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Its charms appear to have been applied with surgical precision; by the end, I felt expertly sutured, but not much else.

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First L.

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Just off yourself already you joyless ****.

May 29 - 02:29 PM

First L.

First Last

Seems people need to chill out. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Pixar is not for everyone. I think some people need to back off of him for expressing his criticism.

May 29 - 02:38 PM



Wow, Stephen J.

You say, "Everyone's entitled to their opinion." Isn't that what we all are doing here on RT? Giving opinions?

Oh ... and I loved your joke on saying that Stephanie Zacharek is a "him." That's classic.

My opinion of her is that she writes to get many posts like this one on her articles ... so that she gets to keep her job. People love commenting on negative reviews of good movies.

May 29 - 02:47 PM


Edward Stymest

i really disagree with this statement.... to lazy to type why though lol

even though most of the pple here are just cursing off this critic and callign her names shes actually pretty good, here opinion is very well supported :P.. even if some of the opinions tick you off

although she does have that certain weak spot many females have for crappy movies like "twilight" or zac efron stuff

May 29 - 02:51 PM

Joel C.

Joel Castle

Art is by nature "emotionally manipulative." Films are fabricated stories with fabricated people; if a filmmaker isn't trying to pull some emotional response from an audience, something is amiss. Some people are sentimental, and I guess some are cold, calculated individuals who know they can only get hits to their site through cynicism.

Congratulations on almost always being wrong. Enjoy your Soloist, Twilight, and oh, the respect of no one.

May 29 - 02:57 PM


Nate 2709

Hey look, we've found somebody who's just as big a piece of s**t as that pillow biter Armond White.

May 29 - 03:06 PM


Nate 2709

I guarantee this dumb b**ch loved The Notebook, I can guaranfu**ing-tee it!

May 29 - 03:09 PM

Accursed A.

AccursedArachnid !

The comments here are hilarious.

Seriously, the people telling this critic to kill herself need to calm down, go to a lake and relax. It's just a movie people. It's like you can't live with the fact that Up won't be 100%.

It's a 96 min piece of entertainment. It's not like this critic is burning books, killing six million Jews or anything. She just has a different opinion than the masses. Like you've never hated a movie everyone else loved. LET. IT. GO.

May 29 - 03:16 PM

Michael Scott

Michael Openheimer

I hate douche bag's like the dude on top ^ trying to ****ing predicate his ****ing teachings about whats right and wrong.

This aint the church buddy and we the people have the right and obligation to fight dumb bytches like stephanie, along with mamatrones like armond white. And its a lot more fun then just agreeing with one another over bowls of chowmein. \


"It's our happening baby and its freaking me out"

May 29 - 03:25 PM

Accursed A.

AccursedArachnid !

I sense much fear in you...

May 29 - 10:30 PM

Maru G.

Maru Gogo

Totally agree with Accursed A. People need o chill out... Everyone's entitled to their own opinions but there's no need to be so rude about it... Some coments are just inappropriate.

Particularly I do not share her opinions on the movie, but that's no reason to curse, and to get so worked up. It's not a big deal that someone doesn't think the same. It's not like Stephanie Zacharek decides whether this film is taken off the theatres or something... so chill.

Jul 15 - 10:22 AM

Jon J.

Jon Jon

She should hook up with Armond White, they seem to be a perfect match.

Rotten reviews to Wall-E, The Dark Knight, and UP? What the? A fresh review to Night at the Museum 2 which my nephews and nieces despised, and utterly forgot about as we exited the theater?!?

My nephews and nieces are already bugging me to take them to see UP again. They loved it and so did I.

May 29 - 03:32 PM


William Thierfelder

Clearly Ms. Zacharek took her Scrooge pill the day she saw this lovely film. Trying to sound scholarly and intellectual she fails to see how magnificently the creators of UP allow us to enter what Tolkien calls "the secondary world." I get so tired of critics who feel they must pan things in order to keep up the facade of intellectualism. It's cynicism at its worst. That said, UP may not be a great film, but it IS most definitely a lovely fairy tale--well-told, imaginatively presented, and--in its best moments--magical.

May 29 - 03:37 PM



And... the Typical Triumvirate of Lookitmelookitmelookitme "Critics" have weighed in:

Armond White, the Angry Officious Contrarian Better And Smarter Than Everyone Else Black Critic: hated The Wrestler, 4 Months 3 Weeks And 2 Days, Star Trek, Milk, and Slumdog Millionaire; liked I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Bedtime Stories and What Happens in Vegas;

Joe Morgenstern, the Pseudo-Intellectual from the Wall Street Journal (wait... the Wall Street Journal reviews movies?!): disliked The Dark Knight, Gone Baby Gone, Sicko, Children of Men, Coraline, Bolt, Monsters vs. Aliens (OK, we get it, he's not a big cartoon guy); liked Meet Dave (Meet Dave??), Terminator Salvation, You Don't Mess With The Zohan, and Twilight;

...and finally Mz. (Yes, with a "z") Zacharek, terminally pretentious (but pretending not to be) critic from the equally terminally pretentious (but pretending not to be) Salon.com; disliked Up, Wall-E, Bolt, Howl's Moving Castle (yes, another pattern here -- and Howl was an inspiration for Up), The Dark Knight, There Will Be Blood, Hairspray, Brokeback Mountain, Forgetting Sarah Marshall; liked The Wedding Date, I Think I Love My Wife, Meet Dave (AGAIN with Meet Dave??), Drillbit Taylor, Daddy Day Care, You Don't Mess With The Zohan (seriously, what WAS it about this terrible movie and bad critics?), Twilight, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Soloist, and 17 Again. (Oh, that Zac. He's so DREAMY, huh, Steph?)

To be fair, Stephanie appears to "review" anything that isn't nailed down. Maybe she's paid by the word. Or maybe when she sat down for a screening of Up, she thought she was seeing Shrek again. After seeing that movie for the first time, she shared this lovely little bon mot (no, I'm not making this up):

"Am I alone in thinking that computer animation is the work of the antichrist?"

May 29 - 03:49 PM


Mary Schneider

You forget Manohla Dargis, who was one of the three top critics who gave Fired Up (yes, it took me a moment to even recall a film by that name at all as well) a good review, and yet sees Up as, and I quote, "bound by convention"


May 30 - 10:07 AM

Alexson Philip

Alexson Philipiah

i just watched this film and this film is got to be the best animated film i have ever seen....so go kill ure self and *** u for giving twilight a good review and the dark knight a bad review. *** u for all the fukin bad reviews u gave to good movies!!!go to hell

May 29 - 04:14 PM


vitaly kolvianec

Great review, I enjoyed reading it and I kind of agree with her, I actually felt the same about "wall-e" animation.
I think the problem is that "Up" is trying to please everyone and the result is too harmless and too innocent and ultimately feels to me not genuine. Personally I do not find interesting, books, movies or animation that do not provoke me, media better offend me in some way than be simplistic and devoid of any substance.
Pixar learned to masquerade barren lands with pretty graphics and family friendly content, but I am not going to devour their latest tasteless fruit.
As S.Zacharek said "Up" is hardly an offensive picture -- at worst, it's simply innocuous, and at best, it's very, very pretty to look at.
And is exactly what it is.
Just my opinion.

May 29 - 04:59 PM


Justin Miller

Having not seen the film yet, the only thing I can say with certainty about the criticisms by Ms. Zacharek is that after reading them, I still do not understand what her criticisms mean, as if she was applying metaphors incorrectly.

If one applies charm and wit their craft with surgical proficiency, by professionals who excel at the craft, isn't that usually a good thing? And considering I have no idea what feeling expertly sutured means when applied to film-watching, it's essentially a useless criticism as it gives me no clue as to what it is that is being objected to.

And then there's this:

"Everyone at Pixar, from its writers and directors to its expert army of animators, knows exactly what he or she is doing. And in "Up," that shows -- too much."

How again, is this a negative? Can one ever go about their work in such a way as to demonstrate too much proficiency where less professionalism would be preferable?

If professionalism in applying charm to a family film means convincing the audience to believe in the characters, is there ever such a thing as 'less is more'? (Granted, there are things in life where that axiom is true, but here? It would take a lot of convincing arguments to make that case, and she provides none of them in her review.)

May 29 - 05:18 PM

dd n.

dd nn

Even though its fun to curse at idiotic comments of attention seekers , i hate to see a troll in top critic section of RT.

I have very high respect for top critics reviews of RT but few names trying get attention lower the quality of whole site.

I do not have any objection to any different opinion as long they have a valid point ,but giving "Up" a rotten tomatoe is just pushing your luck.

May 29 - 06:23 PM

Winston S.

Winston Smith

I get it... no one is allowed to go against the consensus here on RT without being torn apart by a horde of anonymous trolls. Check your free will and individuality at the door critics, this is a place for group think and drones only.

May 29 - 07:01 PM

Marie Blossom

Marie Malazarte

People who don't like this film must not have a heart or a sense of humor...that's my scientific take on it.

May 29 - 07:43 PM


First Last

salon.com lost all its credibility ages upon ages ago, if it ever had any to begin with.

May 29 - 09:09 PM


Justin Miller


Yeah, there's a lot of overreaction here, but on the other hand, the critic in this case never really provides a clear or coherent criticism of the film and that can and should be a legitimate point of contention, regardless of whether or not one has seen the film yet.

May 29 - 09:15 PM

Michael K.

Michael Kontaxis

So you like Twilight, and not Up?

Ya, I trust your opinion.

May 29 - 09:38 PM


Thomas Hoskins

Time to change that Kotex pad, you shriveled old hag.

May 29 - 09:55 PM

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