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½ September 17, 2012
It is the best documentary I've seen about exile, in a beautiful way expressed through musicians from all over the world who fled wars, revolutions and poverty and found the Paris Underground and streets to keep on playing their music (what keeps them alive).
February 8, 2010
No reviews for this prompt me to put down some thoughts here. I saw the film at MoMA on Feb.8, 2010.

This film was very enjoyable, I was very impressed with the fact that being a nyc resident wishing to visit Paris - was that life seems the same here & there. The length time over 2 hours was a too long (esp. when one has to spend time with an act that you don't think that much of) & a bit rambling with i'd say 70% of the musicians featured not equated with subway performances (at least not that we saw them in film footage down under.)

So it starts & finishes as a film about musicians playing in the Paris METRO...& it became an exploration of emigration & 90's international political history.
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