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Underworld (2003)


Average Rating: 4.7/10
Reviews Counted: 159
Fresh: 49
Rotten: 110

Critics Consensus: Though stylish to look at, Underworld is tedious and derivative.

Average Rating: 4.4/10
Reviews Counted: 37
Fresh: 6
Rotten: 31

Critics Consensus: Though stylish to look at, Underworld is tedious and derivative.


Average Rating: 3.6/5
User Ratings: 493,774




Movie Info

A young man who has pledged his life to helping others finds himself in a pitched battle between two gangs of supernatural villains in this blend of horror story and action thriller. Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) is a medical student who is heading home after a long day of school and work when he unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of what appears to be a rumble between two well turned-out street gangs. What Michael doesn't know is he has witnessed a skirmish between two deadly … More

R (for strong violence/gore and some language)
Action & Adventure , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By:
Written By:
Kevin Grevioux , Danny McBride , Danny McBride (I)
In Theaters:
Jan 6, 2004
Box Office:
Sony Screen Gems - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Underworld

All Critics (160) | Top Critics (37) | Fresh (49) | Rotten (110) | DVD (46)

These vampires have no teeth -- hell, they don't even fly.

Full Review… | June 24, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

'Your incompetence is most taxing,' says the chief vampire (Bill Nighy). A line that pretty much nails this rusty Blade.

September 25, 2003
Rolling Stone
Top Critic

The sort of movie in which the head vampire telegraphs his evil by using a cell phone and dressing like the Kinks' Ray Davies in the early '80s.

Full Review… | September 24, 2003
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

Dark Shadows for the Playstation 2 generation.

Full Review… | September 24, 2003
Fort Worth Star-Telegram/
Top Critic

I've been waiting a long time to see a Shakespearean werewolf vampire movie and here it is.

Full Review… | September 22, 2003
Ebert & Roeper
Top Critic

125 minutes is a long time to stare at a movie that's basically in bleached blue-and-white with occasional splotches of brick red.

Full Review… | September 20, 2003
Top Critic

Pulpy, punk-ish story with some intense violence.

Full Review… | December 29, 2010
Common Sense Media

...a hybrid horror and action film that succeeds as neither.

Full Review… | June 13, 2009

Fails to deliver with anything truly tasty or memorable.

Full Review… | April 29, 2009
Cinema Crazed

...a relentlessly unpleasant fantasy epic...

Full Review… | November 21, 2008
Reel Film Reviews

Tony Pierce-Roberts' cinematography perfectly captures the gothic comic-book feel.

Full Review… | October 18, 2008
Urban Cinefile

[Underworld] could use more plot and deepened characters and less vapid expository dialogue, flashbacks and ballets of bullets.

Full Review… | August 7, 2008
Sacramento News & Review

This mostly mediocre movie is a painless enough time-waster, thanks to slick production values and some impressive stunt work, but it never lives up to the potential of its premise.

Full Review… | July 7, 2008

The script unfurls a lot of backstory we don't care about illuminating plot mysteries we also don't care about.

Full Review… | July 25, 2007

The film even has the nerve to set itself up for a sequel. Of course, the ending is so sloppy, that this may have just been an oversight.

Full Review… | July 14, 2007
Big Picture Big Sound

In the end, it's more a role-playing game scenario than a plot -- although there someone would have worked out rules that make sense.

Full Review… | December 30, 2006
Empire Magazine

[Beckinsale's] detached, no-nonsense demeanor helps give this chilly adventure an S&M-inspired eroticism.

Full Review… | May 4, 2005
Lessons of Darkness

Endless sequences of posing and posturing by Beckinsale and fellow fangsters.

Full Review… | October 15, 2004
Kansas City Kansan

'Filme bastante cumplidor con el que se pueden desperdiciar dos horas de vida sin remordimiento de conciencia.'

July 20, 2004

Although the mythology explaining the war between vampires and werewolves is interesting, the average viewer will likely focus on the film's substantial flaws.

June 3, 2004

Wisemen started out with a great idea and couldn't summon the vision to make it happen.

Full Review… | May 21, 2004

The settings and tony atmosphere of Underworld are more than a screen fantasy: they're a conceit, and they're offered to us humorlessly.

Full Review… | March 19, 2004
F5 (Wichita, KS)

Unfortunately, Beckinsale, a wonderful actress who looks game in her painted-on leather garb, is too soft and demure to convince as the vengeful vixen.

Full Review… | March 16, 2004
Boston Phoenix

Ao que parece, projetos medíocres săo tăo difíceis de se matar quanto vampiros e lobisomens.

Full Review… | March 10, 2004
Cinema em Cena

Long on style and short on substance.

Full Review… | February 18, 2004
Laramie Movie Scope

Audience Reviews for Underworld

I loved this idea, loved it, I love vamp and werewolf movies, brooding, dark, gothic and violent, just for adults, the way it should be, its just a litte too CGI heavy for me. The Lycans are just not believeable and look waaay too plastic which is such a shame, also the ending with the vamp/werewolf hybrid is very flat (a skinny 'Incredible Hulk' springs to mind).

The main problem with this is the quite dreadful CGI effects. I realise it would be hard work to create all those werewolves real time but at least make an effort with the computer work guys. The motion capture is really quite awful throughout the film looking more like large rats scampering all over the walls and ceiling.
Up close its not much better really with poor facial designs and bad hair work in my personal opinion. Such a contrast to the vampires which do look exquisite facially with their pale skin, piercing eyes and slick hair. Easier to achieve granted but I REALLY wish they had gone more down the road of real time effects for the werewolves. Imagine what this film could of been with 'Werewolf in London' lycan effects! its painful to think what it could of been.

I like the fact they tried to do something without CGI with 'Corvin's' hybrid character but its just looks too plain, nothing thrilling a tall plus they just seemed to spray him all black..that's its, nothing more!?.
The film still reasonably rocks and comes close to a new 'Crow' style flick (if it had some harder tunes in there). Beckinsale is gorgeous and Nighy is excellent as the skinny gaunt 'Viktor'. Close to greatness but just misses, but because it's vamps and werewolfs I just cant say no hehe.

Kudos for handling two major horror franchises together in a face off with relative success, unlike 'AvP'. Its just a shame it does feel too much of a hybrid of other sci-fi/vamp films. 'The Matrix' does stand out to be honest, didn't wanna go there but you have to really.

Phil Hubbs

Super Reviewer

three stars

MisterYoda ?

Super Reviewer

Vampires vs. Werewolves, is all you need to know about "Underworld". When his came out, I remember thinking "bout time they made a movie about this!" This is the story of the Death Dealers(vampires) and the Lycons(werewolves) battling it out, trying to get a medical student named Michael(Scott Speedman) who had mistakenly witnessed a battle between what he thought was street gangs. Along the way, Michael falls in love with one of the leading Death Dealers, Selene(Kate Beckinsale). Meanwhile, the leader of the Lycons(Michael Sheen) is planning a major attack against the vampires. While the Dealers Leader, Kraven(Shane Brolly) seems to be hiding some secret, and escalating war ensues. This is kind of like a "Romeo and Juliet" type story, only with monsters instead of humans. The acting and story is what you would expect, just decent. But the effects and action is why you would watch this, and they deliver big. Rated "R", "Underworld" doesn't really hold back on much, and delivers on everything you would hope for. Horror and action fans alike should be pretty satisfied with this movie. If your not a fan of either, then don't watch, you won't like it.

Everett Johnson
Everett Johnson

Super Reviewer

04/08/2011 (ONLINE)

One of the COOLEST flicks!! When this first came out and I'd seen it, I just was wow'ed and was totally into this "Underworld" of Werewolves and Vampires. I'm a "Blade" fan so this was naturally enticing and it delivered what I expected and more so to be true cause I watched it more than once.

I mentioned in my "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" that I saw a fanmade edit which "Rise of the Lycans" and "Underorld" was edited into a single film, a straight to the point edit. That edit really told the story so well that everything I thought I knew was taken to another level coolness.

Watching it back to back with the other installments really intensifies the "Underworld" experience and for me I loved every minute!

EightThirty .

Super Reviewer

Underworld Quotes

Time to die.
– Submitted by Typhon Q (2 years ago)
I've tasted his flesh. Just two days till the full moon. Soon he will be a lycan. Soon he will come looking for us.
– Submitted by Tom V (2 years ago)
Let me tell you a little something about your beloved dark father. He's the one that killed your family. Not the Lycans. He never could follow his own rules. Said he couldn't abide the taste of lifestock. So, every once in a while, he'd go out and gorge himself on human blood. I kept the secrets, and cleaned up the mess. But he's the one who crept room to room that night, dispatching everyone close to your heart. But when he got to you, he just couldn't bear the thought of draining you dry. You, who reminded him so much of his precious Sonja, the daughter he condemned to death.
– Submitted by Lea L (3 years ago)
There is a good reason why these rules were created, and they are the only reason we have survived this long!
– Submitted by Lea L (3 years ago)
Your incompetence is becoming most, *taxing*.
– Submitted by Lea L (3 years ago)
For years, we've been trying to combine the bloodlines. And for years, we've failed. It was useless. Even at the cellular level, our species seemed destined to destroy each other. Yet the key, we knew, was to locate the rarest of bloodlines. A direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus Hungarian, a warlord, who came to power in the early seasons of the fifth century. Just in time to watch a plague ravage his village. He alone survived. Somehow, his body was able to change the disease, mold it to his benefit. He became the first true immortal. And years later, he fathered at least two children who inherited the same trait.
– Submitted by Lea L (3 years ago)

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