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There's roughly 20 minutes of story here, and no matter how many times they stop and start over again from an even more preposterous angle, it's still going to play out like a lousy episode of 24.

March 17, 2008 Full Review Source: Philadelphia Weekly | Comments (2)
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Alberto Escudero

Good comparison, the "lousy episode of 24". I've been this evening in the cinema to watch it, and I simply had to leave after the car chase (for me completely unrealistic), seeing how Forest Whitaker plays the big hero by saving the little Spanish girl...

I thought that films of this kind - propaganda films - weren't produced anymore. But apparently it is again very important for the US government to move themselves into a brighter light and to portray the "terrorists" as the bad, bad wolf. This way, they can find again an excuse to go on defending a stupid war that never had any other target than keeping the world power by controlling the petrol resources. Such a film may be good for those "smarties" that re-elected Bush, but surely not for anyone who knows how to use his brain and is somewhat informed about what happens in the world.

What I can't understand is how such good actors like Sigourney Weaver or Forest Whitaker could be so ignorant to accept a role in this movie. Haven't they read the script? This will surely not provide them a good reputation, and it would be the best that this film gets out of the cinemas and is forgotten as soon as possible.

What I want to see is a film that portrays the whole story of the Iraq war in an objective way, from both points of view: the American and the Iraqi one. But I guess it will be too much to expect that this will be an American production. Seeing what is coming from good old America since more or less a year...

Mar 27 - 08:55 PM


Mike Barney

AeiPi, what planet have you been living on? "I thought that films of this kind - propaganda films - weren't produced anymore"?

Are you crazy? Half of the films made now are propaganda pleas, whether it's for the extreme left or extreme right. Hell, even Wall-E bore that theme.

Aug 9 - 09:57 PM

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