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January 23, 2009
Thai films have slowly been increasing in popularity, mainly thanks to Tony Jaa's influential and unprecedented martial arts style. From the opening scene, The Victim promises to be the next Shutter, but just as quickly collapses into an incomprehensible, unscary, and downright annoying piece of forgettable cinema. Its art-house ambitions grow more unattainable by the minute thanks to its poor production values, camera angles that don't even film the action properly, and jarring edits. There's no need to even talk about the story, because it's filled with so many blatant plot holes that if the filmmakers couldn't bother to find ways to fix them, what's the point of talking about them.
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November 23, 2009
First half hour or so gets 4 stars...the character Ting is played wonderfully and the film makes sense..there is a turning point however where the director got bored or had no clue where to take the story, so in effect the movie is turned upside down on its head and makes little sense as Ting the character disappears and voila! May appears with a new storyline...disappointing to say the least..2 stars after the first 30 minutes..overall a showed lot of promise if it could have stayed on track.
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May 31, 2008
The first 40 minutes is so-so, then takes a much scarier turn. Watch the dvd documentary. The "ghostly" images shown at the end are real.
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December 24, 2010
The Victim started off real good & creepy but after the middle, It was just boring from there.I was really disappointed in this 1 because it started off so good that I had real high hopes for it then........
½ April 14, 2010
This movie was about a girl who reinacts crimes very well. My human wanted to watch this because it was "Thai" or some asian persuasion. I liked the cinematography. I don't know what that is, but I liked it. It was hella boring with good violent scenes put in between. I thought I knew what was going on though. The main girl sees ghosts a lot. It WAS creepy. I didn't like the scary parts but my human did. The actress girl kinda becomes another girl who was real pretty but dead. My human loved the creepy Thai dance scene with the ghost. I thought it was ok. There were a lot of cool bloody scenes. I think Asians have less murder because they are scared of ghosts. I know I am after watching this movie. I don't want to ruin the movie because it has a very big twist. Things aren't really like I thought they were. There was some girl on girl insinuations. This movie tricks you because it totally changes half way through. This movie had some of the best subtitles EVER! Heres some samples:

"I never been fainted before"
"She got an epilepsy."
"I don't think you had an epilepsy."

This whole movie was a mind screw. The cool pretty ghost OWNS this movie. I think the people who made this movie FOR REAL believe in ghosts. The moral of this movie is to be nice to ghosts and they wont hurt you but if you insult them, they WILL make blood come out of you real bad. I loved the cultural ending. I give this 3 and a half stars for entertaining me, I didn't feel stupid cuz I kinda knew what was going on. Pretty scary Asian flick! No checklist cuz it only had violence. I usually dont like these kind of movies with no boobies, but this one was ok.
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