Meet the New Faces of Twilight: New Moon

With filming underway in Vancouver, meet the new cast members of the Twilight sequel.

by Jen Yamato | Tuesday, Apr. 28 2009

Last year's Twilight introduced Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) to a secret world of vampires living tenuously among humans in the Pacific Northwest town of Forks -- both "vegetarian" vampires like the members of the Cullen clan, and their more dangerous, blood-drinking brethren -- and she fell in love with one of their kind, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). In this November's The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Bella discovers that yet another supernatural community is hidden within Forks... and that even more danger lies across the globe in Italy, where an ancient coven of vampires known as the Volturi could threaten the futures of Bella and the Cullens. Meet the new characters and cast members of New Moon inside!

Be warned, Twilight newbies: mild spoilers contained within.

As New Moon opens, Edward realizes that Bella will never be out of danger as long as they are together, and decides to leave town. Despondent over Edward's absence, Bella grows close to Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), a Quileute teen with strong bloodlines going through difficult changes of his own. You see, the Quileute Indians harbor ancient secrets and have their own supernatural legacy to protect; many among them are werewolves, whose ranks grow to match the threat of their natural enemies... vampires. Spending time with Jacob, Bella gets to know more of the Quileute community, including a group of young men known as the Wolf Pack. Below, meet the new faces of New Moon's Wolf Pack/Quileute nation.


Played by: Chaske Spencer

Chaske Spencer (pronounced Chas-K, according to a 2007 interview) replaces actor Solomon Trimble (who appeared in one scene in Twilight) as Quileute/Wolf Pack leader Sam Uley. (Filmmakers also considered re-casting the pivotal role of Jacob before Lautner beefed up enough to prove he could portray the bigger, stronger version of the character.) Spencer will be stepping into a role that should be considerably more significant in this and future sequels, as Sam Uley leads the Quileute werewolves, including the younger Jacob, in their ancestral opposition to the vampire race. He previously appeared in the TV miniseries Into the West.


Played by: Kiowa Gordon

Also replacing one of the first film's Wolf Pack members is newcomer Kiowa Gordon, a 19-year-old Arizona native who will play Jacob's friend Embry Call (previously played by Krys Hyatt). Embry, a younger member of the Wolf Pack and one of Jacob's best friends, appears in New Moon and its next sequel, Eclipse. When shape-shifters in the same pack are in werewolf form, they can share each other's thoughts as one.


Played by: Bronson Pelletier

Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier will portray Jared, a senior member of the Wolf Pack under leader Sam. Previously seen on Canadian shows Dinosapien and, Pelletier plays one of a few Quileute members who demonstrate the phenomenon of "imprinting" -- sort of like love at first sight for shape-shifters -- in the Twilight saga.


Played by: Alex Meraz

The pack's most volatile and anger-prone member, Paul will be played by Alex Meraz, an actor whose background in dance and mixed martial arts will likely help scenes in which Paul, a shape-shifter, morphs between human and wolf form. Meraz appeared in Terrence Malick's 2005 period piece The New World and has reportedly worked with stunt choreographer Andy Cheng, who directed action scenes in the first Twilight film.


Played by: Tyson Houseman

Newcomer Tyson Houseman nabbed the role of Quil Ateara, a close friend of Jacob's who is left out of the loop as his fellow Quileute teens undergo their werewolf transformations and learn the tribe's shape-shifting secrets. The stage actor might need to follow Lautner's lead and grow into his role for future sequels, but for now he seems physically suited to play Quil, who in the books interacts with not only Jacob and the Quileute but Bella Swan.  


Played by: Graham Greene

New Moon's Quileute community will get a familiar face in veteran actor Graham Greene, who signed on as tribal elder Harry Clearwater. An old fishing buddy of Charlie Swan (remember his famous fish fry?), Harry holds the secrets of the Quileute shape-shifters, from whom he is descended. Greene previously earned an Oscar nomination for his work in 1990's Dances with Wolves.


Played by: Tinsel Korey

Canadian singer-actress Tinsel Korey will play Emily Young, a Quileute woman who is also Sam Uley's fiancée. She bears a facial scar given to her by Sam, who accidentally injured her while "phasing" between his human and wolf forms -- one of the many dangers of being in close proximity to, and in a relationship with, a shape-shifter.

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