New Moon Director Chris Weitz Spills Juicy Twilight Details

A chat with director Chris Weitz reveals a LOT about the upcoming Twilight sequel.

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While Weitz works against the clock to finish New Moon (which will be released November 20, 2009), director David Slade (30 Days of Night) has already begun prepping the third film in the series, Eclipse. Slade even visited the Vancouver set of New Moon to get briefed by Weitz, who revealed that visual effects studio Tippett Studios will provide werewolf effects for both New Moon and Eclipse.

"David Slade came in while we were still shooting the end of New Moon and I showed him everything that I could to give him a sense of what direction we were going," Weitz explained. "He's going to take it in whatever way he wants to because he's his own guy and will have his own style and particular take on things, but just as I was inheriting certain things from Catherine Hardwicke, he's going to inherit certain things from me and make the choice as to whether he wants to keep them or alter them."

" We've had discussions," he continued. "Tippett is going to do the wolves for Eclipse so that there's a continuity in terms of the look of the werewolves, and obviously the cast is going to remain the same; so Dakota is Jane, and all the Volturi are the same people that we're familiar with."


Despite the fact that only a handful of stills and a teaser trailer have debuted for New Moon, fans are already speculating on whether or not Weitz would return to direct the fourth film, Breaking Dawn. Will he consider taking the reins again?

"I think it's really charming that, not having seen New Moon, people would be enthusiastic about me wanting to do Breaking Dawn," Weitz said, partly humble, and perhaps partly remembering the tumultuous experience he had when his last would-be franchise, Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass, didn't make it to subsequent sequels. "I think the proof is in the pudding, and they should see New Moon before they decide if they want me to do anything else to do with their series. But I would hope to earn that kind of rumor."

While he passed on directing the third Twilight film out of sheer pragmatism, the possibility of Weitz directing Breaking Dawn remains open. "I haven't really spoken with Summit about that; all I knew was that I was going to be too tired to do Eclipse, and that it was better that somebody else take it over as well so that they could put their own imprint on it. Also, the way the films are being shot [in rapid succession] would have precluded it anyway."


It's unsurprising that Breaking Dawn -- the fourth and final book in Meyer's Twilight series -- is still without a director. Although producers insist it's still in the works, Breaking Dawn is unconfirmed by the studio, and it's not difficult to guess why: with more than a few mature and controversial storylines and a potentially large dependency on expensive computer graphics, Breaking Dawn might be the most difficult Twilight installment to film and market. But Weitz is optimistic.

"It's a tough one," he admitted, mulling the thought of directing Breaking Dawn. "It's a hard one, because the series gets more and more ambitious as it goes along." Some might wonder if it could be pulled off altogether. Weitz paused for thought. "Yes, it's doable; anything is doable."

So, would he go on the record with his official interest in Breaking Dawn? "I'd certainly consider it," he confirmed.
Then again, Weitz knows that fan sentiment could easily turn against him and newer director Slade could become a popular front runner, quipping, "by the time [Eclipse] comes out they'll probably want him to direct Breaking Dawn, not me."

What do you think, Twilighters? With Weitz and his New Moon cast set to appear (and debut footage) at next week's Comic-Con, fans will soon get more of an idea of if New Moon will deliver or not... do you want Weitz to return for Breaking Dawn?

Check back tomorrow (Friday) for our in-depth New Moon set report!


Details on New Moon at Comic-Con:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon panel will be held Thursday, July 23 (1:45 - 2:45 PM in Hall H) and will be followed by a Special Screening Event hosted by Summit Entertainment.

From Summit: "Screening tickets are $10 and can only be purchased online at Fandango (, beginning 9:00am-9:30am PST Monday) and picked up at the theater prior to the event. Multiple staggered showings of TWILIGHT will take place at the Pacific Gaslamp 15. Doors open at 5:30 and fans with tickets will be admitted on a first-come, first-seated basis. The Pacific Gaslamp 15 is located at 701 5th Ave., just a few blocks from the Convention Center. Two tickets per person limit.