Box Office Guru Preview: Pixar Flies Into 3D Age with Up


It's been two full months since a big 3D toon and a horror film hit the multiplexes so fans of both types of entertainment will rejoice on Friday from the openings of the Disney-Pixar animated adventure Up and Universal's fright flick Drag Me to Hell. For its tenth animated feature in fourteen years, Pixar goes 3D with its grumpy old man comedy Up which tells of an elderly widower and a young boy who partake in a cross-continental adventure in a flying house. As with previous films from the Disney-owned kings of toonville, this PG-rated offering has attracted glowing reviews from critics. Back to Article



Matt St. John

Check your sources buddy, The Unborn was PG-13.

May 28 - 05:57 PM

Chris B.

Chris Bellew

i hope Drag Me To Hell grosses a billion dollars lol just kidding but i'm glad to see that there is actually a GOOD horror movie coming out in wide release instead of crap like the unborn and sucky remakes of japanese horror movies. i think Drag Me will gross around 30 mil instead of 24 mil. it's pretty sure that Up will take the top spot as Pixar films usually do.

May 28 - 06:22 PM


John Phillips

I can't wait to get to the theaters this weekend and cry my eyes out for Up then I'll laugh and be scared until puke with Drag.

Yes, this is a two movie weekend. And that excites me.

Up $75 million
Drag $43 million

May 28 - 06:35 PM

Zen Bullet


Yeah, I'm in it for the two-movie special this weekend as well.

The question is: which to see first? Bitter or sweet?

I just realized that Drag Me To Hell will be the first horror film that I've seen in a theater (and I'm from the early Elm Street days).

Now if only I can get the 3D Up showings to work out conveniently with the Drag showings. Drag doesn't appear to be on many screens . . . Harrumph!

May 28 - 07:04 PM

Holly Jolly

Holly Jolly

Tempted to see Drag at the midnight showing. I don't think it will make more than 25 million, as this article suggests, but I can see it having a very slow burn over the next two months. I hope it does really, REALLY well and aids in turning the horror genre out of Jap-adaps and gorno that currently flood the market.

May 28 - 07:30 PM

Chris B.

Chris Bellew

my theater doesn't have midnight showings for Drag Me To Hell :(

May 28 - 07:37 PM


Alejandro Marquez

Up - 58m
Drag Me to Hell - 30m

That's what I'm expecting.

May 28 - 08:12 PM


Dave Netherton


1) UP (68 MILLION)

May 28 - 11:48 PM

Bob S.

Bob Saccomano

I think your estimates are really close to what I'm expecting, though I think TERMINATOR: SALVATION will have a little less.

May 29 - 06:44 PM

inactive user

Jared King

Look, it's going to be slooooow until Transformers 2, so "Hell" and "Up" have plebty of time to make their dough.

May 29 - 06:38 PM

Bob S.

Bob Saccomano

I think your estimates are really close to what I'm expecting, though I think TERMINATOR: SALVATION will have a little less.

May 29 - 06:44 PM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Up - $70 m
Meuseum - $30 m
Drag - $23 m
Terminator - $20 m

May 30 - 06:21 AM


Kevin Styp

Up- $73 m
Museum- $32 m
Terminator- $21 m
Drag- $18 m
Star Trek- $16 m

I really do want Drag to do god, I just don't think it was marketed well enough. As for Up, well I'm seeing it in 3 hours and I can't wait!!!

May 30 - 08:15 AM

Liam Tigh

Kevin Reider

drag me to hell was awful. i was very excited to see it. im normally not a fan of horror flicks, but the reviews made it seem as if this could be something special. it was bloody awful. i'd have to say the ending was the worst part; it was completely predictable. i wont give that away. but ill give an example of how bad this movie is. someone attempts to get into a car but its locked so she throws a brick through the window. this would be ok, but instead of reaching in and unlocking it, she just opens it with the outside handle.

do not see this movie

May 30 - 10:35 PM

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