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½ July 12, 2012
This romantic comedy is no example of originality - and it knows that, since it makes welcome references to classic works mirrored in this love fable - but it is a delightful story that benefits from a good chemistry between the leads with a lot of charm and a hilarious physical humor.
December 5, 2015
Charming french comedy with gorgeous soundtrack and beautiful Sophie Marceau.
February 19, 2015
I watched this movie because I think that Gad Elmaleh is a brilliant actor and learned that the rest of the cast is very good.
April 11, 2014
What this film isn't is original.
What it is is a boy meets girl, boy loses... you get the picture... superimposed over a musician finding himself and moving out from his father's shadow.
Sophie Marceau is the ex-wife of a businessman, Gad Elmaleh the pianist who learns to accept children and all sorts.
Not perfect but a really charming film.
November 19, 2013
It wants to be cute, romantic, artistic, nostalgic, funny, and sexy. And it tries too hard. Plot progresses based on the notion of "they are a cute couple and should be in love" instead of character development (if any). The number of clichés is unfit for a sober mind.
October 6, 2013
boring, predictable, good for curing insomnia
½ October 5, 2013
Best new throwaway romance I've seen in a long time.
November 5, 2012
C'est bien, au moins pendant 15 minutes.
September 24, 2012
Although I really like Sophie Marceau, the movie was cliched, weird (and not in a good way), and completly pointless. It had some good jokes...but then they got repetitive to the point where it wasn't funny anymore. I'd say that half the audience loved the movie and the other half didn't like it...so take you're chance.
½ August 3, 2012
The first two thirds of the film are worth any good anglosaxon romcom. The last third of the film is too long. Some scenes don't bring anything to the film and should have been cut. ALl in all a very likable film, SOphie Marceau is marvelous
July 28, 2012
des personnages attachants, charmant et plein d'humour
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