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Its charms appear to have been applied with surgical precision; by the end, I felt expertly sutured, but not much else.

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Alex Barriga

Love all these pussies who give Pixar films negative reviews three years before they're released.

Credibility rating? Go look in the toilet.

May 29 - 11:57 PM

Wayward Sean

Sean Gebhart

You obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this POS review considering you didn't even spell the main character's name right, Stephanie. It's Fredricksen, not Frederickson.

Are you sure that the cold feeling you got from this film isn't due to your inability to comprehend subtlety?

May 30 - 12:15 AM


Alex Carracino

I think she was PMSing when she wrote this.

May 30 - 03:40 AM


Shane Sherwood

So three critics didn't like it. Probably because they want the attention, yes, but why the death threats and death wishes? That is a little over-the-top. The first amendment gives her the right to state her opinion, and she does. It doesn't agree with most of the world, but she wants the attention.
Also, why compare this to The Dark Knight? They are two completely different movies. The Dark Knight, in my opinion, could have been a lot better, a 3/5 at best. Also, why compare it to Twilight, also a different movie. It was good for what it was, a 3.5/5 at best.
So she didn't like UP or WALL-E, and liked Night at the Museum 2. She just has bad taste.

May 30 - 06:13 AM


Slash Beast

Irony. Comparing is exactly what you're doing.

May 30 - 06:45 AM


Dusty Fleischmann

Your movie reviews are jokes.

May 30 - 07:18 AM


michael stumpf

Get a brain.

May 30 - 08:08 AM

Cristian L.

Cristian Luna

Eat a bag of dicks.

May 30 - 12:31 PM

none of y.

James Stansfield

how can you be that wrong about something
so crystal clear

May 30 - 06:05 PM


kyle mcgregor

You're stupid!

May 30 - 06:17 PM

Jeremy D.

Jeremy Dewald

All I needed to see what "eerik89" wrote as a comment. If she gave "Wall-E" a bad review also, it is obvious that she just doesn't understand how to review these types of movies.

May 30 - 07:03 PM


Austin Kuhlman

It is reviewers like you who ruin Pixar's Up well-deserved 100 %. Thank god you didn't rate either Toy Story, because I'm sure you were too ignorant to see their greatness as well.

May 30 - 07:13 PM

James B.

James Bong

Ok every movie made is subject to opinions of the viewer, this is America say what you will.

but it's a known fact that people who don't like pixar movies are idiots. if you were to verbally hear someone diss pixar movies in some sort of casual social dialogue... everyone would call that dumba.s.s out.

May 30 - 09:45 PM

eric w.

eric watkins

This is the reviewer who picked You Don't Mess With the Zohan over Dark Knight as the better movie last year.
Her opinion doesn't matter.

I think she is a contrarian because it gives her attention. When her tomato is the only green one on the page, everyone sees her review.

If she didn't at least think this movie was worthwhile if only for the 10 minute beginning montage, then she doesn't have the same human emotions as everybody else. And therefore, she shouldn't be paid to tell all of us what is a good movie and what isn't.

May 30 - 09:57 PM


George Bush

this guy is a worthless *** clown who doesnt know his *** from his elbow; he likes ****box at the museum, but hates UP and Wall E ? he also dissed the dark knight. what a pretentious douche.

May 30 - 11:48 PM


Gary Engler

This cynical, cerebral, and oh so contrarian point of view is typical of Salon It is also precisely the reason I stopped reading it.

May 31 - 04:01 AM


Jason Cue

What a useless and pointless review...

And let me tell you that your taste for movie is as rotten as your sagging breast.

And your taste for movie is just as bad as the taste of the pus from your nipple and the sour juice from your vagina...

May 31 - 09:56 AM

Michael K.

Michael K

Do not listen to this review....was one of the most amazing animations I've ever seen
4/4 stars EASILY

May 31 - 01:15 PM


Nathan NA

Your review was, for the most part, complete garbage. Instead of embracing Up for the harmless, fun, and fantastic KIDS adventure flick it is, you're for some reason trying to overanalyze every single aspect of the film. Take it for what it is. You must be the most obnoxious person on the planet.

May 31 - 07:41 PM


C. Goltermann

All of you are so hateful. This woman poured out her heart and soul and took a stand and .... ho, I can't stop laughing at writing such b.s. ... GOTCHA...

This woman should be sentenced to watch Doogal 500 times in a row while tied to the movie seat....

Oh and Zacharek in French means woman with no heart.

May 31 - 08:00 PM

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