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My main problem with the Twilight series so far is that Bella doesn't have much in the way of admirable qualities. What's her distinction? She pines a lot.

March 24, 2010 Full Review Source: Window to the Movies | Comments (6)
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Lily L.

Lily Lafayette

I agree with your insightful comment here. I like this actress but in all of her films she has the same expression. She is good at dour confoundment but where is her upside? She has not provided a reason for her overwhelming popularity with the vampire set, unless her blood type is irresistible.

Mar 27 - 12:36 PM

Jane S.

Jane Smith

You obviously have not read the series and have only seen the movies because if you had, you would know that Bella has qualities that far exceed what people see from the exterior. She is meant to be plain, especially next to someone like Edward. She is not overly attractive and is somewhat awkward. What separates her is that she is insightful, she has a keen understanding of how others feel, she accepts the Cullens when others do not, she tries to make others happy before herself. She is meant to look plain but her personality is far from that. If you read them you will see this.

Mar 31 - 08:25 AM

Sarah H.

Sarah H

Jane, I have read all four of the books and I have to say that this review is spot on. Bella is, at best, unlikable. She has nothing to contribute to her friendships, she barely acknowledges what the Cullens do for her, and she is one of the more selfish characters ever constructed. This all comes from Stephanie Meyer's poor writing. Instead of having Bella DO things and interact, she is a completely passive character. Things happen to her, and people react around her. She cannot be bothered to actually care about many of the other characters (besides Edward) because she is too self-absorbed. Because of this, Bella is an empty shell. This is why it's so hard to translate her character in the movies and reviews like Jeffrey's begin to appear.

Apr 1 - 08:27 PM

Micheal R.

Micheal Randall

Jane, this is a review for the film, not the book. While it's ok to make a movie that accompanies a book, a successful book-to-film transition stands on it's own.

They were not successful in displaying whatever characteristics Bella may have.

Apr 1 - 03:39 AM

Francisco M.

Francisco Mazzuca

Bella is a ****in *****

Sorry for the language,but it's the truth

May 4 - 12:26 PM

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