/movie franchise ever?
Here's a little thought - let's compare the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy with this weak-ass saga:

The Fellowship of the Ring: 92%
The Two Towers: 96%
The Return of the King: 94%

Twilight: 49%
New Moon: 28%
Eclipse: 49%
Breaking Dawn Part 1: 25%

Lord of the Rings is, was, and always will be the highest-rated fantasy trilogy of all time!

Jan 12 - 10:51 AM

King WoompWoomp

kevin kelley II


Mar 23 - 04:59 PM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby

i totally agree...i just hate this franchise and wish it never existed....i love girls but when they get in their sappy, screaming for hot abs and emotional for twisted soapish love story modes, it just drives you insane....burry this ridiculous franchise.....the tomatometer speaks for itself in stating that cheesy soapish chick flicks have no place in movie making.....and stop with sex and the city as well...bring on the AVENGERS

lets compare cool movies to lame chick flicks

Twilight: 49%
New Moon: 28%
Sex and the City: like 55% or so? could be worse

The Women: 10%

now for some awesomeness:

The Dark Knight: 94%
Iron Man: 93%
The Matrix: 86%
Avatar: 82%

see any trends? chick flicks are a nuisance and have no place in movies...theyre just their to drive people crazy.

Mar 31 - 08:19 AM

Alison A.

Alison Anzrin

@Duncan W. Mysoginist much? Just cause a movie is romantic doesn't mean its just for women and doesn't mean it sucks.

When Harry Met Sally: 91%
Gone With the Wind: 97%
Notting Hill: 82%
Working Girl: 83%
Casablanca: 97%

Jonah Hex: 13%
Batman & Robin; 11%
The last Airbender: 6%

Oct 25 - 04:51 PM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby

and yes i spelled "their" wrong i meant to say "there" for anyone who feels the need to make stupid comments against grammar in an attempt to defend this movie... i know how to spell

Mar 31 - 08:21 AM

Cafe Del M.

Cafe Del Mar

it's bury :)

Apr 5 - 09:07 PM


Matt Decker

It's a bad soap opera with special effects.. nothing more.

Apr 8 - 04:42 PM


sarah stanley

totally agree with you.

Apr 17 - 12:13 PM

Nik L.

Nik Logan

hahahaha. Exactly what I thought while watching this utter tripe. I guess you really can't blame it for being a complete piece of **** the source material is a horrid 20 page short story stretched over several hundred. To be fair, everything in the book is in the movie. It's not like they had to cut anything for length.

I couldn't help thinking while she was endlessly pining away after Edward left her, sitting in her room as the camera spun and the seasons changed, that this was a typical frickin teenager. People are dying in this world everyday from horrid diseases and warfare, but her world has stopped turning because her boyfriend dumped her. Tripe. Absolute tripe.

Jun 12 - 10:24 PM

James W.

James Wong

Agreed entirely and hope that this franchise will somehow create a mental illness that sends all the twi-hards, who think that they can be like Bella and have Edward or Jacob, to a mental asylum for being wastes of space.

Jun 19 - 09:03 PM

Silver C.

Silver Collins

lol come on guys, I'm a guy who actually likes this franchise xD. I know the movies are bad, but I still like the story line and I love the books xD. The only reason most of you guys hate the series so much is because you are all jealous of the guys in the movie, ROFL! The guys saying that they hate when the girls scream are even more pathetic, because that obviously means they all wish that attention was more directed at them than at the actors. So I think the people that say they hate the Twilight fangirls are all jealous, and are even more pathetic than the fans themselves xD.

Jul 6 - 08:08 PM

Leslie L.

Leslie Landers

Just... just shut up. For the sake of your own intelligence or at least for the sake that someone might still believe you have any, shut up.

Jul 17 - 01:07 AM

Monica Gumanti

Monica Gumanti

this is stupid, i know tons of INTELLIGENT girls that hates it and this the screams are disturbing.

Nov 13 - 03:50 AM

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Feb 15 - 06:41 AM

eZ BreeZ

Brea Miller

so true

Sep 5 - 11:18 AM

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