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March 14, 2014
Exceptionally enjoyable singing by Andrews. Wonderful presence by Preston and Andrews. Great, Oscar award winning music. Remarkably affirming attitudes for the early 1980s. I think I may have a new favorite comedy!
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July 30, 2011
A woman impersonating a man impersonating a woman falls for a gangster in Paris of 1934.
This film is not only delightful entertainment, there's also a feminist/gay rights point subtly at play. At one point, Victoria actually suggests that the degradation homosexuals are subjected to, which is seen in the gangsters' homophobia as well as King Marchan's reaction to publicizing his relationship with Victor(ia), is less of a hardship than what women must endure.
I thought some of the musical numbers went on a little too long, and I didn't think Norma needed a song to advance her character's part of the story; also, the weakest number is the one that was repeated. But this is Julie Andrews we're talking about, so obviously she has a legendary voice, and the songs here are great for her.
The performances by Andrews and Robert Preston are great. James Garner plays the straight man, no pun intended, and he does so well. Lesley Ann Warren over-acts as Norma, King's ditzy girlfriend, but it all fits with the camp atmosphere created by director Blake Edwards.
I especially like the exposition. Victoria watching a fat man grossly eating and fainting at the sight was an excellent way to communicate a lot about her character's situation.
Overall, Victor/Victoria is a fantastic film both on the level of sheer enjoyment and on a deeper, intellectual level.
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December 6, 2008
Talking about our Beloved Julie Andrews, playing a man that is playing a woman --- She was awesome
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June 8, 2008
Victor/Victoria has to be one of my favs of Julie Andrews.

Julie Andrews plays a lady whom is down on her luck in France. She partners up with a man (Robert Preston) that make her go into disguise as a man who dresses up as a woman hence Victor/Victoria. It is a sensation to one and all and then Victor/victoria meets a charmer played by James Garner..what is a girl or a man to do?

Lesly Ann Warren is Garners girlfriend and is a big scene of my fav characters in the her! Go see this film!!!
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August 15, 2007
Fun comedy musical with Julie Andrews and James Garner!
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½ August 24, 2006
Julie does a great job.
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May 21, 2014
Julie Andrews is fantastic as a male impersonator and that would be enough to carry the film but you have to love confused James Garner who is attracted but wonders if he should be. A true mind bender. It's always nice to see Music Man Robert Preston on the big screen as well.
Jason Vargo
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½ March 20, 2011
Part screwball comedy, part musical, part gender-bending drama, Victor Victoria hits nearly all of its notes spot on with the sole exception of the finale. For a 133-minute movie, that's not bad. The film takes no prisoners and pulls no punches in immediately telling the audience where its sensibilities are with two men sharing a bed right before they part. As you would expect in a film about a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman, homosexuality and gender are the major topics of conversation in the film. They are, though, tempered with comic moments throughout, as well as the overriding concern of if and when Victoria is going to be found out and numerous showstopping musical performances. Major kudos to Julie Andrews for making the audience believe Victoria is really Victor. She, as always, is a delightful presence on screen and shares brilliant timing and chemistry with mentor Toddy (Robert Preston). The film itself looks a bit dated today and suffers just a smidge from being shot completely on stages, but no bother.
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March 29, 2014
One of my favorite performances by Julie Andrews. Also its worth noting that the comedic bits don't get out of control, which can often happen in Blake Edwards' stuff . . . probably because there is an actual story happening here.
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August 16, 2009
"Victor Victoria" is a super fun movie with a great cast and hilarious characters for big laughs along with big musical numbers, good music and big stars.
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January 19, 2009
Great sets.
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½ December 16, 2007
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½ October 14, 2007
One of the more quirky musicals. So much fun.
June 16, 2015
Maybe not The Sound of Music, but nobody can argue with the excellent acting and singing of Julie Andrews and the always engaging (and hilarious) Robert Preston! Love it!
February 21, 2015
Fun, hilarious, and unabashedly campy, "Victor Victoria" is a wonderfully enjoyable musical comedy with important subject matter and an outstanding performance from Julie Andrews.
February 16, 2014
With a cast that includes Julie Andrews, Robert Preston and Lesley Ann Warren I had enormously high expectations. But sadly for being a musical I found it disappointing with no memorable songs. It was decent entertainment otherwise, but far from great. (First and only viewing - 2/16/2014)
February 18, 2013
One of Blake Edward's best films. His physical, slapstick comedy is present, but with that comes an entertaining musical with quirky characters and some great songs. Robert Preston is a scene-stealer alonside Julie Andrews and Games Garner. It has a 60s musical feel made in the 80s and one of the last great musicals of that era.

Grade: A-
September 24, 2010
Some genuinely funny scenes in this movie, but the ideas it wants us to come away with are more than clear, in fact they are beating us over the head with them by the middle of this long movie.
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