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½ August 1, 2014
Fast paced thriller starring Charlton Heston, Martin Balsam and John Cassavetes trying to prevent a sniper from going on a mass killing spree at the football championship game in the Los Angeles Coliseum. The plot gets bogged down by the spectators portrayed by a "B" level supporting cast and too much time is spent on their personal problems. David Janssen and Gena Rowlands are a quarreling middle aged couple; David Groh is a womanizing doctor; Walter Pidgeon is a pickpocket; and Beau Bridges is a man who's just lost his job and is trying to show his family a good time. I guess most notable of this group was Jack Klugman, who pretty much reprises his role of Oscar Madison, as a gambler who will be killed by his bookie if he does not win his bet on the game.

I guess the NFL did not want to be associated with this film because the film uses generic footage between two non-descript teams wearing uniforms. The long shots look like they were filmed in a game between USC and Stanford universities and the close up shots looked staged. The championship game is referred to as Championship X (replicating the Super Bowl's use of Roman numerals).

Despite these shortcomings, there is plenty of anticipatory action as the viewer waits to see who in the crowd survives the impending killing spree. The film's two hours were not wasted.
½ January 24, 2014
Friday, January 24, 2014

(1976) Two- Minute Warning

Plot less movie taken from the George LaFountaine novel centering on a sniper who has just shot and killed a person from a window for no reason while this guy was riding his bicycle with his wife. He then blatantly leaves the hotel as if nothing had ever happened setting his eyes on the 'Super Bowl'. Viewers never get to see the sniper's face as we see what he sees as he already has a place in mind. We're then introduced to some new characters who have nothing to do with the sniper or anything else for that matter as they're just regular people with regular problems. They include love lornes, a gambler, and a family doing typical things. Oh, yeah, Charlton Heston is the police sergent in charge of bringing down the sniper. And some other recognizable actors also star in this film as well such as Beau Bridges, John Cassavetes, Martin Balsam and acting veteran Walter Pigeon as they're also playing parts that don't seem to go anywhere either.

I must admit I actually dozed off at the first 30 minutes and things don't pick up until the last 40 minutes or so, because of the SWAT tactics and so forth. The ending was a real bummer since viewers never get to understand the sniper's motivations for this entire set up may have been inspired by the JFK assassination or from Bogdanvich's 1968 movie "Target".

1 star out of 4 stars
½ July 13, 2012

This is a diffrent kind of thriller. And you also know who is going to get killed by the end. You wonder why there is a sniper at a football game, and you ask that question muitable times, but for so reason, I liked it, because you dont know why he's there. Its a weird film.
½ September 28, 2011
horrible waste of time!
i sit through, and can enjoy most any film, but this truly is one of the instances i think "i'm not going to get that 2.5 hrs back"!
½ August 3, 2011
Good film. Kept me on the edge, but its alittle to long and by the time the first hour is done you are like "why has he not shot anyone yet"
August 1, 2011
Thrilling until the end. Great panic scene.
½ June 3, 2007
November 9, 2010
I enjoyed myself working on it as an actor. I played the part of Carl Cook, alias 'The Sniper'
½ October 25, 2010
It has some chilling moments.
An enjoyable film.
November 3, 2006
I liked this better than when I saw it at the theater in 1976. This is a pretty good thriller, suspenseful. The personal dramatics are distracting though. It's longer than it needed to be, the acting is okay, but Charleton Heston totally sucks as an actor and he stinks in this, as he always does. I just cringe at the though this moron actually won an Oscar
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