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½ March 13, 2009
The 14th Bond film and finale for the Roger Moore era ends his tenure on a flat note, showing us everything that was not up to par with Connery's era while also proving that Bond still can deliver great action set pieces even when the story and script aren't as strong. These films are always technically well made. A View to a Kill is, however, the worst Bond film since Live and Let Die (my pick for the worst of the series) and almost gives it a run for its money. Ultimately, I just barely prefer this one because it doesn't have the blaxploitation that Live and Let Die had. The plot is incredibly weak despite having a decent villain in Christopher Walken and a good side villain in Grace Jones. Tanya Roberts character starts off strong, but by the end she is just the typical damsel in distress Bond girl who can barely act and constantly screams for help. Roger Moore is sleep walking through the role at age 57 and probably should not have been involved with the past two installments. The action is pretty good, especially the finale on the Golden Gate bridge, but it's all for naught. Overall, Roger Moore had a couple decent Bond films, but his era was mired in mediocrity and put the franchise in jeopardy before the mantle was passed on to Timothy Dalton. He was done with the role two movies ago, and so was the audience (evident by the low box office numbers).
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½ June 9, 2006
Roger Moore's final turn as James Bond, despite being entertaining (if not always for the right reasons) is a rather unremarkable entry in the series, and I guess a good enough way to end my least favorite (overall) era.

This time around a crazy computer industrialist named Max Zorin plans a devious scheme to get rid of his competitors in Silicon Valley. Okay, sounds fine I suppose. But, to do that, he wants to trigger an earthquake that will flood the entire valley. That's really over-the-top, even for a Bond villain.

I used to dig this one, but it's lost some of its charm over time. Yeah, Grace Jones is memorable as the lead hench(wo)man, if only for her statuesque presence, and there's something undeniably fun about seeing Christopher Walken in typical Walken mode as Zorin, but I dunno, this one is just kinda blah. I give it a slight boost because the action scenes are well staged, and, like I said, Walken really holds it together, but this is overall quite blah, uninspired, and really offers nothing all that fresh or interesting.

At least it's watchable, but I question if it really needed to be 131 minutes in length.
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½ November 17, 2012
In Roger Moore's final turn as Bond, James Bond, he delivers one of his better movies, which really doesn't say much for his run as Bond. This is basically the same as the rest of his Bond movies with a couple exceptions. This time around he has to stop a technology mogul from destroying Silicon Valley. Only instead of some no namer it's Christopher Walken, actually a blonde Walken at that. He's over the top and gives that awesome Walken performance that only he can do. The movie is cheesy and very outlandish, but it's fun. Well, except for Grace Slick, when she is on screen it is just kind of awkward. The best thing about the movie is the title song. "View to a Kill" by Duran Duran is a total 80s song, but its still awesome. The opening with the black lights is still pretty crazy looking, but it works and helps makes this just a very fun Bond movie.
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November 11, 2012
A big and endlessly enjoyable thrill-ride from start to finish. Roger Moore is brilliant once again in his final performance as James Bond, adding the humor, charm and cool that made him great, even at the time 57 years of age he still had the goods. Christopher Walken is one of the best and enjoyable bad guys in the series. A explosively entertaining and terrifically fun action-packed adventure.
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½ September 14, 2012
14/09/2012 (Laptop)
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November 27, 2008
As a kid I loved this because of Grace Jones being so hot as she killed off guys left right and centre haha and its still hot today. That tall thin sultry body and those evil eyes...she is fantastic, plus you have another great Bond villain in Walken as 'Zorin', almost as crazy n psychotic as Davi in 'License To Kill' but not quite. The sequence where he guns down a whole mine full of men who are helpless in the water is chilling really but he still plays it camp!.

There are some great sequences here...the fire truck chase, Golden Gate Bridge fight at the end, the horse race fight and some lovely evil ladies make it a good Bond flick but Moore is just too old...very clearly. Good but could have been better with a younger Bond and you gotta love 'Duran Duran's' theme :)
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December 17, 2011
Why are all these Bond movies so long? It seemed that every other scene is a romance scene, not a sex scene because we never see anything more than the two of them in bed together, but either way there were too many of these scenes. I really loved Walken as the bad guy, he always plays the perfect psycho, I would have liked to see him in more scenes even. The action is a lot like other Bond films, big, splashy, and clean. I would have liked to see it get messy sometime, more bloody at least. And to end, I did not care for Grace Jones' character, or her acting, or her outfits, she really stood out and not in a good way, in a distracting way. Overall this movie is just okay.
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September 16, 2006
Roger Moore's final appearance as Agent 007 isn't bad action film as he shows his obvious age, making the relations with his leading ladies undeniably awkward, to say the least.
Tanya Roberts is extremely annoying and not at all believable as California's state geologist and a businesswoman whose shares Zorin is trying to buy. Every time it comes to a fight or some action she cowers and whimpers, yelling `Help me James' at the top of her shrill voice, and spends most of the time as some sort of damsel in distress for Bond to save. Christopher Walken makes for a good, supremely confident villain, and is well backed by the fearsome Grace Jones.
Also, the technically well-done chase sequence in Paris is ruined due to a ludicrous moment in which Bond-s care is hit by another and breaks in half! It looked cool driving on two wheels, but it would have been better in a cartoon. In keeping with some of the less attractive Bond conventions, some of the other action scenes are ruined by an overly-jokey feel - the San Francisco fire truck chase, for example, is played totally for laughs, and, like the Golden Gate Bridge scenes, features so much poor back-projection it is hard not to laugh.
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½ September 8, 2007
Roger Moore's last outing as 007 and he's up against Chris Walken and Grace Jones, both out to seize control of world microchip production. Moore mugs some during the parts where Bond has to be debonair, but engages fully for the action scenes. Walken and Jones, an unlikely pairing one might guess, are deliciously diabolical and like contented siblings while stirring up mayhem. Not one of the better of the franchise perhaps but still in the spirit of things. I particularly enjoyed the pairing of Bond with Mr. Steed (of The Avengers Brit television series, sort of a Bond knockoff) and the slew of in-jokes they played at early on. While not my fav Bond, Moore, an experienced hand at the spy genre, did well to extend the series and walked the tightrope between schtick and glamour that the times required. I'll drink to that.
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June 29, 2010
Don't ask me why, but I much preferred A View To A kill than Octopussy, the reason why is I love Christopher Walken, he's one of my favorite actors, and plays an awesome Bond villain. Despite this is a silly film, what holds this film from falling on it's ass is the fact that Walken is superb as Max Zorin and it elevates the film a bit. If a lesser actor would have been cast, this film for me would have been a dud. But A view To A Kill is a decent exit for Roger Moore. But the highlight of the film is definitely Christopher Walken, he prevents this film from sucking.
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March 13, 2008
Yes, it's true. I gave this film four stars AND have it included on the most underrated movies list. Is Roger Moore getting old in this one? Yes, of course. But Eon still wanted him (if he hadn't of said no he would have been in The Living Daylights). Other than the age factor this film is a very good Bond flick mainly because of the awesome screen presence of Christopher Walken.

The film is about French industrialist Max Zorin (Walken) who has a plan to corner the worlds microchip market by destroying Silicone Valley (it's hilarious to see microchips in this film that are bigger than my iPod). It's up to Bond to stop his plan of turning the San Fernando valley into Atlantis.

Yes, once again Moore was getting pretty old in this one and it was probably time to hang it up. He's quoted as saying that when the Bond girl's mothers started getting younger than him it was time to end his run. He's still Bond, just a Bond at the end of his run. It's Walken that shines in this film, a glowering supervillain that by the end is blatantly gunning his own workman down with Uzi's. And this was before he became such an icon.

As usual with a Bond movie the locations are spectacular and as much as you can complain about the plot, you can go through the previous franchises entrys you can find things that are more ridiculous than A View To A Kill. An underrated film that was a great swan song for Roger Moore.
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½ October 24, 2008
A bit of a mixed bag, Moore was already too old for this, the script is quite poor, and the female lead annoying. Walken and that black chick pretty much make the movie.
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September 28, 2008
This is a good Bond film, but sadly is the last with Roger as 007. Despite this, A View to a Kill has one of if not the best Bond bad guys ever. Chris Walken is in fine form as the evil Zorin - a psychopathic mega-lo-maniac with his eyes set on computer domination of the world by destroying silicone valley. I found his devilish laughter, especially just before he dies, one of the best moments in the film. Also his horse related exchanges with 007 are swiftly and enjoyable executed. Obviously Moore does it again with a fine portrayal as JB. The scene with the Iceberg, the fight at Miss Suttons house, the fire truck, the race course are particularly enjoyable. Grace Jones is VERY scary as May Day and certainly one of the most unusual Bond girls. Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton is fine and does what all Bond girls are supposed to do - say "oh James" at the end of the film. With Lois Maxwell and Roger Moore leaving the series its a good swan song for them both. (Also, the title Duran Duran sequence is probably the best of the lot with its colourful 80's imagery and the punchy track from a great band!)
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½ March 18, 2008
Money talks. That's the best way to describe Moore's final outing as 007, as he was itching to retire from the franchise despite EON paychecks floating his way after every previous film had finished. Christopher Walken is a very memorable Bond villain, but Moore just looked too old and tired to play Bond anymore. Time to pass it on the younger and very hungry Dalton...and move on to classic cinema like Spice World.
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March 1, 2008
Best thing about the movie, Duran Duran theme song, heck yes. Boring storyline but I love Roger Moore.
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½ October 23, 2007
This bond film so far gets a 3.5. It had Christopher Walken as an awesome insane villian, bred by a nazi scientist in a concentration camp by injecting steroids into pregnant women. Finally we get a villian who has some real balls, as he personally machine guns like 50 of his own men maniacally, and drowns the rest. There is a zeplin fight, a scary black she-devil (who looks like David Bowe's Bass player) and some of the best looking bond girls yet.
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½ July 11, 2007
This is the definitive 1980's James Bond, with a Duran Duran title song and neon girls on the credits.

Christopher Walken was a cold-hearted and bleached-blond villain. Grace Jones was like an exotic panther as the bad strong-girl, she didn't have much dialogue in this movie. Tanya Roberts was a pretty bland Bond girl.

There were interesting locations like the Eiffel Tower, deep mines, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

I was hoping for a better send-off for Roger Moore; they should've done something really special for him.

This is a long film; it's hard to get through in one sitting.
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½ June 19, 2007
Moore's last bond. the golden gate fight makes this film whort seeing, guaranted excitement...
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½ April 29, 2007
One of Roger Moore's best Bond films.
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½ November 30, 2006
The worst Bond film by quite a long way. Walken is wasted, Grace Jones can't act and Moore hobbles through the "action" on a zimmer frame. Hopeless.
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