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January 13, 2013
Sequel to Universal Soldier brings mindless action to a new level. However does it pay off? Well let me start by saying that the original film, although not the best action film, it certainly wasn't the worst either. But this film lacks anything that made the first one worth seeing. This is a mediocre action flick that has poor acting, a poor plot and sloppily thought out action scenes that simply fail to thrill. Universal Soldier: The Return feels lazy and it is clear that the filmmakers didn't care about creating something as exciting as the first. Universal Soldier was thrilling, fun and mindless popcorn action that worked because of an interesting idea. However this sequel tries too hard at bringing more depth to the UniSol franchise and it just doesn't succeed because the script is too sloppy and is limited to paper thin ideas that simply don't take off. Also one of the big problems with this sequel is that they tried to give Van Damme's character too much personality, and the result is not impressive, and leaves a lot to be desired. There is not much to offer fans of the first, and a few ideas were recycled from the previous one. This is a lacking film that just fails in terms of an effective and memorable action film. The script is laughable and the acting is wooden, with no standout performances. Even in terms of a mindless action yarn, Universal Soldier The Return just doesn't cut it. I much more enjoyed the first film, even with all its flaws, it was fun and engaging to watch, however this sequel is void of great action and interesting plot.
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December 5, 2012
Despite being a direct sequel to the original 92 hit this film has since become defunct and ignored within the UniSol franchise. That is of course on top of the two made for TV films which are also ignored, so really the UniSol franchise is a bit of a mess.

You can see why this film was not a hit upon release and since ignored. The whole look of the film is not much better than the previous made for TV films. Everything is set within your standard cliched generic military base/weapons experimentation type facility, it all looks very dull, very grey and with plenty of glass and computer monitors to shoot up hehe.

The plot about the master computer brain taking over the UniSol project it looks after and basically setting all the UniSols free is basic but reasonable. This equal lots of faceless military types getting shot to pieces every 5min and plenty of 'Terminator' style posturing from the UniSols. The saving grace being the fight between JCVD and White, White being one of the best visual fighters in the biz. Unfortunately Goldberg doesn't quite get the true fight he deserves and merely lurches around as comical relief half the time, if you can call it that.

The whole film feels very watered down and not really in the same adult vain as the original film. There is even a 'Hal' moment in the film clearly ripped from '2001', its like they are trying too hard with the material. End of the day this film hasn't broken away from the 'made for TV' look n feel of the previous two efforts.
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August 15, 2009
"Universal Soldier: The Return" isn't what you think it might be if you saw the original Universal Soldier movie that starred Van Damme. Jean-Claude Van Damme is not one of the universal soldiers in this movie, he's a human going up against many evil universal soldiers including wrestling star, Goldberg, and Seth (martial artist, Michael Jai White).
"Universal Soldier: The Return" isn't really a good movie, but it does have a lot of good special effects, and fighting sequences. The first 50 minutes of the movie isn't that great, but the last 40 minutes of the movie is some of the best action and fighting sequences I've seen in awhile. If you like Van Damme movies or movies with some good action, I recommend seeing "Universal Soldier: The Return." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. 40 minutes of great action, otherwise, eh.
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½ February 26, 2009
Not all that good. I thought it was best to just leave it alone after the first one.
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October 30, 2007
Van Damme Naked whoohoo at that bum shot! ;D!!! lmao!
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November 16, 2006
Good to see Jean-Claude Van Damme returns in his role and I think the original is better than this sequel because it has few exciting action sequences.
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May 16, 2007
This is a good movie, but I think the original is better than this sequel because it has few exciting action sequences.
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½ April 10, 2007
I felt so cheated.
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February 17, 2006
The long awaited film where Van Damme finally becomes the man to end Goldberg's undefeated streak.
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November 6, 2007
The first one was big, stupid and fun - mainly thanks to Lundgren. This one is neither big nor fun, just stupid. Example: Van Damme used to be one of these so he knows how strong they are yet he STILL continually tries to kick them to death...in vain. Poor film - unsurprisingly.
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August 21, 2006
I saw this in theatres and couldn't stop laughing. THE FEEL GOOD MOVIE OF THAT SUMMER!
½ January 3, 2013
Look I enjoyed the first Universal Soldier to a degree, heck the video even had a Reservoir Dogs trailer before it, but this sucked so bad that I don't even think that I finished it. A dud on all levels
March 9, 2011
this would have been soo much better if they had just left Van Damme out of the movie and either elevated any one of the other cast to the lead...but being a good action junkie I give it stars for that
½ August 14, 2007
Terrible. While the first one isn't El Marachi or Resevoir Dogs, it was still fun and grounded enough to be believable. Here, everything is over-the-top and none of it works. Also, it feels more like a bad remake than a sequel because he again falls in line with a reporter and all that.
January 8, 2008
This movie gets points only for being incredi bly cheesy. Van Damme's fight scenes were decent but not what he us ususally capable of
October 9, 2007
SOOOO bad it's AWESOME!!! Loved it and would suggest it as an Alchie-film series for a group of friends. :)
September 7, 2007
jack shmack dam vam dam good at his movie's him and dolph lungren two bad asses i give them two 100% beaten them self's to death on UNIVERSAL SOLDJA'S !!! HOO RAA SOLDJA'S I WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE TILL DVD GOSE BUST...
½ April 16, 2007
Gotta go and mess with a good thing and make a crappy sequel to an otherwise underwhelming original.
½ February 12, 2007
This 1998 film debued in 1999. It was not as good as the original, but it did have some good 1 - 2 -3 punch as the first one. It lacked a little charisma from the first, but still a decent movie over all.....
½ November 12, 2006
The original wasnt all that good but this one should have never been made but once again it has plenty of dead super soldiers running wild battling Van Damme.
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