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November 17, 2013
The idea is good - two girls find out by accident that they have been dating the same guy for a year. They decide to confront him. But I didn't find Blake's excuses funny at all - in fact, I wondered what the two girls were still doing at his apartment after the first 15 minutes of the movie at all.
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December 4, 2012
Two young ladies named Carla (Heather Graham) and Lou (Natasha Gregson Wagner) strike up a conversation while waiting outside of an apartment building for their boyfriends. It's not long into their conversation when they discover that they are each dating the same guy: a narcissistic and arrogant actor named Blake (Robert Downey, Jr.). Angered and bewildered over his deception, the two decide to team up, break into his apartment, and confront him when he gets home.

I think this is probably what Les Diaboliques might be to an extent if it wasn't a horror/thriller. It's a darkly comedic dramedy about love, lust and commitment in the late 90s, and a really nice and underrated gem.

It's definitely got the vibe of a stage play, mostly due to the minimal cast, and the fact that it takes place entirely in front of or inside Blake's apartment. It was also shot almost totally in sequence and plays out almost completely in real time.

I don't want to spoil how the confrontation plays out, as that's where the joy of the film lies, but I will say that I was surprised by it, and totally didn't know what to expect or where the film was going.

The writing is pretty strong for the most part, though things do slip somewhat near the end. What I really didn't expect from this is how it starts off like a typical fluffy romcom, but ends up being something actually worth of contemplation and serious discussion. Awesome.

It's not perfect, but this is overall a really strong piece of work. It's got great casting and performances, it's about something, and it both entertains and gives the brain something to think about. Well done.
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January 14, 2012
If you like Heather Graham and/or Robert Downey Jr., you should check this one out. However, this film has it's problems. The story and dialogue seems to go nowhere, and the film pretty much falls flat. I do think there are moments that allow humor from Robert Downey Jr.'s character who's an actor/musician that is clearly all over the place in many ways.
When Carla(Graham) and Lou(Wagner) meet outside an apartment building(brownstone) in Soho(NYC), they start to chat about the guy they are waiting for and the coincidences are just too close.
Heather Graham was my reason for watching any of this, and there is a scene or two worth seeing if you like her as well.
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February 15, 2011
A completely performance based movie that for the most part benefits from the style. The characters are allowed to develop right before our eyes, which is really the most interesting thing to see in film. Where most movies use time passage as tool, this uses real time and relishes in it. I'm not saying it would work for every movie, but it certainly does in a relationship drama. The scene where RDJ is caught and scrambles for a way out is one of the most uncomfortable put on screen.
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May 6, 2010
Another Selection from the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival. About 2 girls who find out they are dating the same guy, So we spend the next 1hr 33 min of the 3 confronting each other. More of a stage play then a movie. Sad to say only worth 2 stars.
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½ March 21, 2009
Pretty much a play or three way conversation captured on film. Downey Jr. is amazing as always. Without him the film may have still been good, but the entertainment factor would have to be turned right down. It seems a fairly honest depiction of infidelity and the "reasoning" behind it. The girls are fairly good, but have trouble keeping up with Robert's smarts. The single apartment setting echoes real life claustrophobia of such confrontational situations. It's a very good film, with a few unnecessary twists towards the end.
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November 2, 2008
robert downey jr is just an amazing actor. both female leads play off one another well and reveal very different connections and personalities in conjunction to him. there is so much that works in this movie: dialogue, setting (including the jules and jim poster), tensions, and an amazing ending. i appreciate this film more on second viewing and ten years later.
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February 10, 2008
Robert Downey Jr's charm is the main attraction here, but it's put in the service of a character who is nearly impossible to like.
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October 25, 2007
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½ May 20, 2007
This was great when it was NC-17.
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November 20, 2006
Boring and pointless. Graham and Wagner aside.
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June 6, 2015
Raw and uncompromising, Two Girls and a Guy takes a hard look at relationships. When two women discover that they've been unknowing dating the same guy, they decide to ambush him at his apartment and get answers. The performances by Heather Graham, Natasha Gregson Wagner, and Robert Downey Jr. are especially good, and they have impressive chemistry together. But the film doesn't seem to know what it's trying to say; as the women's indignation at being cheated on turns into hypocrisy as the discussion gets deeper and more revealing. In fact, the main characters seem to be constantly in flux as the issues of honesty and fidelity are exploded (which could be the point). Two Girls and a Guy has some interesting ideas, but it doesn't really work as a film.
March 8, 2006
Waste of time and money to make it and rent it. Robert Downey Jr is sexy so that is the only nice thing.
January 10, 2012
Idk why it's called a comedy, at parts I can see it being a dark comedy but it's more melodramatic and kinda beautiful and artsy in a way. I really liked it.
January 2, 2012
Interesting conversation based movie about relationships and sexuality. It never quite goes beyond the superficial, but it's still an ok film.
October 24, 2011
Proves how difficult it really is to make a completely dialogue-driven low budget film interesting. There was some witty dialogue, but not enough to keep me caring.
July 10, 2010
One of James Koback's best. An 11 day shoot - impossible today. Downey's characterization of the narcosistic two-timer makes him actually loveable...not an easy task. Great erotic scenes and deeply moving scene when he learns of mother's death.
½ May 23, 2010
Star Wars is a fantasy more believable than what James Toback gives us with this movie. A shallow two-timing cad is finally caught when his lovely and savvy girlfriends surprise him with visits at the same time. Rather than beating him to a pulp or trashing his beautiful loft, they intellectualize his duplicity with an emotionally deflated confrontation that suggests 'ludes rather than passion. Blue balls are his worst punishment and he is ultimately exonerated by the circumstance of his Mother's sudden demise.

Still an excellent ensemble of actors accept the challenge of this ridiculous plot and distract us from the naked absurdity. They alone make this a film worth seeing. Robert Downey, Jr. infuses the cad with energy and intelligence that can only come from someone delusional, as is his history. Natasha Gregson Wagner is great, as well. I could almost forgive the contrived ease with which she scales a fire-escape because of the brashly savvy manner in which she dispatches a sleaze-ball on the street. Upper-body strength, no; chutzpah, hell yes. Heather Graham's performance is, at times, sharp but her character's introspective intelligence should rise to rage rather than wallow in shallows of vague annoyance. She teases him rather than eviscerates him. She is Toback's dream come true.

Downey is remarkable. From spouting Shakespeare to improvising entire scenes his staccato delivery and incendiary delusions make it impossible not to be totally absorbed by his character.

The scene in the bathroom was beautifully shot (Toback's only real achievement) and entirely unscripted. Credit goes again to the actors for their sense of the moment and the way in which they use the physical dimension of the mirrors. Downey's cathartic break-down in the end is as real as you will ever see.

If this farce makes sense to Toback it must be because he pays his hookers scale and his actors with points. His name should be removed from the credits. It was the actors that gave this film its life.
April 19, 2010
if you ever wondered what it would be like turn a play into a feature length film and not be tyler perry then your in luck. this film features dirty sex, long drawn out dialog and robert downey singing and playing piano at great lengths, the coolest thing about this movie its almost all in real time, its worth a view but not something i would recommend putting into your collection
½ March 1, 2010
I came out of this one thinking what the heck just happened. I like Robert Downey Jr., I think his acting style is one of the best out there and I also like Heather Graham. I think that Graham is in the to five actress out there. It pains me to write such a bad review for a movie with to of my favorites, but its not their fault. The acting was great, all around. But the story sucked. There is nothing to say about the story, it is just about two girls finding out they are going out with the same guy. I was completely let down by this film.
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