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June 23, 2011
Pretty funny.
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½ August 4, 2009
Im sorry i just... i JUST dont have the energy for this one.
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½ August 27, 2010
Wow! This movie is so bad, that if I had the chance to I would go back and wish I had never even seen it at all. Van Wilder 2, not having seen the first, is a complete disgrace, with absolutely no heart or any actual comedy to laugh at!
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½ July 28, 2009
Not for the squeamish
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July 13, 2008
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½ October 8, 2007
May just be the worst movie I've ever seen.
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½ December 9, 2006
The question comes to mind: How do you make a Van Wilder movie without Van Wilder? The answer, after watching the end result, is you don't.
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April 13, 2007
Pretty much what you'd expect.
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April 23, 2007
It was an okay attempt on Kal Penn's part to do a comedy and make it shine on his own. SEE IT AS A "FREEBIE" OR ON T.V.
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March 28, 2010
Could never ever top Van Wilder 1, but was better than I thought it would be. Kal Penn proved he could hold a movie by himself. You can't top Ryan Reynolds though, sorry. Was some dirty, English fun.
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September 26, 2008
This is not a film that takes itself seriously and u shouldn't! It's kinda like a NATIONAL LAMPOONS movie. If u got nothing to do for the next 90 mins then watch this movie cause it has its funny moments.
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½ April 10, 2007
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December 27, 2006
Very funny movie, nude shots and everything that is known by "frisky".
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December 2, 2006
I can list seven kinds of cancer more entertaining than this.
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June 3, 2008
My heart goes out to Kel Pen for constantly being cast in awful, B-grade comedies. But, none the less, sorry Kal, but this movie utterly fails. I do hope you finally get your break soon.
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May 18, 2007
I dont beleive I wasted an hour and a half of my life on this.....Such a poor follow up. And if you do watch it, not all English are as pompous.
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December 4, 2006
Grotesquely atrocious.
½ January 13, 2007
Gave this one a re-watch to see if it was as middling as I remembered, and it pretty much is, though it is amusing to recognize Lauren Cohan now as the cute girl introduced in the 2nd season of The Walking Dead, so it might get a little half point bump for that.

What can I say? She's cute.

½ December 20, 2013
A pretty funny movie in the Van Wilder series, but the first one is the only one that is original and truly hilarious. This movie was a typical raunchy late night comedy. It was upbeat and pretty funny at times, but it doesn't bring anything particularly extraordinary to the table.
½ January 19, 2013
A movie that strands its two talented leads (Penn and Cohan) with an unfunny script. Stick with the first one.
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