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It's not that I was particularly offended; it's that I didn't laugh very much.

November 3, 2011 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (7)
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Dan Nigro

You should've watched the second movie, this one would have made a lot more sense.

Nov 3 - 11:48 AM

Olivia B.

Olivia Brown

I'm surprised that Ebert didn't hate this movie. This movie is like the definition of what Ebert hates XD

I'm excited to see this movie though XD

Nov 3 - 11:55 AM

Ryan M

Ryan Marshall

I wouldn't say that. Ebert is open to tasteless and raunchy humor as long as it's done well. For instance, he adores The Hangover and Bad Santa; for good reason, really. Both have humor and substance in equal measures; the latter film a little more than the former, if you ask me. What he's trying to say here is that "A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas" rests on the border between being good and bad. He seems to have found it entertaining, but all-the-same, a tad meaningless.

Nov 3 - 01:55 PM


David Lim

I think you made a small mistake in your review Mr. Ebert. The package was delivered for Harold at Kumar's apartment.

Nov 4 - 10:39 AM

Jenna Theda

Jenna Theda

He made a few different mistakes. I love Ebert and I'm kind of on the fence about this movie, but I noticed several mistakes in his review. :(

1. The Santa that delivered the package was the real Santa (played by Richard Riehle) not Patton Oswalt, who played the mall Santa.
2. Mr. Perez hated Koreans, not Mexicans. (I'm guessing Ebert meant to write Koreans there.)
3. Mr. Perez had been growing the tree for 8 years, not 12.
4. It was never specified that the poo flung at the window was baby poo.

Nov 8 - 11:58 AM

Larry M.

Larry Mellor

Ebert is full of it. He lists all the things he found offensive, then claims he wasn't particularly offended. Ebert has always been a prissy, self-righteous, PC scold who is very selective about his targets. Sometimes extreme violence is OK; sometimes he is appalled by it, absolutely appalled I tell you. Same thing with tasteless humor. It's funny sometimes, offensive at others with no apparent rhyme or reason. In this case, the ethnic humor in H&K White Castle was funny but the ethnic humor in H&K 3D was offensive even though it was written by the same guys and performed by the same guys. Seriously? I'm not even sure Ebert really saw the movie considering all the factual errors he made. I'm guessing he fell asleep, his wife told him he'd been offended and that p-whipped a-hole replied, "Yes, dear."

Nov 14 - 05:19 PM


Juan Felipe Balcazar

Trejo's character is Colombian, not Mexican.

Feb 19 - 05:17 PM

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